Nature of Work

Skilled and semi-skilled work in the installation, care and maintenance of various warm season athletic field turfs in order to maintain acceptable standards for all athletic fields in the City of Miami Parks & Recreation Department.

Work involves operation and preventive maintenance on a variety of specialized turf maintenance equipment as well as installation, maintenance and repair of automated and manual irrigation systems. This work is performed under the general supervision of the Sports Turf Manager or other designee.

Essential Functions

  • Operates self-propelled verticut machine for removal of the thatch on playing fields.
  • Operates mower to thin out hybrid Bermuda grass during summer months so that winter over seeding can be accomplished without harming the roots of the Bermuda.
  • Operates aerification machine on athletic turf.
  • Operates tractors and their attached implements including, but not limited to: tiller, aerator, broadcast spreader, top dresser, etc.
  • Operates other turf maintenance related equipment including, but not limited to: rollers, bobcats, sand pro, sod cutters, and sweeper.
  • Operates other general ground maintenance equipment including, but not limited to: blowers, weed eaters, edgers, and zero turn mowers, as necessary.
  • Waters athletic fields on a regular basis.
  • Mixes chemicals and fertilizers according to predetermined formulas and operates spray rig to apply these chemicals and fertilizers for the enhancement of the grass and control of weeds, insects and grass diseases.
  • Calibrates nozzle spray by volume and nozzle output.
  • Properly calibrates and operates boom sprayer to apply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and turf fertilizer.
  • Repairs and installs broken water pipeline or replaces valves for sprinkling systems and performs related work to maintain the efficient operation of the athletic turf irrigation systems.
  • Troubleshoots other issues including moisture management and timer adjustments.
  • Installs and repairs new automated irrigation systems, including sectioning, low voltage wiring, control panels, etc.
  • Applies top dressing, operates sweeper for removal of cut grass, picks up trash as needed to the playing fields.
  • Makes mowing height adjustments and determines mowing frequencies.
  • Keeps perpetual inventory of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other supplies, as well as the daily maintenance of chemical and spray records.
  • Performs minor maintenance tasks on motorized equipment such as cleaning, oiling and greasing.
  • Meets the public and answers questions regarding use of athletic turf.
  • Performs construction of athletic turf fields.
  • Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, streamline work processes and work cooperatively.

Minimum Requirements

High school diploma or its equivalent and three (3) years experience in athletic turf maintenance. A valid Florida Public or Commercial Applicator’s License in Ornamental & Turf or its out of state equivalent at time of application is required and must be maintained valid throughout employment in the classification. A Valid Driver’s License from any state (Equivalent to a State of Florida Class E) may be utilized upon application, however prior to appointment a State of Florida Driver’s License (Class E or higher) must be presented to the Department of Human Resources and must be maintained valid throughout employment in the classification.


Equivalent combination of education and experience beyond a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Special requirement:
A valid Florida Commercial Applicator’s License in Ornamental & Turf must be obtained within the first year of employment and must be maintained throughout employment.

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