Types of Memberships

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Types of Memberships

STMA welcomes new members! We are a very inclusive organization and have a membership category for anyone interested in learning more about sports field management. 

If you are unsure as to which category you should join in, view the membership decision tree.


SPORTS TURF MANAGER ($110) if you are primarily responsible for managing or maintaining a sports field(s); 

SPORTS TURF MANAGER ASSOCIATE ($75) if you are primarily responsible for managing or maintaining a sports field(s) AND your organization already has an STMA Sports Turf Manager member employed. This Associate has the same benefits and privileges as the Sports Turf Manager; dues are lower because of multiple members; 

AFFILIATE ($50) if you are indirectly or on a part-time basis involved in the maintenance/management of sports fields (coaches, athletic directors, volunteers, etc.); 

ACADEMIC ($95) if you are in teaching, extension or research; 

STUDENT ($25) if you are a full-time student; 

COMMERCIAL ($295) if you work for a company engaged in a commercial enterprise providing services and/or products to the sports turf profession (consultants, architects, designers, contractors, management companies, distributors and manufacturers, etc.); 

COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATE ($75) if you are the 2nd person (or more) from a COMMERCIAL company. All COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATES must first have a STMA COMMERCIAL MEMBER at their company before this lower dues category can be selected.

RETIRED ($50) if you are retired and no longer seeking full-time employment within the scope of activities of any STMA membership category, and have been a member for a minimum of five years, you may become a non-voting member of STMA and are not eligible to hold elective office.  Click here to read more information about this category.

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