Videos and Webinars

Videos and Webinars


Turfgrass Cultural Practices
   - Mowing
   - Fertilization
   - Irrigation
   - Cultivation
   - Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Backpack Sprayer Calibration - University of Kentucky
Blade Sharpening - University of Kentucky
Other videos from University of Kentucky

STMA is seeking educational videos that demonstrate maintenance practices for sports fields.  The goal is to develop a collection of 3-8 minute educational videos focused on sports field how-to's that STMA members can use to improve their operations.  Topics can include anything related to sports turf management, such as:
     - how to calibrate a sprayer or spreader.
     - how to edge an infield.
     - how to paint a logo.
     - how to repair equipment or irrigation.

Making the video can be easy.  For more detailed guidelines for making a video, click here.  Determine your topic and collect the equipment you need to effectively explain the management practice you are demonstrating.  Using a phone or other recording device, record the video and send it to STMA via email or Dropbox.  To submit via Dropbox, go to  Enter username - and password - STMA2016.  Upload the video to Dropbox and log out. 

STMA will thoroughly review your video.  Remember, the goal of these videos is to enhance the education of Sports Turf Managers.  STMA will be promoting your video and expects you to provide professional, applicable educational content.  STMA reserves the right to decline or remove any video it feels is inappropriate.

Recorded Webinars:

Preview 2017 Conference Education Sessions:

Dr. Nick Christians - What About the Micronutrients? (Wed., Jan 25)

Phil Eason - A Break Through Approach to Human Growth and Leadership Development (Tues., Jan. 24)

   - Ben Polimer - Why Every Turf Manager Should Consider Using PGRs (Wed., Jan. 25)

   - Dr. Eric Miltner - Polymer Coated Fertilizer: Takes a Beating and Keeps on Feeding (Fri., Jan. 27)

   - Dr. Jim Brosnan - #WeedWatch2017 - Things to Watch for in Weed Management This Year (Wed., Jan. 25)

   - Dr. Jay McCurdy - Warm-Season Sports Turf Weed Management (Thurs., Jan. 25)

   - Pamela Sherratt - A Spring and Summer Renovation Plan (Wed., Jan 25)

   - Dr. Bryan Hopkins and Dr. Kelly Kopp - Don't Let Water Restrictions Strike You Out (Wed., Jan. 25)

2016 Conference Education Sessions:

  Dr. Nick Christians - Plant Soil Interactions (Tues., Jan. 19), Overseeding Selections and Practices to Increase the Performance of Your Field (Wed., Jan. 20), Poa annua Control in Sports Turf Areas (Thurs., Jan. 21)

   -   Dr. Brad Fresenburg and Mike Munie - Natural Grass Fields – From Construction to Performance and Perception (Thurs., Jan. 21) 

   -   Dr. Jared Hoyle - Advanced Weed Control for Athletic Field Turf (Wed., Jan 20)

   -   Scott Boyle and Dr. Brandon Horvath - Crisis Communications for Sports Turf Managers (Tue., Jan. 19)

   -   John Fech - Keys to Success in Media Interviews (Thurs., Jan. 21)

   -   Ryan Adams - Managing "The Field" Within the Field (Wed., Jan. 20)

   -   Dr. Clint Waltz - Developing and Implementing Best Management Practices for Sports Field Water Conservation (Tues., Jan. 19)

Athletic Field Renovation Tips - Presented by Jeff Fowler
When renovating your sports field, there are 8 keys for success.  This presentation will focus on the various practices, including soil testing, fertility, aeration, and more, that keep athletic fields safe and playable for athletes and users.

Click HERE to view the recorded webinar.

Smart Irrigation Practices - Presented by Dr. Alec Kowalewski
Water is essential to maintain the health of turfgrass plants.  When natural precipitation is not sufficient, turfgrass plants benefit from supplemental irrigation.  This presentation will focus on the benefits and disadvantages of irrigation, frequency and timing of irrigation events, amount of water to apply, and other considerations when irrigating recreational surfaces.

Click HERE to view the recorded webinar.

Back to Basics: Understanding Turfgrass Fertility - Presented by Dr. Bryan Hopkins
Participants will learn about the importance of soil testing and how to interpret results.  They will then learn how to apply the results to build an annual fertility program for athletic fields.  Fertilizer sources and the pros and cons of each will also be outlined.

To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Click HERE to view the recorded webinar.

How Mowing Affects Turfgrass - Presented by Dr. Doug Linde
The purpose of the presentation is to inform the audience on how mowing affects turf. Plant response, benefits and disadvantages of mowing, as well as recommended mowing practices will all be discussed.

To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Click HERE to view the recorded webinar.

Maintaining Athletic Fields on a Limited Budget - Presented by Dr. Brad Fresenburg
The priority when maintaining sports fields at any level is to provide safe, playable fields for athletes.  All too often, budgetary limitations get in the way of proper care and maintenance of athletic fields.  Although there is no universal budgetary formula, some level of success can be achieved at most facilities.  Understanding and applying the essential cultural practices, as well as utilizing outside sources, athletic directors, coaches, and sports turf managers can collaborate to provide a healthy field that meets expectations.

To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Click HERE to view the recorded webinar. 

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