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The Institute of SportsField Management is the industry’s hub promoting field safety and the sports turf profession at large. A comprehensive collection of resources covering all aspects of operations is available to match the growing responsibilities of STMA members, as they advance to facility managers. From technical resources covering natural turfgrass and synthetic surfaces to professional development and management resources, the Institute promotes a shared vision by contributing best practices and insights for the greater good.

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Hot Topic: Pest Monitoring

Visual inspection and regular sampling are the best monitoring tools for determining pest presence and susceptibility to control. However, cost and time may mean this is not feasible. As a result, degree-day models and plant phenological indicators (biological events in plants that are determined, in some degree, by climatic conditions) have been proposed as alternative methods to predict insect and mite development. These methods have been proven to be excellent predictors for an array of ornamental and turf pests. Click here to learn more about degree-day monitoring.

Insects in the City, a blog for pest management professionals produced by Texas AgriLife Extension, also provides pest management advice for turfgrass managers.


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Featured Education

Snow Removal on Natural and Synthetic Athletic Surfaces

Winter weather is right around the corner. Snow can often be an issue on fields that are used late into the playing season. Early season snow storms are also a consideration in northern climates. As a sports turf manager, it is your job to ensure the field is clear of snow and ready for play. Be ready to handle the snow on your fields with STMA’s Snow Removal tips.

Maintaining Athletic Fields on a Limited Budget

The priority when maintaining athletic fields at any level of play is to provide safe, playable fields for athletes. All too often, budgetary limitations get in the way of proper care and maintenance of fields. Although there is no universal budgetary formula, some level of success can be achieved on most athletic fields. Understanding and applying the essential field care practices, as well as utilizing outside sources, athletic directors, coaches, users, and sports turf managers can collaborate to provide a healthy field that meets community expectations. Maintaining Athletic Fields on a Limited Budget outlines plans, practices, and communication strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Lease vs. Buy

Deciding if you are going to lease or buy equipment depends on your situation. In general, leasing is more appropriate for businesses with limited capital or need equipment upgrades every few years. Buying equipment is more common for well established businesses or for equipment that has a long usable life. Each situation is unique and the decision to buy or lease depends on each case. STMA’s bulletin, Lease vs. Buy can help you answer the question of what may be best for your operation.