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The 2016 STMA Conference will be taking place in San Diego, CA from January 19-22.

Important Deadlines:

January 15: All conference presentation materials (PowerPoint, handouts, articles, etc.) must be submitted.  All of your information will be secured to prevent plagiarism.  These materials will be available to attendees on the STMA website and mobile conference app prior, during and after the conference.  They will also be included on the recordings if your session is being recorded.  Materials can be sent to me via email, kalthouse@stma.org.  Please be aware that my inbox only accepts up to 10 MB.  For larger files, please use the online storage system, Dropbox.  Please follow these instructions.
1) Follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/
2) Click Sign in in the upper right corner and fill in email and password
     a. Email – kalthouse@stma.org     
     b. Password – stma2016
3) Using the Upload button at the top of the page, please upload your files.
4) Once upload is complete, please logout.

View the digital brochure
View the room and moderator assigned to your session.
Locate your session room using the convention center floor plan.

STMA will be booking your entire stay at one of the following hotels:

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
1 Market Place
San Diego, CA 92101

Omni San Diego Hotel
675 L Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Please book your air travel through STMA's travel agency - WorldTek Travel - 800-233-5989 

Presentation Resources:

Mobile App:  STMA is introducing its new conference app.  The app has the capability to poll participants.  Increase attendee engagement by incorporating technology in the classroom and encouraging audience participation.  The app will be available prior to conference for you to familiarize yourself and plan for inclusion.

Presentation Preparation: If you are presenting your topic using PowerPoint, please be advised that text only slides should make up no more than 25% of your presentation. It is important that you stay within the time allotted for your presentation. You can estimate to spend 1-3 minutes on each slide. A one hour presentation should contain 20-40 slides. Please refer to PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines for additional assitance in building an engaging presentation. 

Non-Commercial Policy: Speakers will not be allowed under any circumstances to promote any product, company, or service within the presentation or handouts. It is both STMA's and the speaker's responsibility to present unbiased, honest information to attendees. STMA will NOT tolerate the following:
- Use of company or university logos. For example, company and university logos cannot appear on your slides.
- Use of brand or trade names. For example, when discussing pesticides, only the common name should be mentioned.
- Biased research results or data that positively reflect your company, product, or service and all competitors negatively. If your presentation requires inclusion of a product, company, or service, comprehensive data should be presented. For example, when discussing effectiveness of pesticides, the results of various pesticides should be presented instead of promoting the positive effects of one.
- Product, company, or service promotion. Individual promotion of products, companies, or services will not be allowed. The education session "New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf" has been specifically designated for promotion of company products and services. If you are not presenting during this presentation, please comply with STMA's policy. 
STMA will be monitoring presentations to ensure compliance. If you have any questions on what can and cannot be included in your presentation, please contact Kristen Althouse, kalthouse@stma.org. 

Sharing your Presentation: Please send your presentation materials (outlines, an article closely related to your presentation, or your PowerPoint presentation) to me prior to the conference. All of your information will be secured to prevent plagiarism. These materials will be available to attendees on the STMA website prior, during and after the conference. They will also be included on the recordings if your session is being recorded. Materials can be sent to me via email, kalthouse@stma.org. 

Promote Your Session! 
Please send a picture of yourself for STMA to use for electronic marketing of your presentation.

We are also interested in promoting education sessions by offering 15-30 minute webinars for speakers to introduce their topics. Please contact Kristen Althouse (kalthouse@stma.org) for more information.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Kristen Althouse, STMA Education Manager:
Email: kalthouse@stma.org
Phone: 785-542-9243


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