Gardening Specialist

Job Title: Gardening Specialist
Job ID: 13627
Full/ Part Time: Full-Time
Job Code: 0745
Department: Grounds Maintenance Services
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Salary Range: $2,990 – $5,247 per month

Anticipated Hiring Salary: $2,990 per month

Note: This is a full-time (equivalent to 40 hours per week), probationary, non-exempt position.


Under general supervision, is responsible for performing athletic field maintenance and scheduling various horticultural activities including assisting with the development and implementation of turf fertilization, chemical application, cultivation and irrigation programs.

Position Summary:

  • Conduct daily routine inspection and maintenance of athletic field related grounds and facilities; prepare, treat and maintain soils and grass of athletic fields; may assist in the preparing and lining of athletic fields for events; responsible for the development and maintenance of athletic field areas performing duties such as fertilizer applications, aerification of turf grass, sanding fields and maintaining safe clay to turf transition areas, base paths, infields, and pitching mounds
  • Operate small power-operated power mowers, edgers, blowers, hand tools, riding mowers with multiple decks, tractors, front end loaders, aerators, topdressers, seeding equipment and other gardening power equipment; maintain tools and equipment in proper condition and repair
  • Complete horticultural spray and pest eradication work; apply chemicals for the eradication of fungi, pests, insects and weeds to plants, trees, shrubs, lawns, embankments, roads, parking lots, unimproved acreage and buildings; select appropriate times to apply the chemicals, taking into consideration weather conditions and frequency of usage
  • Maintain, repair and modify irrigation systems; maintain and repair broken sprinkler lines, sprinkler heads, valves and related equipment; clear blockages from valves and pipes; inspect, service, and maintain automatic sprinkler control devices
  • Determine where to place poisons and traps; safely store chemicals and supplies used in spraying programs
  • Plan, develop and maintain special planting areas or ornamental gardens; review landscaped areas and make recommendations for the planning and development of special planting areas; select plants and flowers for ornamental gardens and provide advice and assistance to others regarding proper care of athletic fields and associated landscaping
  • May provide lead work direction to students, groundsworkers or individuals in other grounds classifications
  • May drive automotive equipment in the performance of assigned duties

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Thorough knowledge of the methods, grass varieties, tools and equipment used in planting, cultivating and caring for athletic fields including proper turf grass and infield management
  • Knowledge in large irrigation systems, drainage systems and athletic field layouts and striping
  • General knowledge in ornamental flowers, shrubs, lawns and trees
  • General knowledge of the composition and structure of soil, Ph factors of soils, compatibility and incompatibility factors between soil and plants, difference between plant mixes, and erosion control
  • Ability to:
    • Identify, diagnose and treat plant and lawn disease, and correct nutrient deficiencies
    • Prepare freehand sketches and make recommendations for possible improvements in landscaping within the assigned area
    • Read and write at a level appropriate to the duties of the position
    • Follow oral and written instructions
    • Utilize mechanical aptitude and motor coordination
    • Learn to skillfully operate small vehicles and power-driven grounds equipment
    • Read and write at a level appropriate to the duties of the position
    • Operate various tools and a variety of equipment used in turf and landscape maintenance work
  • Possession of or the ability to obtain a valid, current California Drivers License and a demonstrated good driving record
  • A history of regular attendance and positive performance evaluations

Education and Experience:

  • Requires two years in the care and maintenance of municipal or institutional landscape areas with large recreational and/or athletic field lawn areas, one year of which shall have been working in turf management and preparation of athletic fields
  • Experience to include general landscape maintenance, repair and modification of irrigation systems and specialized pest and/or spray control work

Preferred Skills:

  • Possession of the appropriate California Department of Pesticide Regulation license to perform pest control work (Qualified Applicator License or Qualified Applicator Certificate)

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