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The SportsField Management Institute is the industry’s hub promoting field safety and the sports turf profession at large. A comprehensive collection of resources covering all aspects of operations is available to match the growing responsibilities of STMA members, as they advance to facility managers. From technical resources covering natural turfgrass and synthetic surfaces to professional development and management resources, the Institute promotes a shared vision by contributing best practices and insights for the greater good.

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Hot Topic: Legislation affecting Synthetic Turf

Featured Education

Sports Field Management Practices – Athletic Field Management in the Spring

Your natural grass survived the long, hard winter and now it is time to get your field ready for play again. Hopefully, you prepared your field for the winter during the fall and you are heading into the spring with a strong, healthy turfgrass stand. Even if your field is not in the condition you want it to be in at the beginning of spring, there are things you can do to get it ready for the first game. After all, you know that as soon as the weather breaks, your field will be a busy place. Athletic Field Management in the Spring provides tips to get your field looking great before that first game.

Calibration Series

Proper application of pesticides and fertilizers is only possible with accurately calibrated equipment. Calibration is the process of measuring and adjusting output of application equipment in order to apply the correct amount of material uniformly over a given area. Failure to care for and correctly calibrate equipment can result in misapplication of pesticides and fertilizers, repeat applications, damaged plants, excess cost, and environmental contamination. STMA provides calibration guides for rotary spreaders, drop spreaders, boom sprayers, and backpack and hand-held sprayers.

Laser Grading Sports Fields

Grading is the process of leveling a land surface to a desired gradient by cutting, filling, and smoothing the soil. In the athletic field construction industry, laser grading establishes surface elevations through the process of moving soil within a given area using a grading mechanism equipped with an automated blade control system. Laser Grading Sports Fields provides information about equipment and what to expect when grading during construction or on an existing field.