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Welcome to the 2017 Conference Education page!  Here you will find presentations and handouts for education sessions occuring at STMA’s 28th Conference and Exhibition

Recorded Conference Education Sessions

STMA partnered with IntelliQuest Media again to record educational sessions at the 2017 conference.  Education sessions were audio recorded and synchronized with PowerPoint presentations.

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Tues., Jan. 24

2:30 – 5 pm

A Break Through Approach to Human Growth and Leadership Development– Preview this conference education session

Speaker: Phil Eason – PLG Leadership

Presentation Handouts::

Participants will learn a break through approach to human growth, development and leadership by understanding that the key to success is to fully understand how to apply their greatest talents. A talent is a naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior.  Tap into this wisdom for more direction, confidence, hope and productivity. Participants will learn how to identify and build on their natural strengths.

Calibration Basics for Spreaders and Sprayers – Small vs. Large

Calibration Worksheet

Speaker: Samuel Doak – Virginia Tech

Research for Everyday Field Managers

Speaker: Grady Miller, Ph.D. – North Carolina State University

Wed., Jan. 25

8 – 9:30 am

Opening General Session
A Visit with the Doctors – Your Annual Sports Turf Physical
Speakers: Andrew McNitt, Ph.D. – The Pennsylvania State University; John Sorochan, Ph.D. – University of Tennessee
Join us for discussion and commentary on individual topics important to the sports turf industry.  Questions and comments from the audience will be encouraged.

9:45 – 10:45 am

What About the Micronutrients?- Preview this conference education session

Speaker: Nick Christians, Ph.D. – Iowa State University

Turf 101

Speaker: Trey Rogers, Ph.D. – Michigan State University

Central Control and Varying Types of Soils in Sports Fields

Presentation Outline

Speaker: John Cogdill – City of Boulder Parks and Recreation
Boulder, CO resides in a semi-arid environment, receiving about 20.7 inches of precipitation a year and often experiencing varying levels of drought conditions.  With Boulder Parks and Recreation Dept. as the largest user of water in the city, the presentation will focus on use of Central Control when managing water on different types of soils, water conservation scheduling techniques, and water component strategies to promote plant health.

Managing a Synthetic Turf Infield and Natural Grass Outfield

Speakers: Chris Pearl and Jonathan Smoot – Eastern Kentucky University

In Season Resodding

Speaker: Tony Leonard – Philadelphia Eagles

11 am - 12 pm

Have You Changed Your Filters Lately?

Speaker: Tony Strickland, CSFM – Athletic Construction Incorporated

Balancing Management and Legal Liabilities: BMPs for Success

Speaker: Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D. – Brigham Young University

Management of K-12 Fields in the Transition Zone

Speaker: Grady Miller, Ph.D. – North Carolina State University

A Spring and Summer Renovation Plan – Preview this conference education session

Speaker: Pamela Sherratt – The Ohio State University

Why Every Turf Manager Should Consider Using PGRs– Preview this conference education session

Speaker: Ben Polimer – Town of Weston
The presentation will discuss the modes of action for typical plant growth regulators (PGRs) used in sports turf and their practical uses from Little League fields to professional stadiums. The cost of materials has made it affordable for all managers to incorporate PGRs into their turf management programs. Growth regulators help with wear tolerance, reducing clippings, early spring green up, and reducing painting.

2 - 3:15 pm

Converting Commonwealth Stadium to Synthetic and Our Involvement

Speaker: Marcus Dean, CSFM – University of Kentucky

Positive Coaching for Sports Turf Managers

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Speaker: Josh McPherson, CSFM – University of Missouri
Positive Coaching is a new way to think about building a better team.  You will learn how to invest in your co-workers and find out what is important to them, as well as how to transition your team from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.  This presentation will help you discover what you and your co-workers value and how you can use those strengths to guide your short term and long term goals.

Converting to LED Sports Lights at your Facility

Speaker: Dan Bergstrom, CSFM – Houston Astros, LLC

#WeedWatch2017 – Things to Watch for in Weed Management This Year – Preview this education session
Speaker: Jim Brosnan, Ph.D. – University of Tennessee

Sports Field Management on a Shoestring Budget – Part 1

Speakers: Mike Goatley, Jr., Ph.D. – Virginia Tech; Michael Skelton – Culpeper County Parks and Recreation
Sports field managers typically face budget restrictions that result in choices and sacrifices in strategies to best manage their fields.  This presentation will focus on proven strategies to stretch your budgeted dollars as far as possible by way of novel grassing alternatives and establishment/renovation techniques, strategies in building your soil, forming an equipment/tool inventory that best serves your needs, and modifying equipment to expand its usefulness.

Thurs., Jan. 26

8 - 9:15 am

So You Want to Be a Meteorologist?  Weather and Your Venue

Speaker: Kevin Kloesel, Ph.D. – University of Oklahoma
Severe weather in the US is unique, and short-fused high impact weather hazards can strike any venue at any time.  This presentation will provide an overview of common weather hazards at sports facilities, including lightning, winter weather, flooding rain, hail, and tornadoes, and the emergency planning needed to keep those that work on athletic fields safe.

Pushing Bermuda’s Boundaries: Managing Bermudagrass in the Transition Zone and Beyond

Speakers: Marcus Dean, CSFM and Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. – University of Kentucky

Warm-Season Sports Turf Weed Management – Preview this conference education session

Speaker: Jay McCurdy, Ph.D. – Mississippi State University

Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout

Speaker: Lisa Goatley, M.S., L.P.C. – The Cascade Group

Stress Symptom Checklist

Test Yourself: The Burnout Checklist

Stress and Burnout Action Plan

Sports Turf Management, Past, Present, Future
Speaker: Bob Campbell, CSFM – Retired

9:30 - 10:45 am

You Can Grow Grass, Now Let’s Grow Your Program

Speaker: David Pinsonneault, CSFM, CPRP – Lexington DPW

Factors that Affect Dislodgeable Foliar Residues and Environmental Fate of Pesticides

Speaker: Travis Gannon, Ph.D. – NC State University
Much concern exists around human pesticide exposure, and understanding factors that affect dislodgeable foliar residues is imperative to ensure human health is not adversely affected. Understanding the biological and chemical attributes of pesticides and their fate after application is also imperative to optimize pesticide efficacy while minimizing off-target movement. This presentation will help attendees devise best management practices to minimize pesticide exposure and off-target movement.

Who’s Afraid of Calculations?

Calculations Worksheet

Speaker: Samuel Doak – Virginia Tech

Renovating Cool-Season Sports Turf Dominated by Annual Bluegrass

Speaker: Brad Park – Rutgers University

Management Standards for Athletic Field Management and Materials Specification
Speaker: Barry Stewart, Ph.D. – Mississippi State University

FIFA World Cup: Preparing for a Final – Challenges and Successes

Speakers: Marcela Munoz – Syngenta UK; Sebastian Munoz – Turf Masters Chile

Fri., Jan. 27

8 - 10 am

Football Panel
Panelists: Clark Cox, CSFM – University of South Carolina; Stephen Crockett, CSFM – City of Union City Tennessee; Nicholas Fedewa – SMG Jacksonville/Jaguars; Rob Julian – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
This panel discussion will cover multiple aspects of maintenance for professional, college and university, municipal, and K-12 football fields.  Management tips and tricks as well as safety practices will be presented.  The session is an open forum discussion where attendees can ask questions pertaining to the maintenance of safe football playing surfaces.

Baseball Panel
Panelists: Dan Bergstrom, CSFM – Houston Astros, LLC; Nick McKenna – Texas A&M Athletics; Tom Nielsen – Louisville Baseball Club; Rick Perruzzi, CSFM, CPRP – City of South Portland, ME Parks, Recreation & Waterfront
Sports turf managers from across the country will share the various management strategies they utilize to maintain baseball fields. After a brief introduction from each panelist, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss challenges and solutions related to Major League, Minor League, College and University, and K-12 baseball fields and facilities.

Pesticides Panel
Panelists: Jim Brosnan, Ph.D. – University of Tennessee; Travis Gannon, Ph.D. – NC State University; Jason Henderson, Ph.D. – University of Connecticut; Jay McCurdy, Ph.D. – Mississippi State University
This panel will address the control of turfgrass pests using both chemical control strategies and pesticide-free management strategies.  Attendees are encouraged to bring questions regarding pesticide resistance, exposure, new formulations, and product selection.  Attendees experiencing pesticide bans are also encouraged to attend to learn about compliance and alternative maintenance strategies.

Cultivars/Varieties Panel
Panelists: Leah Brilman, Ph.D. – DLF Pickseed USA; Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. – University of Kentucky; Brad Park – Rutgers University; Pamela Sherratt – The Ohio State University
This panel of experts will help you decipher which turfgrass cultivar or variety is best for your situation.  Recommendations for highest recuperative potential, best color, highest pest tolerance, and best heat, drought, or cold tolerance will all be discussed.  Bring your questions to help determine which turfgrasses are best suited for high performing, safe playing fields.

Innovative Sessions

10:30 am

Planning for a Synthetic Turf Field Replacement

Speaker: Mark Heinlein – Turf Reclamation Solutions, LLC

11 am

Polymer Coated Fertilizer: Takes a Beating and Keeps on Feeding – Preview this conference education session

Speaker: Eric Miltner, Ph.D. – Koch Turf & Ornamental

11:30 am

Porous Inorganic Amendments – Unpacking How They Really Work

Speaker: George Serrill – EnviroTech Soil Solutions, Inc.

12 pm

Stadium Grow Lighting Innovation in Europe and the USA

Speaker: Simon Gumbrill – Stadium Grow Lighting (SGL)

1:30 - 3 pm

Taking Stress in Stride
Speaker: Mary Owen – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Managing the Problem Employee

Speaker: Lisa Goatley, M.S., L.P.C. – The Cascade Group

Paying it Forward:  How to Be Helpful When Asked for Advice

Speaker: Rich Watson – Laurel Lawnmower
Every year there are new field managers that enter the profession at the K-12 or municipal level that have never maintained a sports field.  This talk will focus on how to provide help to field managers that may not have the manpower, resources or experience to enjoy success at this point in their career.  Some topics of discussion will be: field maintenance concepts, communication, continuing education, and priority budgeting.