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The Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) is the recognized leader in championing the sports turf industry and its professionals. STMA members combine the science of growing turf grasses and the art of maintaining fields to produce safe and aesthetically pleasing playing surfaces.

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Why STMA? 

1. Value
When your employee takes advantage of STMA’s programs and services, they enhance their contributions to your organization and add more value.

2. Networking
The knowledge, skills, abilities and best practices your employee will encounter by networking with other professionals in the association will only enhance your organization.

3. Recognition of professionalism
In addition to the individual recognition your employee receives because of your good work, STMA’s advocacy with groups such as athletic directors, parks and recreation directors, coaches, and parents enhances the image of the entire profession.

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The Benefits of Membership

With their membership, your employee will receive:

  • A monthly electronic newsletter that communicates association and industry information.
  • A hard copy Membership Directory.
  • Access to the Member’s Only section of STMA.org, which has a real-time membership directory and hundreds of educational resources.
  • Access to Michigan State’s Turfgrass Information File, the green industry’s greatest resource for up-to-date technical information, a $100 value*.
  • Ability to enter your organization in the nationally-recognized Field of the Year Awards Program.
  • Opportunity for your employee to become a Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) to showcase their professionalism.
  • Significant savings on registration to STMA’s annual and regional conferences, and discounts to other organizations’ education.
  • Opportunity to participate in volunteer leadership positions.
  • Opportunity to join one of STMA’s affiliated chapters for a strong local network. (Each chapter sets its own local dues.)
  • SportsTurf Magazine each month, a $40 value.
  • The ability to apply for scholarships (students only).

* Not available to Commercial Members. Commercial Members receive added benefits, which are listed on STMA.org.

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Membership Dues That Won't Break the Bank

STMA offers a category of membership, Affiliate, so that those who work on sports fields - but not as their primary profession, such as a coach, a volunteer, an athletic director - can join STMA and learn from our members. At $50, this non-voting category is very affordable.

By joining STMA today, your employee takes an important step to improving their skills and abilities as a professional. Their individual development will bring more respect and recognition to your as a sports turf manager and will help to advance the entire profession.

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