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James Bergdoll, CSFM

Director of Park Maintenance for the City of Chattanooga (TN)

James Bergdoll, CSFM, CPRP is the Director of Park Maintenance for the City of Chattanooga (TN), a position he has held since 2015. Bergdoll oversees the maintenance and operations of over 100 public spaces throughout the City of Chattanooga, including 84 parks, 35 miles of greenway, multiple youth sports association facilities and 2 golf courses. He holds a MS in Sports and Recreation Administration from Western Kentucky University and a BS in Turfgrass Science from Purdue University. Prior to serving the citizens of Chattanooga, Bergdoll oversaw the design, construction, and operations of Elizabethtown (KY) Sports Park. He also gained industry experience at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, Baltimore Orioles Spring Training, Indianapolis Indians, Purdue Athletics (Golf & Sports Fields), and Hanover College. Bergdoll has been a member of the SFMA since 2004, serving on several different committees, and achieved CSFM status in 2013. Bergdoll is a Past President of the Kentucky SFMA, and is currently a member of the TVSFMA.  James is also a member of the TRPA and NRPA and earned Certified Park and Recreation Professional in 2020.


My vision for SFMA is to improve our position as the go-to people for sports field and facility management.  While we are an established organization there is still work to be done to be recognized as a group of professionals and experts.  We need to better educate our membership on what they can do to increase awareness in their communities and the role they play. Having my professional role in parks maintenance, I have found that it is very important to educate the general public and its leaders on the importance of sport field management and how it positively impacts those that use public facilities, primarily our youth. Continuing to develop partnerships with like-minded, industry organizations will be one key component for spreading the message.  There is a need to promote and market the work that we do to gain interest in the future of the industry.  There is also an opportunity to leverage new technologies for field management to gain interest from younger people who are the next generation of Sports Field Managers.  Lastly SFMA needs be a leader in inclusivity.  We need to seek opportunities to reach and attract underrepresented groups within and outside our industry to be a stronger organization that brings diverse thoughts, ideas, and people together.  In this we will create a more powerful impact as an Association, and help us take things to the next level.

Immediate Past President

Nick McKenna, CSFM

Texas A&M Athletic Department, College Station, Texas

Nick McKenna, CSFM, is an Assistant Athletic Field Manager at Texas A&M University. Nick returned to Texas A&M in August 2011 after having spent 4 years working for Virginia Tech overseeing their baseball and soccer/lacrosse facilities. He assists in overseeing all the athletics fields at Texas A&M which include Kyle Field, the Coolidge Football Practice Fields, Olsen Field at Bluebell Park (baseball), Ellis Field (soccer), Davis Diamond (softball), as well as the track & field facilities and numerous landscape areas. This is Nick’s second term at Texas A&M, where he also served as a groundskeeper from 2003-2005.

Nick received his B.S. from Iowa State University in Horticulture with a turfgrass emphasis. While at Iowa State, he served as an athletic field intern during his final semester in school. Nick also completed coursework and research towards an M.S. in Crop Soils & Environmental Science at Virginia Tech, and in 2007 was the recipient of the Dr. James Watson SAFE scholarship. Nick has served on numerous SFMA committees and achieved CSFM status in January 2011. He briefly served on the Board of Directors for the Virginia SFMA before returning to Texas where he has served on the TXSFMA Board since 2012.


Aside from providing safe athletic surfaces on a continual basis, my primary role as an athletic field manager is to educate the public about our profession and to develop the next generation of athletic field managers. In my experience, the SFMA is the single greatest resource we have to support that mission by providing us with the network, tools, and information needed to succeed in this endeavor. It is a privilege to continue to give back to an organization that has provided so much to me.

My vision for SFMA is to continue to promote our position as “Experts in the Field, Partners in the Game”. An organization is only as good as its membership, so we must strive to find ways to grow our membership and help them in as many ways as possible. We must continue to develop ideas, programs, and resources for our membership to help them advocate their positions and to educate the public about the importance of safe, environmentally responsible, and functional athletic fields.

Additionally, I would like to see the organization continue to grow and develop our professional image and to establish ourselves as true experts within the industry. We need to continue to advocate for our membership and stay on the forefront of potential issues that our industry has faced and will continue to face in the coming years.


Sun Roesslein, CSFM

Jeffco Schools, Golden, CO

Sun Roesslein, CSFM, has been Sports Stadium Manager at the North Area Athletic Complex for over 16 years. She is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the football stadium and the soccer stadium which make up the NAAC. The complex is the home field for 6 of the high schools in the Jefferson County School District. Sun got her start in the turfgrass management industry working on the grounds crew for the Lexington Legends Minor League baseball team in 2001. After moving to Denver she worked briefly for the City of Thornton before taking her current position with Jeffco Schools Athletics. In 2014, the NAAC soccer field was awarded SFMA’s Soccer Field of the Year for the Schools and Parks category. The following year, the NAAC football field was selected as SFMA’s 2015 Football Field of the Year in the same category.

Sun received her B.S. in 2000 and M.S. in 2002 from Eastern Kentucky University in Sports Administration. It was during her final semester that she discovered the turfgrass industry and decided to make a career path change. She became a member of SFMA in 2002. She is a Past President of the Rocky Mountain Regional Turfgrass Association, served on the CSFMA Board of Directors, and has served on SFMA’s Ethics committee, Website/ Technology committee, Membership committee and is currently Chair of the Certification committee. Sun has also served the SFMA Board as the Director representing the K-12 segment as well as the Route to Recovery task group.  In July of 2016, Sun earned her CSFM designation.


The SFMA membership is a group of passionate, talented, driven and dedicated people who make this industry a great one! I believe the Association plays a crucial role in supporting the success of sports field managers through education, networking, certifications, and awareness. 2020 certainly presented challenges, but SFMA stepped up to provide educational resources and support to our members and non-members alike. I envision SFMA and our membership to continue being the industry leaders in sports field management around the world. The pandemic highlighted what an important role sports fields play in people’s lives. It is imperative that SFMA continue to educate owners, managers, athletic directors and coaches on the importance of having qualified sports field managers keeping those surfaces safe.

Many of us have responsibilities beyond maintaining our playing surfaces and SFMA’s collaboration with other groups in related industries is certainly an area for growth. Whether it is administrative, facility management, or event management, I envision SFMA partnering with organizations in those areas to support our membership in their expansion of duties. These collaborations will also increase SFMA member’s visibility and credibility among those who do not necessarily understand what all goes into sports field management.

SFMA has enhanced my career tremendously, and I am honored to continue helping the Association support the successes of members at every level.

Vice President – Commercial

Paula Sliefert

The Toro Company

Paula Sliefert joined The Toro Company in 2007 and currently serves as senior manager in the company’s Commercial Business. In her role, she has responsibility for supporting a number of Toro’s key industry relationships – in addition she develops and implements strategies targeted at growing the Sports Fields & Grounds market segments, which represents professional and collegiate sports, educational institutions, and government including federal, state and local entities.

Paula is a graduate of Simpson College with a bachelor’s degree in German and International Business and holds a master’s degree in German from Bowling Green State University. She studied and worked abroad in both Germany and Austria, having completed a work abroad program with Mercedes Benz, as well as having attended the University of Salzburg, Austria.

Professional Affiliations:

City Parks Alliance (CPA): Member, Elected Board of Directors Member / Sponsor
National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA): Member, Sponsor of Directors School & Maintenance Management School
Park & Recreation Magazine Advisory Board: Invited Member
Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS): Member, Past Elected Board of Directors Member / Sponsor
Green Industry Expo (GIE) – (NALP & PGMS): Elected Show Board of Directors Member / Sponsor
Sports Field Management Association (SFMA): Member, Elected Board of Directors Member / Sponsor
National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP): Member & Past Elected Business Council Chairperson / Sponsor
Synthetic Turf Council (STC): Member
ToastMasters International: Member having earned the Dynamic Leader designation within their Pathways program, Club President


My background in Marketing will provide a fresh, new perspective to the SFMA Board of Directors. I believe every SFMA member is looking for ways to become better and wants to set a good example for future generations. I have seen the importance of the role that businesses and SFMA can play – when they work together – in driving important change. Working together helps companies like Toro understand the strategic challenges experienced by customers and therefore gives companies an improved line of sight to investment areas that can support and enhance industry wide goals and initiatives. Technology needs to be developed but companies need customers who demand sustainable products in order to continue to invest in the technology development. I believe serving on the board as a private sector, commercial supplier member of SFMA would help advance SFMA’s environmental conservation efforts that enhances the quality of life for all people by educating membership on the better use of environmental resources such as water. Additionally, I believe collaboration with other industry associations could prove to be extremely powerful for all sports field managers, including enhanced dialog with NRPA, PGMS and STC. I have a Bachelors and Master’s Degree focused on International Business & German and have experienced working in the US and abroad, which would bring a global perspective to the Board, should I be selected to serve. It would indeed be a privilege and honor to do so.


Dan Bergstrom, CSFM

Houston Dynamo/Dash at PNC Stadium, Houston, Texas

Dan is a 25+ year SFMA Member. His career stops have included: Cleveland (NFL), University of Kentucky Athletics, Haymarket Park in Lincoln Nebraska, the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park, and now PNC Stadium in Houston, home to the MLS Houston Dynamo, NWSL Houston Dash, and Texas Southern University football.

Dan received his B.S. in Horticulture/Turfgrass from Iowa State University in 1995. Dan’s crews have been named Field of the Year recipients 8 times. He was named Club MVP in 2019 by the Houston Dynamo/Dash front office. Dan is a George Toma Golden Rake Award recipient from SFMA as well. Dan has served in Board leadership roles over the years, serving as President of the Kentucky Turfgrass Council, Texas SFMA, and 2 years of SFMA Board service representing the Professional Facilities category.  He speaks at Turfgrass industry conferences on a semi-regular basis. Dan and wife Krista reside in Spring, Texas, and rescue/foster/adopt/love senior beagles in their spare time.

Vision for SFMA

I am humbled to find myself on the SFMA ballot. I am so thankful for the opportunities that SFMA has afforded me over the years, especially the continuing education and friendships at our SFMA annual conferences. Our industry is unique in many ways, including that we all work together to share information and stand beside each other in good times and bad. SFMA offers opportunities to improve our professionalism and industry knowledge and I’ve had the privilege of watching so many SFMA Members including myself over the years better themselves and move upward on their career tracks. It’s important that we continue to do the work to offer our Membership in all categories the opportunity to learn and grow. As the world continues to change and technology becomes more and more involved in our daily work we need more than ever to retain SFMA’s status as the leading resource in sports field management education. Our work educating the general public, coaches, and athletic administrators needs to continue to get stronger as we move forward. Let’s continue working together to grow our industry, tell our stories, and grow our brand. I’m excited to see the next generation of passionate sports field managers growing through SFMA!

Elected Director At-Large

Alpha Jones, CSFM

Fayetteville Woodpeckers, Fayetteville, NC

Alpha Jones, CSFM is the Director of Field Operations for the Fayetteville Woodpeckers, the Low – A affiliate of the Houston Astros. He has worked in the Turfgrass Industry for the past 20 years and 12 years before that in the landscape industry.

Alpha currently oversees all field related operations and maintenance at Segra Stadium. His sports field management experience is very diverse. Fayetteville is his second time in the minor leagues, after several years with the Durham Bulls. Additionally, he was crew leader at WakeMed Soccer Park, Assistant Athletic Director of Athletic Facilities for Longwood University overseeing all outdoor athletic facilities and at the high school sports level with Durham Academy. He has volunteered his time to help renovate, maintain or consult on several local athletic fields.

A long-standing member of the Sports Field Management Association, the North Carolina and Virginia SFMA chapters, Alpha has served on the VSFMA Board of Directors, Conference Education and Tours Committee, Environmental Facility Certification Committee and currently serves as chairperson of the Learning Initiatives Committee.

Alpha earned his degree in Political Science, graduating Summa cum Laude in 2005 from North Carolina Central University. He achieved Certified Sports Field Manager status in 2020.

Vision for SFMA

I maintain my vision for the SFMA, which is to see the standards of professionalism, public awareness, and industry leadership, established by the great leaders who came before us, continue to grow successfully, increase the size of our membership, and become the recognized true standard and authority in the sports field management industry.

I believe we must play a vital role in creating a new and diverse interest in our Association and industry. As our society and education systems continue to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19, The SFMA is poised to be a key ingredient in establishing new and solid pathways for future sports field managers to follow within the education systems. We can and must establish new recruiting tools that attract the “technology dependent” generations, the person who is not sure of their future career choice, as well as former athletes who want better, safer, and aesthetically pleasing athletic facilities for their communities and schools. Focusing our outreach on the younger generations now will play a significant role in the vitality and longevity of our industry.

Director – Commercial

Jaime Mehringer

Advanced Turf Solutions

Jamie Mehringer is VP of Sports Turf at Advanced Turf Solutions in Fishers, IN. In this role, Jamie oversees all aspects of the sports turf division at ATS. Prior to his current role, Jamie was President of J&D Turf in Fishers, IN. J&D Turf was a full service consulting, construction, maintenance and product distribution company. Prior to starting J&D Turf in 2008, Jamie was the Head Groundskeeper at Victory Field in Indianapolis, IN with the Indianapolis Indians (2003-2008) and Assistant Head Groundskeeper at Victory Field (1999-2003)

Jamie is a 1998 graduate from Marian University with a major in Sports Management and a minor in business. Following graduation at Marian, Jamie attended Purdue University and received an associate degree in Turfgrass Science from Purdue University. He is a prior President of the Midwest Regional Turfgrass Foundation (MRTF) and is a frequent presenter at many turfgrass conferences. Jamie and his wife Wendy reside in Indianapolis, IN with children Clare and Hank.


As a sports turf manager for over 20+ years, I have a unique background. From an assistant to head groundskeeper of a Triple A team (Indianapolis Indians) to starting my own sports turf service business (J&D Turf) to leading a sports turf division (VP Sports Turf @ Advanced Turf Solutions) I bring a background across various forms of the sports field industry. Currently, working with sports field managers at all levels of sports field management, allows me to work with and experience issues across all levels of the SFMA. Leading a sport turf division at ATS and before at J&D Turf has provided me the experience to work through many different budgeting processes and analyzing many budgets and balance sheets.

Working with and listening to others is critical for success. As the SFMA moves forward, I believe that fostering relationships with other peer organizations – NPRA, ASBA, ASBO, Coaches Associations, etc. will assist in raising awareness of Sports Field Managers. Finally, I look forward to working with the commercial members to enhance the tradeshow at the national meeting along with additional sponsorship opportunities to solidify the position of the SFMA in the future.

The SFMA has been instrumental in my career. I look forward to the opportunity to assist the Association in the future.

Appointed Director at Large

Brad Thedens, CSFM

City of Sioux Falls, SD

Brad Thedens, CSFM recieved his B.S. degree in Horticulture with turfgrass emphasis  from Iowa State University in 2001. After graduating, he worked for SW Franks Construction as a Supervisor overseeing field grow-in and maintenance for various projects ranging from MLB, NFL, minor league, college and high school facilities.

For the past 16 years, he has been in Parks and Recreation working as a Park Caretaker for the City of Sioux Falls Parks Department managing their 3 soccer complexes. This includes 21 full-size natural grass fields and another 20 acres used for youth sized fields. The complexes have been host to multiple US Youth Midwest Regional Tournaments, 11 Nike Cross National Heartland Region and 5 NCAA Cross Country meets, numerous other tournaments and special events along with over 3,000 recreational matches a year. The City of Sioux Falls is a CAPRA accredited agency that maintains 80 parks containing over 3300 acres, 3 golf courses, 34 miles of bike trails, and multiple youth sports complexes.

Brad is a current member of the Iowa SFMA and has held multiple positions on their board. He attained the CSFM designation in 2017 and is currently working toward receiving Certified Park and Recreation Professional status from the NPRA. He lives in Harrisburg, SD with his wife (Erika) and 3 children (Clay and twins Zack and Zoe).


Now that I am almost through my 2nd year of board service and have had the privilege to sit in our strategic planning session, I am truly excited about what is in store and on the horizon for this organization moving forward. We have a huge opportunity to build upon the great education, networking, town hall meetings and other resources provided by SFMA the past year.  As we have seen, sports play an important role in helping return to ‘normal.’

I envision SFMA as being the leading resource our members use to advocate for the importance of having qualified individuals to maintain the safest playing surfaces for players of all ages and abilities.  I also feel we need to continue to grow and diversify our organization while also striving to become the credited ‘go to’ leader in sports field management. It would be a privilege to continue to serve and help lead this great organization and its outstanding membership.

Director – Higher Education

Jason Demink, CSFM

University of Michigan Athletics, Ann Arbor Michigan

Jason DeMink, CSFM has been the Sports Turf Specialist for the University of Michigan Athletic Department for the past 13 years. He oversees the field maintenance of the baseball and softball complexes, as well as the practice football facilities. Jason and his team manage game day operations as well as the numerous practices and facility rentals. He has been involved with several field renovations of both natural and synthetic surfaces. Jason provides consultation services to local area high schools and colleges.

Prior to his career at the University of Michigan, Jason was the Assistant Groundskeeper for the Boston Red Sox. Jason is a graduate of the Sports and Commercial Turfgrass Program at Michigan State University, and received his CSFM in 2013.  Jason joined the SFMA in 2005, and has served on several committees. He is also active in the Michigan chapter, and has been on the board of the MiSFMA since 2017.

Jason served his country in the US Navy and is a proud veteran. He is involved in volunteer activities including Folds of Honor golf outing, coaching youth baseball, and other community organizations. When not ensuring safe playing surfaces for University of Michigan athletes, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.


My vision for the SFMA is for it to continue to be recognized as a leader in the turfgrass industry. I would like to see more community outreach to prospective turfgrass students in order to promote the profession and help mentor through their career path. This can be done by improved internships, one on one mentoring, and apprenticeships. Another important issue that the SFMA can help with is to increase the average pay for grounds keepers nationwide. Their knowledge, skill, and professionalism deserves compensation more comparable to golf course superintendents. This would help retain sports field managers from leaving the profession to seek out a livable wage. I am excited for this opportunity to be considered for the SFMA Board. I feel that I have a lot of ideas to contribute and that my knowledge, background, and network can help us achieve our goals together.

Director Parks and Recreation

Jason Bowers, CSFM

Sports Turf Supervisor, Montgomery Parks, Cabin John, Bethesda, MD

Jason Bowers, CSFM is the Sports Turf Supervisor for the Cabin John Regional Athletic Area in Montgomery County MD.  Jason has been in the sports field management industry for the past 21 years.  He earned his Associates Degree in Landscape and Turf Management from Virginia Tech in 2000.  After graduation, Jason worked at different golf courses and landscape companies until May of 2003 where he was hired as the Assistant Sports Field Manager at Virginia Tech.  After one year, both Jason and his boss got promoted, and Jason then became the Sports Field Manager.  While employed at Virginia Tech, he earned his CSFM (Certified Sports Field Manager) in 2007 and won SFMA’s College and University Field of the Year in 2008.

Jason also worked for the Philadelphia Union MLS team in Chester, PA for the inaugural season.  He then worked at the Milton Hershey School/ Middle Division where he won another SFMA School and Parks Football Field of the Year in 2012.  After a small stint at a non-profit modern art museum in Montgomery County Md, Jason got a job with M-NCPPC at the Cabin John Regional Athletic Area in 2017, and is now taking care of 6 diamond fields, one of which Georgetown University plays their home baseball games, and one small rectangle.

Jason has been involved with the SFMA for 16 years and is a current member of the BMP Committee for the SFMA.  He is also the Vice President of the MASFMA.  Jason was one of the people who pushed to create BMPs in the Mid- Atlantic and Nationally to help Sports Field Management with community and political issues as they arise.


My vision is to see the SFMA into the future. I want everyone to realize the importance of our BMP book and that restrictions are coming everywhere. I want to see the SFMA continue to introduce new technology, and new ways for STMs to do their jobs better and easier. I want to open conversations with the GCSAA on how the SFMA can do continuing education for our BMP and even work on a BMP certification.

Director – Academic

Adam Thoms, Ph.D.

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Adam Thoms is an Associate Professor of Commercial Turfgrass in the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University, where he started in 2016. He oversees the sports turfgrass research at Iowa State, and is the Turfgrass Extension Specialist for Iowa. In addition to research and Extension activities, Adam teaches two classes (Turfgrass Irrigation and Sports Turf Management), as well as serving as an advisor to the Iowa State Turf Club. Adam is in charge of planning education for the Iowa State Turfgrass Field Day, and helps with planning education for the Iowa Turfgrass Conference. Before coming to Iowa State University, Adam was the Research Leader for the Center for Athletic Field Safety at the University of Tennessee. Adam received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from the University of Tennessee working on sports field related projects. He completed his B.S. degree from Iowa State University. Adam has been active in the SFMA since 2005, and took part in the very first SFMA Student Challenge. He is currently serving as the Technical Editor for SportsField Management Magazine, and is on the Editorial Committee. He has served on several committees over the years. Adam is active in the Iowa SFMA Chapter, serving on the Board of Directors as an Educational Advisor. Outside of work he enjoys time with him family, wife (Rachel) and two children (George and Greta).


I want to see SFMA be the leader in education and information on playing surfaces. The academic representative plays a critical role in this, and I feel I can add to this. I also feel the SFMA must find some novel recruiting techniques to help with the shortage of labor for the industry. The SFMA should be a source that the media reaches out to when an event happens, and questions arise. I feel through education, publicity, and recruiting the SFMA can benefit athletic field managers now and into the future.

Director – Professional Facilities

Nicole Sherry

Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore, MD

Sherry begins her 14th season as the Orioles Head Groundskeeper and her 17th season with the Orioles organization overall. From 2001-03, she served as the Orioles Assistant Head Groundskeeper before spending three seasons (2004-06) with the Double-A Trenton Thunder.

She returned to the Orioles organization in November of 2006, becoming just the second woman ever to serve as the head groundskeeper with a Major League team. Sherry and Heather Nabozny, who has been with the Detroit Tigers since 1999, are the only female head groundskeepers in Major League Baseball. According to the Sports Field Management Association (SFMA), there have been approximately 10 women who have held the position of head groundskeeper in the history of professional baseball.

Sherry was the first female head groundskeeper in Eastern League history when she was named to that post for the Trenton Thunder in February of 2004, and twice was runner-up for the Eastern League’s top groundskeeping award. In 2006, the Thunder honored her with a bobblehead, depicting her riding a tractor.

In February of 2016, Sherry was named the recipient of the Mary Pickersgill Award for Women’s Leadership in Business by the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House. Established in 2012, the award honors a woman who demonstrates leadership in her community, exemplifies innovation in her chosen field, and has the power to inspire others. She was also named the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Dick Ericson Founders’ Award, which is awarded annually to a SFMA member who effectively manages sports fields and their facility, exhibits the qualities of a true team leader, and who positively impacts the sports field management industry. Sherry, along with MLB and Discovery Education, have worked with local schools to introduce students to a variety of intriguing science and STEM concepts related to her job as Head Groundskeeper.

A native of New Castle, Del., Sherry graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in agriculture. She worked for several golf courses in Delaware and with the University of Delaware’s Research and Education Center, testing new herbicides, prior to joining the Orioles in 2001 as the Assistant Head Groundskeeper. Sherry resides in Eldersburg, Md. with her son, Tyson.


My vision for SFMA is continued growth to make us stronger and more united. I mentioned above that I have a strong ability to connect and relate to our members. I want to connect with those who attend and who feel maybe left out or unsure of where their goals in SFMA and in their own respective careers lie. I enjoy meeting the students and crew members who come year after year, who either want to pursue a professional sport position or who want to represent in the industry in other aspects (science, research). I want to be someone who represents the women in SFMA. I want to see SFMA become more progressive and I want to provide a cultural shift that includes and represents women and people of color in this industry. Representation matters… people want to see those who look like them in professional roles. I want to be proactive in that change and I am ready to take on any responsibilities to foster those changes.

Schools K-12 Director, Jeremy Driscoll
Director – Schools K-12

Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM, ISA-CA

St. Mark’s High School, Wilmington, DE

Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM is the Grounds Supervisor at St. Mark’s High School in Wilmington, DE from which he is an alumnus (class of ‘95).  He has been overseeing all of the campus and athletic fields encompassing approximately 50 total acres since 2006.  Always educating himself and finding new things to study, he began his higher education at Paul Smith’s College in Paul Smith’s, NY.  He studied Urban Tree Management and earned his A.A.S in 1997.  Jeremy furthered his education at the University of Delaware receiving in 2000 his B.S in General Agriculture.

Jeremy has been an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist since 2002.  He has a Class B CDL license which he acquired while working for the city of Beaver Creek, CO.  He is also a licensed pesticide applicator in NY and DE.   Mauget Certified and a DE Certified Nutrient Handler, Jeremy is currently in the process of acquiring his CSFM designation.

Jeremy has been a member of ISA for over 20 years. He became a member of SFMA immediately in 2006, when he took his current position. He has served as K-12 Director during the past two years on the SFMA Board. He is currently serving as chair of the Advocacy committee, and member of the BMP committee. He previously served as chair of the editorial committee, and past service includes the International and Environmental committees. He is a co founder of MASFMA (Mid-Atlantic) Chapter, where he has served as President during the past two years.

Jeremy is a second-degree black belt in taekwondo and is preparing to test to acquire his third degree in the martial art. He finds that these principles of focus, goal setting, respect, motivation and honor transfer into everyday life. A mantra is to never give up, and ALWAYS finish what you start!

Jeremy resides in Wilmington, DE with his wife Susan and son Eughan (Owen).

Vision for SFMA

My vision for SFMA is to see the organization grow stronger. I would like individuals not in our profession to know about the sports field managers who take care of their kids’ sports facilities, school grounds, and professional stadiums. I would like for these individuals to see that we are professionals. We have degrees and certifications which aid in educated decision making and proper care of facilities around the world.

I would like to see the organization build stronger bonds with legislators to educate and keep our products labeled for use on sports fields (pesticides, fertilizer etc..) and not allow governing bodies to continue to take away valuable products that help us professionals complete our jobs. I would like to see the organization be able to give back to more communities and help a greater number of under privileged areas build or rejuvenate sport fields to get kids outside for exercise and to provide safer fields and areas to participate in multiple sports and activities.

There is so much room for expansion, and opportunities to grow this association that it would be incredible to reach a new high percentage in each classification of membership and furthermore get more current members simply more involved.