Bylaws and Ethics

Bylaws and Ethics: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Professional Conduct Guidelines Set the Standard for Behavior

STMA’s Bylaws establish an agreement between the association and its members. They detail how STMA is structured and manages its operations to serve members. Bylaws are legally enforceable.

Adherence to STMA’s Code of Ethics by each member is also essential to the operation of the association. The Code describes individual responsibility, character and the level of professionalism expected of members as they work in the industry. The Code is also legally enforceable and membership sanctions can be implemented if violated. By submitting a membership application, a new member automatically agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics.
Professional Conduct Guidelines encourage the highest standards of conduct among the membership of STMA. These guidelines are a companion to the STMA Code of Ethics. While professional conduct guidelines may not be enforced with membership sanctions, noncompliance with these guidelines should be self-policed by fellow STMA members, officials and affiliated chapters. In assessing one’s actions, all sports turf managers should ask the question, “Would my actions meet with the approval of other sports turf managers?”