Form a Chapter

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of forming a local STMA Chapter, please be aware there are many resources available to you. We’re sure you’ll want to tap into these important resources to help you be successful in this exciting and worthwhile step.

If you think you are ready to begin forming an STMA Chapter, or if you would like to discuss the possibilities of doing so, please call Kim Heck, the Chapter contact at STMA Headquarters (800-323-3875) for the basic background information to start you in the right direction.

Considerations & General Requirements

STMA has 34 chapter and is committed to ensuring the success of each. Thus, the formation of a new chapter will not be considered if it will be established in the same geographic region as an existing chapter.

Some new chapters have found it beneficial to collaborate with local sections of the Parks and Recreation Association, American Public Works Association, and the state turf grass foundation. In some cases, the chapter has formed as a Sports Turf and Parks Association.

  • Petition – To establish a chapter a petition must be signed by a minimum of 25 local sports turf managers and/or academics. Commercial members are encouraged to participate and are a valuable contributor to local chapters. For sustainability of the chapter, the 25 minimum practitioner members has been set.
  • Steering Committee – Most chapters have found creating a Steering Committee to be helpful. This group can continue to advance the chapter’s formation.
  • Incorporation – Each chapter must incorporate in its own state through its Secretary of State’s Office. Because each state is different, you may want to seek legal advice. STMA can share sample Articles of Incorporation.
  • Bylaws – To become incorporated, bylaws must be developed. STMA can share sample Bylaws.
  • Officers – Board of Directors – a Board of Directors will be necessary in order to incorporate, and the Steering Committee can help to establish it as well as help with incorporation and bylaws.
  • Affiliation Agreement – Chapters must sign an affiliation agreement annually with STMA. There is a fee: 1st year new chapters $300; 2nd year chapters $400; 3rd year and beyond $550. You can recoup almost all of these fees. See Chapter requirements.

STMA Chapter Sponsors

John Deere