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At the summer board meeting, the STMA Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning session to create the next three-year strategic plan. During this session, it became clear that STMA's mission needs to more strongly represent why STMA exists. The current mission has served the organization well, so well that it has been adopted as our vision statement.

New STMA Mission: STMA advances professionalism in sports field management and safety through education, awareness programs, and industry development.

STMA Vision: To be the recognized leader in strengthening the sports field industry and enhancing members' competence and acknowledgement of their professionalism.

STMA will be sharing its progress on its current plan (nearly complete!) and rolling out the 2015-2017 plan later this year.

In beautiful Colorado, full of adventure, wildlife and snow!

This year the SAFE Board of Trustees is holding their annual event with a little twist. Leave your golf clubs at home because this year the SAFE Foundation presents a Night of Entertainment at the 2015 STMA conference in place of its annual golf tournament.

Join in on SAFE's Night of Entertainment at Lucky Strike Denver on Tues., Jan. 13, starting at 6 p.m. Lucky Strike bowling establishments are known for their elite bowling and socializing experience. Popular all over the country, Lucky Strike is a hot commodity among stars for hangouts and charitable events.

The Night of Entertainment will include bowling, billiards, prizes and more! Accompanied by signature cocktails and a custom menu, this will be a night you won't want to miss. Whether you're competitive or not, guests will have free range to form teams or bowl individually. We encourage guests to have some fun with it and form teams based on chapter, state, category or any other combination! There will be prizes for top team and individual bowler.

If billiards is more up your alley, get your kick shot on for some straight up competition. Show your speed, but no lemonading allowed! If you are more into spectating, there is a great networking and bar area within Lucky Strike to catch up with old friends.

The event will be open to all conference attendees! Pricing will be $75 per person, with $40 of the cost contributing to SAFE's scholarship and education outreach programs. Bowling, shoe rental, food and drink tickets will be included.

Is your company exhibiting at STMA's conference this January in Denver? If so, you might want to augment those efforts with one of our full-featured conference sponsorship packages. These afford a unique opportunity to get in front of over 1,000 sports turf managers, academic, and commercial members at some of the lowest rates available in the national conference space; in fact, there are extremely visible sponsorship opportunities available for as little as $2,000.

New this year is SAFE's Night of Entertainment at Lucky Strike Denver on Tues., Jan. 13. Sponsorship opportunities exist for all components of the evening, including lane sponsorship as well as other gaming activities, including billiards. Lane sponsorships start at a low $350, billiards at $200 and drink ticket sponsor at $500! This is a unique opportunity to get your company, product or service in front of a wide array of individuals in an informal location. The event is open to all conference attendees and is a fundraiser for STMA's charitable foundation, SAFE.

Your sponsorship efforts will help SAFE recoup the cost of the event and allow the foundation to fund scholarships and grants for future sports turf managers!

Beginning the conference sponsorship process earlier (rather than later) allows STMA to spend that much more time making sure you are comfortable with your new opportunity.

Browse just some of our offerings here. Email Sales & Marketing Manager Shant Thomas at or call 800-323-3875 to learn more!

The committee that is organizing the popular Seminar on Wheels program has secured excellent tour stops in Denver during the 26th Conference and Exhibition. There will be a one-day tour and a half day tour for participants to see football, baseball, rugby, polo, and soccer fields at all various levels of play. The first tour, which is a full day tour, is set for Tues., Jan. 13. It includes lunch and will stop at:

  • University of Colorado - Boulder
  • J-5 Equestrian
  • Infinity Park
  • Jeffco's Lakewood facility
  • Sports Authority

The second tour, which is a half day tour, starts at 1 p.m. on Fri., Jan. 16. It will conclude by 4:30 p.m. Participants will see:

  • Dick's Sporting Goods Park
  • Coors Fields

Rates remain unchanged from previous years, $60 for the full day and $30 for the half day. Both tours provide transportation. Pre-registration is required, which will open Oct. 1.

The STMA Nominating Committee invites you to submit your interest in serving on the national STMA Board of Directors. Although the professional facilities, commercial, and K-12 category director positions are up for election, STMA also has an At-Large elected position that is open to any category of voting member. Consider submitting your qualifications to be considered for the election ballot. If you need more information on the time involved in board service and expectations of service, please contact and request a Board Roles and Responsibilities handbook.

The sessions "New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf" will be taking place again at the 2015 STMA Conference. The goal of this 1-hour education session is to allow exhibiting companies to introduce new or improved products and services. The session will feature 10 speakers representing STMA's commercial companies. Each speaker will have 5 minutes to introduce and explain the benefits of their product or service to conference attendees. Companies interested in this opportunity will be entered into a lottery from which 10 companies will be chosen to participate. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Kristen Althouse by email at or phone 785-542-9243 by Wed., Aug. 13.

Don't miss out on presenting as part of the "New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf" education session at the conference!

LindeEach month two speakers presenting at the 2015 National STMA Conference and Exhibition in Denver will be featured. Don't miss the educational opportunities offered at the conference.

Doug Linde, Ph.D. is a Professor of Turf Management at Delaware Valley College. On Wed., Jan. 14, he will be presenting "How Soil Profiles and Layering Can Impact Turf and Playability." The purpose of the presentation is to inform the audience on the basics of soil profiles and how layers can impact turfgrass and playability. Various real world examples through consulting and educational experiences will be used to convey concepts. The audience can use this information to help diagnose and/or prevent problems associated with soil layering at their facilities.

Dr. Linde will e presenting "How to Attract Interns and How to Land an Internship" on Thurs., Jan. 15. The purpose of this presentation is to bring sports turf managers and students into one room to learn about internship programs and then network with each other. Information on how managers can attract interns will be presented first followed by information on how students can get internships that meet their goals. Time will e allowed for audience members to meet and greet each other in a format similar to "speed interviewing".

BigelowCale Bigelow, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Agronomy-Turfgrass Science at Purdue University. On Wed., Jan. 14, he will present Sports Turf Management in the Transition Zone" with Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. It is difficult to grow both warm- and cool-season grasses in the transition zone. Often times our fields are experiencing environmental stresses when we need them to be looking their best. This session will focus on sport-specific species and cultivar selection, as well as specific management practices to minimize plant stress and improve turfgrass quality. Other topics include non-chemical and chemical control of various turfgrass pests and sustainability as it relates to economics and the environment in the transition zone.

Dr. Bigelow will also be participating in the panel discussion "Winterkill 2013-2014 in Review: Causes and Recovery" on Fri., Jan. 16. Other panelists include Michelle DaCosta, Ph.D., Jason Henderson, Ph.D., Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D., Pamela J. Sherratt, and Barry Stewart, Ph.D. Winter conditions of 2013-2014 resulted in widespread winterkill and turfgrass loss, leading to significant declines in playability, aesthetic quality, and costly reestablishment. Topics for discussion will include the major causes for winter injury, physiological mechanisms aiding in turfgrass freezing tolerance, as well as the effects of various turfgrass agronomic practices on improving turfgrass growth and winter conditioning. Attend this panel to ask questions, share ideas, and find solutions in an open forum discussion.

Take the time to enter your natural grass field in the annual Field of the Year awards program. Applications are due Oct. 15. To access the application, click here.

Show your peers, your employers and your user groups that field management is a highly technical profession -- and that your field deserves to be recognized for its quality of play. Join the ranks of other field managers by entering your field today. Winning fields are not judged on their beauty, but on the true knowledge, skills and abilities of the sports field manager to create safe playing surfaces for athletes with the resources they have, and provide an excellent game day experience for spectators.

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Researchers at University of Connecticut are studying the best practices to comply with a four-year-old law banning pesticide use on school grounds that serve students through grade eight. Click here to learn about the different management systems being tested and compared for environmental safety.

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