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STMA is committed to the continuing education of its members and the public. Resources have been compiled for public audiences to address natural grass benefits, sports field safety and synthetic turf. Technical resources have been developed to help sports turf managers maintain their sports fields and facilities. Professional development and management resources are also available to assist with facility operations and career advancement.

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Featured Education

Sports Field Management Practices – Preparing a Field for Winter

Properly preparing your field for winter will give your turf the best chance to be ready for play in the spring. Developing and implementing a plan to combat extreme winter weather conditions will not only help your turf survive, but will also jumpstart spring growth and result in overall healthier turf throughout the year. By beginning your winter preparation at the end of the summer and continuing it throughout the fall, you will be on your way to managing an even better field next year. Whether you are managing cool or warm season grasses, the success of your field is largely dependent on how your field overwinters. Sports Field Management Practices – Preparing a Field for Winter provides some tips that will help you put your field to bed for the winter and successfully wake up in the spring.

Field Hardness Testing

The most important element of a sports turf manager’s job is to provide the safest fields for athletes, regardless of the level of play. Across the country there is heightened focus on athlete safety which has resulted in increased scrutiny of all potential contributors to athlete injury. Players on any athletic field are exposed to some risk of injury; however, reducing head injuries is a major concern. STMA’s Field Hardness Testing can help you determine if your natural or synthetic field is safe for play.

Football Practice Techniques that Help Minimize Field Wear

Wear and field overuse are two conditions that can cause the most hazardous and unsafe playing conditions on your football field. Football Practice Techniques that Help Minimize Field Wear provides tips on rotating the fields, changing player practice locations, and various management techniques that can help your fields withstand heavy fall use.