Assistant Superintendent- Chicago White Sox Fields

  • Implement and coordinate turf program including fertilization program, cultivation practices and overseed schedule.
  • Keep accurate records and submit weekly reports detailing schedules/assignments, task and project status/updates, issues/concerns and other items as requested; review similar reports submitted by assigned staff.
  • Plan, assign, and oversee daily tasks/ responsibilities for designated staff.
  • Prevent, troubleshoot, recommend solutions to field issues such as turf stress, disease, irrigation problems, etc.
  • Assist with evaluation, repair and maintenance of irrigation system; including pump station and central control system
  • Supervise and Train staff in the preparation, maintenance and restoration of assigned field complex.
  • Lead assigned crew on specific field projects as needed.
  • Monitor operation of field maintenance equipment; oversee regular maintenance/cleaning of such equipment.
  • Schedule resources to efficiently maintain and operate assigned field complex to highest standard.
  • Coordinate with team staff on field set-up, workout/game schedules and field conditions.
  • Advise Superintendent of employee issues (i.e. unacceptable work, uncooperative, argumentative, etc.) as well as any extraordinary accomplishments, positive deeds, etc. performed by employees.
  • Ensure employees have proper equipment, training and resources to perform tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Collaborate with Superintendents and Supervisors to ensure efficient utilization of facility’s grounds resources.
  • Responsible for budgetary line items as assigned by Superintendent.
  • Monitor and maintain inventory of department resources including ordering materials and supplies.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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