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President, Jimmy Simpson, CSFM

Jimmy Simpson, CSFM

Town of Cary, Cary, NC

Jimmy Simpson, CSFM has worked in the turfgrass industry for 20 years. He graduated from NC State University in 2002 with a B.S. in Agronomy concentrating in Turfgrass Management. He began working full-time in the industry while still a student when he was hired as Interim Head Groundskeeper for the AAA Durham Bulls Baseball Club in May 2001; he was later hired permanently. He is employed by the Town of Cary as a Facilities Management Coordinator where he is responsible for all operations related to buildings and grounds maintenance at the USA Baseball National Training Complex, WakeMed Soccer Park, Middle Creek Community Park, Mills Park Middle School and other Town properties. Jimmy has been integral in helping to host many major sporting events at these venues including the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Soccer College Cup, ACC Soccer events, international soccer matches, training site for the US Men’s National Team prior to the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, the USA Olympic Baseball team, and the NCAA Division II Baseball National Championship. Prior to joining the Town of Cary, Jimmy was employed by the University of South Carolina as a Grounds Supervisor.

Jimmy formerly served on the Board of Directors, as treasurer, of the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina for 3 years. A past president of the North Carolina Chapter of the Sports Turf Managers Association, he now serves as the chair of the Conference Committee for the Sports Turf Managers Association and previously served on the STMA Conference Education Committee, as well as the Finance and Audit committee. Jimmy earned his Certified Sports Field Manager designation in 2008. He was named a 2014 Outstanding Young Alumnus for NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

He is passionate about giving back to the industry and furthering the profession. Jimmy established an internship program at the Town of Cary that employs several students annually. He also returns to NC State each semester to address Turfgrass Management students. In addition, he co-founded a scholarship golf tournament with the NC/SC STMA that has awarded $30,000+ in scholarships to turfgrass students in the Carolinas over the last 9 years.

Vision for STMA

As a long-standing member of the STMA, I have benefitted greatly from the opportunities for knowledge, networking and connections the association offers. The history of our association is strong and has put us on a solid foundation for the future. Now it is incumbent upon us to balance the history with the future, so that we can continue to evolve and adapt the association and its offerings to ensure we remain relevant to today’s (and tomorrow’s) Sports Turf Managers.
I believe the STMA must also expand its external outreach efforts to the public, our supervisors and the end-users of our facilities. Collectively, we need to increase awareness of the relevance and impact that a Sports Turf Manager has on the success and safety of athletic facilities.
I am proud to see the growth of the STMA over the years and I look forward to the future as we develop the new narrative of the modern Sports Turf Manager together.

Past President, Jody Gill, CSFM
Past President

Jody Gill, CSFM

Blue Valley School District, Overland Park, KS

Jody has been building and maintaining sports fields for over 30 years. For the last 24 years, he has been the Grounds Coordinator for the Blue Valley School District in Overland Park, Kansas where he is responsible for 38 schools on 1,300 acres spread over 91 square miles including 105 athletic fields on 200 acres. He was a co-founder of the Mo-Kan Chapter of the STMA and has served in every executive cabinet position. He has served as a Board member for the Missouri Valley Turfgrass Association, Advisory Board Member for the Longview Community College Turf Management Program, numerous STMA committees and task forces, STMA Board member, SAFE Foundation Trustee, STMA Secretary/Treasurer and STMA President. His crew earned the STMA Football Field of the Year award in 2004. He became a CSFM in 2009. He has written numerous articles and presented at regional and national conferences. As a licensed pilot, he enjoys flying several different types of aircraft. He travels extensively each year to paint large grass and asphalt logos for several professional auto racing series events and plans to expand this and other opportunities as retirement from public service is near. He lives in Lees Summit, Missouri with his wife Tammy. They have 3 children, Erin, Caroline and Curtis.

Vision for STMA

The STMA is truly an awesome organization. Just think about the impact that the members of this organization have had on sports all over the world. Our skills, abilities and efforts help teams and individuals win State, National and even World Championships. I have been fortunate to have served STMA in many capacities over the years. I have been honored to serve as the first STMA President from the K12 Schools membership category and I look forward to continuing to serve as Immediate Past President.

Although each of our membership categories are unique and different, we share the common goal of being experts on the field and partners in the game. As an association of professionals, we must strive to be the first place people go to get information on sports field management, environmental responsibility and safer fields. In just a few short years, the tools of our industry have dramatically changed. From transit level and tape measure surveying to rotating laser and now to GPS grading. We are using drones to gather data for 3D mapping and modeling. We are even evaluating crop, tree and turf health using NIR equipped high resolution cameras mounted on GPS controlled drones. Soon we will find amazing new uses for GPS drones at all levels within our industry. We must embrace the new technology and be among the leaders who develop new uses for it and continue to find ways to be more efficient and effective.

Through innovative collaboration with our peer organizations, we must continue to promote the importance of hiring qualified Professional Sports Field Managers to maintain safe natural and synthetic playing fields. The strength of any organization is measured not only by the number of members but also by their level of involvement and passion for the industry. With 2,600 members, we are not a large organization but we have a membership passionate and dedicated to their craft. While there is strength in numbers, there is much more power in an engaged membership. By supporting and challenging membership to improve quality and professionalism, our industry and our Association will grow.

President-Elect, Nick McKenna, CSFM

Nick McKenna, CSFM

Texas A&M Athletic Department, College Station, TX

Nick McKenna, CSFM, is an Assistant Athletic Field Manager at Texas A&M University. Nick returned to Texas A&M in August 2011 after having spent 4 years working for Virginia Tech overseeing their baseball and soccer/lacrosse facilities. He assists in overseeing all the athletics fields at Texas A&M which include Kyle Field, the Coolidge Football Practice Fields, Olsen Field at Bluebell Park (baseball), Ellis Field (soccer), Davis Diamond (softball), as well as the track & field facilities and numerous landscape areas. This is Nick’s second term at Texas A&M, where he also served as a groundskeeper from 2003-2005.

Nick received his B.S. from Iowa State University in Horticulture with a turfgrass emphasis. While at Iowa State, he served as an athletic field intern during his final semester in school. Nick also completed coursework and research towards an M.S. in Crop Soils & Environmental Science at Virginia Tech, and in 2007 was the recipient of the Dr. James Watson SAFE scholarship. Nick has served on numerous STMA committees and achieved CSFM status in January 2011. He briefly served on the Board of Directors for the Virginia STMA before returning to Texas where he has served on the TXSTMA Board since 2012.

Vision for STMA

Aside from providing safe athletic surfaces on a continual basis, my primary role as an athletic field manager is to educate the public about our profession and to develop the next generation of athletic field managers. In my experience, the STMA is the single greatest resource we have to support that mission by providing us with the network, tools, and information needed to succeed in this endeavor. It would be a privilege to give back to an organization that has provided so much to me.

My vision for STMA is to continue to promote our position as “Experts in the Field, Partners in the Game”. An organization is only as good as its membership, so we must strive to find ways to grow our membership and help them in as many ways as possible. We must continue to develop ideas, programs, and resources for our membership to help them advocate their positions and to educate the public about the importance of safe, environmentally responsible, and functional athletic fields.

Additionally, I would like to see the organization continue to grow and develop our professional image and to establish ourselves as true experts within the industry. We need to continue to advocate for our membership and stay on the forefront of potential issues that our industry has faced and will continue to face in the coming years.

VP Commercial, Jeremy Bohonko
Vice President – Commercial

Jeremy Bohonko

Ewing Irrigation, Charlotte, NC

Jeremy is the Regional Manager- Carolina Region for Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply. Previously he was the National Sports Field Specialist for the North and South Carolina area. He has also held the position of Branch Manager of Ewing’s North Charlotte location and before moving to Charlotte, he worked in inside sales at Ewing’s headquarters in Phoenix. In his role, he serves a wide variety of customers ranging from sports field managers and golf course professionals to residential and commercial contractors. After finishing his college baseball career, he was the assistant groundskeeper at Hagerstown Suns Municipal Stadium, a minor league baseball facility in Maryland. After that, he relocated and continued his career as an assistant groundskeeper tor the Oakland Athletics at their Phoenix-based spring training facility. He graduated from the College of William and Mary/Shippensburg University with a B.S.BA in Marketing and completed the University of Georgia ‘s Sports Turf grass management certification program. He is involved in the North Carolina chapter of the STMA and currently serves as the commercial vice president. He is also a national STMA member and a member of the Georgia and South Carolina chapters.

Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys spending time and traveling with his family: wife, Toni, and sons Chase and Cooper.

Vision for STMA

As the Commercial Director, my vision for STMA is to further build upon the strong relationships between the board, our vendors and our members to continue to make our chapter successful. Serving as a partner in the sports turf community, we can work together to further elevate our profession and lead into the future of our field.

Secretary/Treasurer, James Bergdoll, CSFM

James Bergdoll, CSFM

City of Chattanooga, TN

James Bergdoll, CSFM is the Director of Park Maintenance for the City of Chattanooga (TN) Department of Public Works, a position he has held since 2015. Bergdoll oversees the maintenance and operations of over 100 public spaces throughout the City of Chattanooga, including 84 parks, 35 miles of greenway, multiple youth sports association facilities and 2 golf courses. He holds a MS in Sports and Recreation Administration from Western Kentucky University and a BS in Turfgrass Science from Purdue University. Prior to serving the citizens of Chattanooga, Bergdoll oversaw the design, construction, and operations of Elizabethtown (KY) Sports Park. He also gained industry experience at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, Baltimore Orioles Spring Training, Indianapolis Indians, Purdue Athletics (Golf & Sports Fields), and Hanover College. Bergdoll has been a member of the STMA since 2004, serving on several different committees, and achieved CSFM status in 2013. Bergdoll is a Past President of the Kentucky STMA, and is currently a member of the TVSTMA, TRPA and APWA.

Vision for STMA

After 2 years of Board service, I have had my eyes opened and I feel like I have a larger picture of our industry and organization. My vision for STMA is still to continue to help colleagues in the industry work towards having high quality athletic fields that are safe, play extraordinary, and are aesthetically pleasing. I also believe that we have opportunities to be a larger voice for advocating sustainable and environmentally friendly maintenance practices. We also need to be educating our membership on what they can do to increase their awareness in their communities and the roles they play. I am excited to see how we can do this through the STMA. While we have made great strides in recent years, my vision for the STMA involves the continued promotion of awareness to the work that sports turf managers take part in and maintain increased recognition as a profession. Having my professional role in parks maintenance, I have found that it is very important to educate the general public and its leaders on the importance of sport field management and how it positively impacts those that use public facilities, primarily our youth.

Academic Director, Adam Thoms, Ph.D.
Director – Academic

Adam Thoms, Ph.D.

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Adam Thoms is an Assistant Professor of Commercial Turfgrass in the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University, where he started in 2016. He oversees the sports turf research at Iowa State, and is the Turfgrass Extension Specialist for Iowa. In addition to research and Extension activities, Adam teaches two classes (Turfgrass Irrigation and Sports Turf Management), as well as serving as an advisor to the Iowa State Turf Club. Adam is in charge of planning education for the Iowa State Turfgrass Field Day, and helps with planning education for the Iowa Turfgrass Conference. Before coming to Iowa State University, Adam was the Research Leader for the Center for Athletic Field Safety at the University of Tennessee. Adam received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from the University of Tennessee working on sports turf related projects. He completed his B.S. degree from Iowa State University. Adam has been active in the STMA since 2005, and took part in the very first STMA Student Challenge. He is currently serving as the Technical Editor for SportsTurf Magazine, and is on the Editorial Committee. He has served on several committees over the years. Adam is active in the Iowa STMA Chapter, serving on the Board of Directors as an Educational Advisor. Outside of work he enjoys time with him family, wife (Rachel) and two children (George and Greta).

Vision for STMA

I see the STMA as the organization of knowledge and education for sports turf managers who want high quality athletic fields that are safe for the end-user. In the future, I hope the public looks to the STMA as the first resource when they have questions about athletic field maintenance and performance as well as how to improve an athletic field. Often it is about educating the public that athletic fields need care to be safe, and this is where the STMA can promote this need. Providing information that is easily accessible has to be a goal to grow public awareness. Having a strong web presence with information is important, and with the creation of the STMA Institute, the organization is headed in a great direction. This great resource should be promoted in the upcoming years. The STMA should continue as an advocate for Sports Turf Managers by helping improve professionalism and grow awareness on the importance of input from field managers on use/construction. Field managers hold so much information on improving field performance and safety, and should be consulted more. This takes education to coaches and athletic directors, and I feel the STMA can provide that education. Finally, I hope the STMA continues to strongly support the next generation of field managers by continuing to give scholarships, sponsor student challenges, and growing the research grant opportunities for students interested in athletic field related projects. I see the STMA continuing to be a leader in improving athletic field safety through education and promotion of field managers.

Appointed Director at Large, Joshua Koss, CSFM
Appointed Director at Large

Joshua Koss, CSFM

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Josh is currently in his 6th year at San Diego State University.  He serves as the Associate Director- Operations for the Facilities Services department at SDSU.  In this role, he oversees all activities as they relate to operations (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Architectural shops) for the campus buildings.  He is responsible for leadership and direction for the activities and programs of these teams in support of the mission of Facilities Services. He remains responsible for the Landscape and Fleet Services operations on campus as well.
Prior to his operations role, Josh has served as the Assistant Director, Landscape and Fleet Services. He was responsible for the daily coordination and delivery of landscape services and maintenance to more than 280 acres of campus landscape. This includes the management of the university’s 9.7 acres of natural turf and 4.5 acres of synthetic turf utilized for NCAA D-1 and Intramural competition.  Josh is also responsible for the management of the Fleet Services operation at the university, overseeing 3 mechanics who maintain 275 university owned assets and various pieces of small grounds maintenance equipment.  Prior to that role, Josh served as Landscape Services Manager and began his career at SDSU as the Athletic Fields Lead Groundsworker.

Josh spent valuable time in MiLB, serving as an Assistant Head Groundskeeper for both the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and Bowie Baysox baseball clubs. He also has served as Senior Sports Turf Manager for Ripken Baseball – responsible for maintaining Ripken Stadium, home of the Aberdeen Ironbirds Baseball Club.

Josh has also spent time in the Private School PK-12 environment; 3 years in Fields and Grounds Maintenance at St. Stephens and St. Agnes School in Alexandria, VA, and 5 years at the San Diego Jewish Academy in San Diego, CA as Grounds and Landscape Manager.

Josh completed his Turfgrass Management internship in MLB, working 2 seasons as a groundskeeper for the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club.

Josh holds an AAS degree in Horticulture and Landscape Technologies (Turfgrass Management concentration) from Front Range Community College in Westminster, CO and a BS degree in Business Management (focus on Organizational Leadership) from Colorado State University.Josh was awarded the 2009 STMA Schools/Parks Soccer “Field of the Year” for SDJA Field at San Diego Jewish Academy. He was a presenter at the STMA Conference and Exhibition in Austin, TX in 2011. He earned his CSFM in August of 2017.

Josh is currently the President of the Southern California Chapter of STMA and has served various roles on the Board throughout most of his tenure in San Diego, including President from 2011-2013.

Vision for STMA

I have been in the Sports Turf industry since 2000, and a member of STMA since 2005. I was awarded the 2009 STMA Schools/Parks Soccer “Field of the Year” for SDJA Field at San Diego Jewish Academy and was a presenter the STMA Conference and Exhibition in Austin, TX in 2011. I have worked as a Sport Turf Manager in the Professional segment, the College/University segment, the Parks/Rec segment, and the K-12 segment. I understand the value of STMA to the Sports Turf Manager. It has provided me a tool to use for many years now and it is gratifying to see it benefit younger Sports Turf Managers in the same way.

I served as the Higher Education Director in 2019 on a year appointment. I have found the Higher Education environment to be the most challenging and rewarding level of sports turf management. I am honored to have served as a director on behalf of our Higher Ed membership and hope I provided value to the Board of Directors. I have worked to serve this segment to the best of my ability during my tenure and am 100% dedicated to serving all members.

Director Commercial, Turner Revels
Director – Commercial

Turner Revels

Revels Turf and Tractor, Fuquay-Varina, NC


Elected Director at Large, Scott Thompson, CSFM
Elected Director at Large

Scott Thompson, CSFM

Duke University, Durham, NC

Scott Thompson, CSFM is the Director of Landscape Services at Duke University. In his current role he is responsible for nearly 600 acres of university grounds maintenance, sports turf maintenance, and grounds equipment and fleet maintenance. In his 13 years with the university he has held various roles including being the sports turf manager for the Blue Devils as well as the superintendent of grounds. During his time at Duke, Scott has seen immense growth and development in the university landscape and athletic facilities. Before coming to Duke, Scott spent the majority of his time in the golf course maintenance industry prior to and after completing his coursework at North Carolina State University. Scott graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy with a concentration in Turfgrass Science. Scott is actively serving as the President Elect for the North Carolina STMA Chapter and formerly as a board member for the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina. Scott has served on several STMA committees including the Awards Committee, and Conference Education Committee, and he received his CSFM designation in 2013.

Scott currently resides in Durham with his wife Kristen and three daughters Charlotte Mae, Millie, and Eloise.

Vision for STMA

My vision for the STMA is one of forward thinking and staying ahead of the game. While our industry has been around for decades, it is growing and changing at an exponential rate. As new technologies and methods are constantly being developed, being at the forefront of developments and advancements in our field is critical and the STMA has been a pioneer in this industry’s growth for several years. It’s important to me to encourage other sports turf managers to think outside the box and try new techniques that were not considered years ago. When individual professionals are excelling in their craft and producing superior sports turf, our industry benefits as a whole. Through continuing education and networking opportunities at the local and national levels, these ideas begin to flourish as we learn from one another and push each other towards excellence, allowing us to take these ideas and turn them into tangible and workable models at our respective facilities. While the importance of education cannot be understated, our fields are being used in new ways with the changing landscape in the athletic and event world and critical thinking and problem solving are among our most valuable assets. We are stronger as individual sports turf managers when we have the opportunity to come together to share experience and collaborate in helping to work through individual problems. While we may personally represent a wide variety of individual facilities, our vested interest is in the advancement and betterment of our industry. I am grateful to be a part of an organization that advocates for and promotes the growth and professional development of its membership.

Higher Education Director, Clark Cox,CSFM
Director – Higher Education

Clark Cox, CSFM

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Clark Cox is Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Turf and Landscaping at the University of South Carolina. He oversees the maintenance and development of over 50 acres of sports fields and landscaping used by the Gamecock athletic program. Since coming to the University of South Carolina in 2004, Clark has supervised many athletic field projects including the construction of the new baseball field at Founders Park and the complete renovation of the playing field at Williams-Brice Stadium. Clark holds a Turfgrass Management degree from the North Carolina State University Agricultural Institute where he also served on the grounds staff for 6 years. Clark is past President of the South Carolina STMA Chapter and currently serves as a member of the SouthEast Regional Sports Turf Conference planning committee.

Vision for STMA

I first joined STMA because I felt our industry needed to be seen in a more professional light. STMA has made great strides in that area over the years but there is still a lot of work to do. I would like STMA to continue to promote professionalism among our members at every level. I believe we need to educate all outside the sports turf industry about the professional, passionate, and educated individuals that make up STMA. One day I hope to see our profession recognized by coaches, administrators and fans as an integral part of every sports team or organization.

Parks & Recreation Director, Brad Thedens, CSFM
Director – Parks & Recreation

Brad Thedens, CSFM

City of Sioux Falls, SD

Brad Thedens, CSFM recieved his B.S. degree in Horticulture with turfgrass emphasis  from Iowa State University in 2001.  After graduating, he worked for SW Franks Construction as a Supervisor overseeing field grow-in and maintenance for various projects ranging from MLB, NFL, minor league, college and high school facilities.

For the past 15 years, he has been in Parks and Recreation working as a Park Caretaker for the City of Sioux Falls Parks Department managing their 3 soccer complexes. This includes 21 full-size natural grass fields and another 20 acres used for youth sized fields. The complexes have been host to multiple US Youth Midwest Regional Tournaments, 11 Nike Cross National Heartland Region and 5 NCAA Cross Country meets, numerous other tournaments and special events along with over 3,000 recreational matches a year.  The City of Sioux Falls is a CAPRA accredited agency that maintains 80 parks containing over 3300 acres,  3 golf courses, 34 miles of bike trails, and multiple youth sports complexes.

Brad is a current member of the Iowa STMA and has held multiple positions on their board. He attained the CSFM designation in 2017 and is currently working toward receiving Certified Park and Recreation Professional status from the NPRA. He lives in Harrisburg, SD with his wife (Erika) and 3 children (Clay and twins Zack and Zoe).

Vision for STMA

My vision for STMA is to help our members face today’s adversity, adapt to new challenges, expand their knowledge, gain new opportunities and grow relationships showing why this organization is made up of the best “Experts in the Field, Partners in the Game”.  We must continue to look for and find new ways to grow our membership and keep members involved.   This organization truly is great because of the hard work and dedication of its members both past and present which is why we need to look to grow and educate the future generations of SFM.

It truly is an honor to be a part of an organization that is the leader at advocating for its members by providing them with the tools and resources to grow and develop as professionals.  I look forward to continuing to advance STMA’s mission and give back to an organization that has contributed so much to my career.

Professional Facilities Director, Stephen Lord, CSFM
Director – Professional Facilities

Stephen Lord, CSFM

Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati, OH

Steve Lord was named to his current position on March 20, 2015, and oversees all aspects of the daily playing field maintenance at Great American Ball Park. He is a 2008 graduate of Michigan State University with bachelor’s degrees in both turfgrass management and general management. Before he joined the Reds, Steve spent the previous six seasons as assistant director of MLB grounds with the Texas Rangers. While in Texas, in 2010 and 2011 Steve was part of the club’s first ever trips to the World Series. He has been an active member on various committees with the SportsTurf Managers Association and a speaker at the organization’s national conference. In January 2015, Steve obtained his recognition as a Certified Sports Field Manager from the STMA. In December 2015, Steve and crew were awarded the Ohio SportsTurf Managers Field of the Year Award for that season. Steve resides in Cincinnati with wife Katie and son Breslin.

Vision for STMA

I see the STMA as an opportunity for all industry professionals to not only raise awareness of the safe and playable surfaces we produce, but to create a platform for which we share ideas, information, experiences, and goals to become leaders worldwide. I embrace the notion that we have to continue to build professionalism across the industry in order to break the stereotype of the ‘dirty person who mows the field’. We all serve the industry not just to make beautiful playing fields, but to be pillars in our communities who set the stages for our friends, families, and superstars to make their dreams come true. We must all realize that the world is larger than the several acres we see every day, and must truly commit to the development of every single member for this industry to flourish in the years ahead. STMA is that vehicle for all of us.

Schools K-12 Director, Jeremy Driscoll
Director – Schools K-12

Jeremy Driscoll ISA-CA

St. Mark’s High School, Wilmington, DE

Jeremy Driscoll is the Grounds Supervisor at St. Mark’s High School in Wilmington, DE from which he is an alumnus (class of ‘95).  He has been overseeing all of the campus and athletic fields encompassing approximately 50 total acres since 2006.  Always educating himself and finding new things to study, he began his higher education at Paul Smith’s College in Paul Smith’s, NY.  He studied Urban Tree Management and earned his A.A.S in 1997.  Jeremy furthered his education at the University of Delaware receiving in 2000 his B.S in General Agriculture.

Jeremy has been an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist since 2002.  He has a Class B CDL license which he acquired while working for the city of Beaver Creek, CO.  He is also a licensed pesticide applicator in NY and DE.   Mauget Certified and a DE Certified Nutrient Handler, Jeremy is currently in the process of acquiring his CSFM designation.

Jeremy has been a member of ISA for over 20 years. He became a member of STMA immediately in 2006, when he took his current position. He has served as K-12 Director during the past two years on the STMA Board. He is currently serving as chair of the Advocacy committee, and member of the BMP committee. He previously served as chair of the editorial committee, and past service includes the International and Environmental committees. He is a co founder of MASTMA (Mid-Atlantic) Chapter, where he has served as President during the past two years.

Jeremy is a second-degree black belt in taekwondo and is preparing to test to acquire his third degree in the martial art. He finds that these principles of focus, goal setting, respect, motivation and honor transfer into everyday life. A mantra is to never give up, and ALWAYS finish what you start!

Jeremy resides in Wilmington, DE with his wife Susan and son Eughan (Owen).

Vision for STMA

My vision for STMA is to see the organization grow stronger. I would like individuals not in our profession to know about the sports field managers who take care of their kids’ sports facilities, school grounds, and professional stadiums. I would like for these individuals to see that we are professionals. We have degrees and certifications which aid in educated decision making and proper care of facilities around the world.

I would like to see the organization build stronger bonds with legislators to educate and keep our products labeled for use on sports fields (pesticides, fertilizer etc..) and not allow governing bodies to continue to take away valuable products that help us professionals complete our jobs. I would like to see the organization be able to give back to more communities and help a greater number of under privileged areas build or rejuvenate sport fields to get kids outside for exercise and to provide safer fields and areas to participate in multiple sports and activities.

There is so much room for expansion, and opportunities to grow this association that it would be incredible to reach a new high percentage in each classification of membership and furthermore get more current members simply more involved.