Athletic Field Grounds Manager

This position may provide oversight for a single campus or oversight for a number of sites in a geographic local.  Primary responsibilities for this position is to conduct the planning, organization, and implementation of an overall Grounds Program for a major Facility or group of Facilities.  Functional responsibility encompasses oversight for Grounds, Lawns, Sports Turf, Intramural Fields, IPM / Pest Control Ornamentals.

In addition, the incumbent shall also provide support to and receive direction from Senior Corporate Staff in sales, acquisition of new business, conduct of surveys, and other related functions to obtain the quality with which “Grounds’ are maintained and to make recommendations for correction.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

o   Plans, develops, prioritizes and manages efficient and effective, and economical sound grounds management tasks and horticultural programs in accordance with seasonal management calendars, the Client’s calendar and expectations, and with current weather conditions to assure that levels of appearance, plant health, cleanliness, and public safety are attained throughout the annual life cycle.

o   Guides, trains, and provides technical assistance to supervisors and employees engaged in daily grounds management tasks and special horticultural projects.

o   Implements, directs and records training for all Grounds management disciplines with emphasis on safety and compliance.

o   Plans, develops, and manages related work in an efficient and economical manner to support such service.

o   Initiates the purchase of supplies, tools and equipment in accordance with established purchasing procedures.

o   Monitors Grounds Program operational concerns and develops action plans for correction.

o   Assist in customizing programs to meet each account’s unique needs as required.

Quality Assurance Management

o   Conduct quality inspections / random audits of completed assignments to ensure that satisfactory work, quality operating procedures, efficiency, progress, methods and practices, safety, and other established standards and requirements are satisfactorily met and maintained.

o   Manage/ tracks Quality assurance program to ensure that both tangible and measurable improvements in grounds management programs are maintained.

Customer Relationships

o   Administers required client/customer surveys (and other feedback instruments) and respond in a timely and effective manner.

o   Establish and maintain direct personal contact with a wide spectrum of University community members affected and/or concerned with the quality, safety and appearance of the exterior Campus or other property.

o   Promote client awareness of program alternatives and the availability of corporate resources.

o   Participates in Quarterly Business Reports with Clients.


o   Maintain an active stewardship program at multiple levels within the region.

o   Conducts Safety Audits in accordance with Company policy and procedure.

o   Performs other duties as assigned.

Controls over the Position

Incumbent’s immediate supervisor may be one of the following positions depending up on this position’s scope of responsibility, i.e. reporting to a Regional Grounds Manager or Regional Grounds Vice President.  The Supervisor outlines general policy to which the incumbent is expected to comply in all work performed and in oversight responsibilities.  Work is reviewed periodically through inspection and/or audit to assure compliance with policy, standards, contractual requirements, and performance expectations not only with Grounds Management but Safety as well.  The incumbent is free to select processes, procedures and best practices in the implementation of Grounds programs under his/her jurisdiction.  However, deviation from existing policy, procedure and best practices requires direct consultation and approval from those to whom the incumbent reports.

Guidelines include technically related documentation to the Grounds discipline, specific procedures and processes, policy and Federal, State and Local requirements.  Deviation from any of these requires specific approval.

Qualifications for the Position

The position prefers a degree in Turf Management or closely related field plus requisite professional experience including the following:

Three plus years of progressively responsible experience in a athletic, golf or high level grounds management service-related field including the following:

o   A wide range of complex, technical systems, methods, and tasks where frequent independent interpretation and decision is required.

o   Operational settings demonstrating both the efficiency and effectiveness of the Grounds Management Department and the service, safety and appearance requirements of the Client’s community as a whole.

o   Experience demonstrating an extensive technical knowledge and understanding of grounds management and horticultural practices coupled with the ability to organize, prioritize, and perform under pressure in both client contact and internal departmental capacity.

The ability to communicate both orally and in writing in conducting  face-to-face contacts, telephone, and written communication with the grounds management staff, the facilities services department, all levels of the Client’s community, vendors and outside agencies. Demonstrated skill in communication should encompass communications that range from simple exchanges of information to requests for assistance or service to emergency requests and, to more complicated inquiries related to proposed purchases, work requirements, or work in progress.

·         Experience in directing technically trained personnel.

·         Experience with managing budgets.

·         Experience managing multiple teams / tasks.

·         Requires a working knowledge of computers and management systems.


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