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In June, the STMA Membership Committee will be sending out a very important study on compensation. This electronic survey will capture data that will determine if the salary levels of the profession are rising, and if so, by how much. These results will be compared to the 2012 and 2008 surveys, which will provide an important measurement of our industry's growth.

When you receive the survey, please take 10 minutes to fill it out and contribute to this significant metric. You will be sent a link specific to you (so it cannot be forwarded) and the information you fill in is confidential and anonymous. Only aggregate information will be reported (no state or city data) so that no one person or facility can be identified.

The results will be reported to the membership in July.

Photos and the Playing Condition Index (PCI) are required in-season for a Field of the Year submittal. If you plan to enter the field that your athletes are playing on now, it is time to begin documenting your maintenance and management processes – even though your complete application is not due until Oct. 15. That means you must take photos of before, during and after season; and you must conduct four PCI's, three of which must be completed during the season.

For the complete instructions, the application, and tips on how to produce a winning entry, click here.

STMA's 28th Conference debuts in 2017 in Orlando on Jan 24-27. The conference program and all of the events are being created to provide an excellent learning experience for participants. Plan now to extend your conference stay to a family vacation! Disney's Coronado Springs hotel is honoring the low conference rate of $154, from Jan. 18 through Feb. 2, 2017.

Orlando is one of the premier vacation destinations in the U.S. With more than a dozen theme parks in the area there is always something to do. Some of the most popular are within driving distance of the host hotel!

Universal Orlando-14 miles,
Magic Kingdom-6 miles,
Epcot-5 miles,
Sea World-11 miles,
Animal Kingdom-3 miles,
Hollywood Studios-7 miles,
Walt Disney World-3 miles.

Not only has there been a decrease in young people interested in the turfgrass industry, but the entire agriculture industry is feeling the effects of reduced college graduates entering agricultural careers. USDA job reports found that 20,000 agriculture jobs go unfilled each year. Click here to learn more about the misperceptions associated with agriculture careers and possible solutions to attract young people to the field.

Check out the free resources and educational materials here. Perfect timing to educate your constituents on the benefits of natural grass.

Managing baseball and softball infields is challenging. STMA's Information Outreach Committee has produced a bulletin that addresses components of an infield mix, selection of an infield mix, testing procedures, moisture management, rainout prevention, infield conditioners, dragging, and lip management. Click here to learn how you can improve management and safety of skinned infields.

If you are completing an internship this summer, remember that you could be eligible to win a grant! The Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant is intended to help offset the costs a student may have incurred while interning, including, but not limited to, transportation, lodging, and food, or as a subsidy to wages. In addition to receiving the $1,000 grant, the winner will also receive a full conference registration and three night's lodging at the next STMA National Conference and Exhibition.

If you are hosting an internship this summer, remind your interns about this grant!

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

A lot of time and energy is spent on the interview process. One thing a lot of people underestimate and often overlook is the "phone interview process" and its importance! In some cases, you must ace a phone interview before given the opportunity to have an in person interview.

Here are 5 tips that could help bridge this gap and help you obtain your dream job!

Turf Rundown

Research conducted at North Carolina State University and University of Tennessee – Knoxville investigated how 2,4-D residues may dislodge from hybrid bermudagrass. The effect of irrigation and time within a day on 2,4-D dislodgeability was explored. Click here to learn more about the research to improve your turfgrass management practices and minimize human 2,4-D exposure.

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