Director of Sportsfields and amenities, Chocolocco Park

Chocolocco Park, Director of Sportsfields and Amenities , Oxford Alabama

The primary responsibilities for this position are team leadership and detailed oversight of the grounds, playing surfaces of the state-of-the-art Choccolocco Park Sports Complex. Additional responsibilities include advisory and oversight roles of other City amenities. The City of Oxford is midway between Atlanta and Birmingham.

Choccolocco Park opened in 2016 and the Signature Baseball Field was named the National High School Baseball Coaches Association’s #1 field in the Southeast. In addition, there is a Signature Softball Field, Four Pod and Five Pod baseball/softball fields, 4 soccer fields, an NCAA ready Track and Field facility, as well as playgrounds and walking trails.

  • Established and highly qualified managers are in place.  Sufficient resources are available to provide playing surfaces second to none.
  • Responsible for operating budgets and capital budget.
  • A strong passion and commitment to the best agronomic practices and cutting edge technology advocated that is currently being implemented in the turf grass industry today.
  • A commitment to providing the best infield conditions possible. A commitment to satisfying our customers regarding field set-up and in-game maintenance.
  • Oversee subordinates in property maintenance and safe operation and maintenance of mechanical and power equipment. Plan and budget for additional or replacement capital equipment.
  • Provide technical, operational and safety training for employees to ensure that staff is working within OSHA, state and federal guidelines for safe working conditions.
  • Supervise and participate in the application and recording of chemical application (fertilizers and pesticides) on the grounds in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Supervise and control all maintenance expenses associated with operations, including payroll, supplies, chemicals and fertilizers.

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