Feature Video

Athletic Field Soils and How to Manage Them Barry Stewart, Ph.D. of Mississippi State University lends his expertise on athletic field soils and shares best practices for managing them. This presentation was given at last month's annual conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.  To access all of the recorded education sessions from the 2020 Conference, [...]


STMA is offering microcredentials as a way for members to enhance their education in specialized topics. Those completing the microcredential will be asked to read technical articles and watch presentations. The microcredential will culminate with a test. A passing score earns a digital badge that is good for 3 years and can be used in […]

STMA’s Technical Education Bulletins

STMA’s Committees produce a wide variety of educational bulletins that address seasonal challenges encountered in sports field management, annual field maintenance and personal and organizational development. Annual Field Maintenance Annual Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar for Cool-Season Turfgrasses Annual Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar for the Transition Zone Annual Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar for Warm-Season Turfgrasses Maintaining [...]

Webinars, Videos and Podcasts

Webinars: Recorded Webinars: Field Safety Topics: Misconceptions, Understanding Fate, and Optimizing Pesticide Applications on Sports Fields - Presented by Dr. Travis Gannon Synthetic pesticides are commonly used to manage weeds, insects, and diseases on managed athletic fields. Currently, there is much scrutiny around pesticides and their use, much of which is due to misinformation and [...]

STMA Playing Conditions Index (PCI)

STMA developed the Playing Conditions Index (PCI) to help members assess the playability of their fields. The original tool was developed in 2008 with the motivation to gain more respect for your efforts in managing your fields. Dr. Brad Fresenburg has updated the tool to further address the complexities involved in conditioning sports fields for […]

Turfgrass Science Curriculum

STMA's Turfgrass Science Curriculum was developed to provide agriculture educators with lessons to introduce secondary students to the turfgrass industry.  Turfgrass is vitally important to the economy, the environment, and to the communities where we live. Help students become aware of the turfgrass science field and give them an appreciation of the science and skills [...]

STMA Guias en Espanol

Mensaje del Presidente, Sarah Martin, CSFM. Saludos! Deseo contarles un poco acerca de un área de interés para la STMA este año: Atraer Gente. Cuando digo "Atraer Gente", no solo me refiero a servir a nuestros miembros, sino a dar la importancia a todas aquellas personas que están en nuestra industria. Nuestra misión comienza a [...]