September 2010



Tolerance and Recovery of Kentucky Bluegrass Subjected to Seasonal Wear

According to research from Rutgers University, Kentucky bluegrass is more tolerant to wear during spring compared to other seasons, and shows better recovery during spring. Click here to read about how the study was used to determine the differences between Kentucky bluegrass cultivars for seasonal performance characteristics.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

Acting Against DiscouragementEwEdServices_logo web.jpg
by John C. Maxwell

It's hard to imagine a time when Samuel L. Jackson wasn't an A-List celebrity, but twenty years ago he was a frustrated, little-known actor who couldn't seem to breakthrough. Despite his prodigious talents, as of his 41st birthday Jackson could claim nothing more notable than a few minor cameos. Intensely discouraged, he turned to cocaine and quickly developed a dependency on the drug. Within a year, he hit rock bottom. When his wife and eight-year old daughter discovered him passed out on the kitchen floor, there was no denying that he had lost control.

After finding Jackson unconscious, his wife LaTanya immediately checked him into a rehabilitation clinic. For the first time, Samuel L. Jackson was forced to face up to his anger and discouragement, and he began to make life changes. To his credit, Jackson submitted himself to the recovery process, and with the encouragement of his family, he was able to break his addiction. Less than twelve months later, he finally achieved stardom for his supporting role in Jungle Fever. From then on, his reputation grew steadily, and his career flourished. Today, he is regarded as one of Hollywood's finest and hardest-working actors.

What can we learn from Samuel L. Jackson's journey? To read the full article, 
click here.

News You Can Use

Field of the Year Applications Due in October

Take pride in your profession and submit your application for STMA Field of the Year and get recognition for your field and respect from your peers. Each and every STMA member has a field that could become Field of the Year and take a place among some of the great athletic venues in the country.

The deadline to submit applications for Field of the Year is October 15, 2010. STMA may present awards in baseball, softball, football, soccer, and sporting grounds categories at the Schools and Parks, College and University, and Professional levels. Click here to download a PDF of the application. It is also available in a Word document here.

Each Field of the Year Award winner is presented with a special plaque at the STMA Awards Banquet, held each year at the STMA Conference and Exhibition. This year, the Awards Banquet will be the evening of Friday, Jan. 14, 2011 in Austin, Texas. In addition to the plaque, each STMA Field of the Year winner will receive free conference registration, three night's lodging at the conference, STMA signature apparel, and a feature article in the official publication of STMA, SportsTurf Magazine.

Contact Patrick Allen, Manager, Sales and Marketing, at if you have questions about the STMA Field of the Year program.

SAFE Scholarship Deadline Approaching

The deadline to apply for a SAFE Scholarship is also October 15, 2010. Last year SAFE, STMA's philanthropic arm, awarded a minimum of $1,000 to eight very deserving recipients. Winners will also receive complimentary registration to the STMA Conference, three nights lodging while at conference and are recognized during STMA's Annual Awards Banquet, Friday, Jan. 14, 2011 in Austin, Texas.

To be eligible to submit an application for a SAFE scholarship, individuals must be a student member of STMA and enrolled in turf management or a related subject with the intention of pursuing sports turf management or research as a career, and have at least one semester of study remaining. Download and print a PDF of the application here. For a Word version, click here.

Grant to be Presented by SAFE, Turface Again for Upcoming Conference

Again for 2010, the SAFE Foundation, will award the Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant, sponsored by Turface Athletics. This $1,000 grant is intended to fund the winner's attendance at the STMA Conference in January. All members of an STMA affiliated chapter are eligible to win, and must be nominated through a letter of recommendation by a National STMA Member.

The deadline to apply for the Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant will be November 15. STMA will provide a complimentary conference registration to the winner, and the winner will be recognized at the association's annual Awards Banquet held at the conference. Click here to download the guidelines and nomination form.

NEW! Fall Athletic Field Maintenance Calendars

The seasonal athletic field maintenance calendars continue with the fall series. STMA has compiled a calendar for each climatic region to outline specific maintenance practices necessary for September, October, and November. These calendars advise timing, amounts, and frequencies to keep your athletic fields in top playing condition. Explanations are also provided as to why each practice is recommended. Click below to view the cool season, warm season, or transition zone calendars.

Cool Season Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar 
Transition Zone Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar
Warm Season Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar

Featured Speakers of the Month

Kowalewski.JPGAlexander Kowalewski is a Research Aide at Michigan State University. On Thursday, January 13, he will be presenting "The Spartan Cap Athletic Field System." This presentation will discuss the process used to develop a built-up sand-capped soil system that is known as the Spartan Cap Athletic Field System. Attendees will learn how this process was developed and the ongoing tests and analyses being used to improve the renovation process. They will also learn how this cost effective renovation technique can be applied to keep a field in play and provide a successful, sustainable playing surface.

LyonsHS.jpgEric Lyons, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science in the Department of Plant Agriculture at the University of Guelph. On Wednesday, January 12, he will be presenting "Managing Athletic Fields without Traditional Pesticides: Cultural, Organic, and Alternative Pest Management." This presentation will discuss current societal views of pesticides and how to cope with use restrictions. Attendees will learn how to move forward with pesticide restrictions using practical management and communication to aid in a successful transition to pesticide free management of athletic fields.

Sports Fields 2nd Edition Sees Strong SalesPuhalla.jpg

The 2nd edition of Sports Fields: A Manual for Design, Construction and Maintenance, released earlier this spring, has been highly sought after, as evidenced by strong sales. The newly updated book is highly illustrated, with step-by-step examination of essential topics such as turfgrass and soil science, sand fields, turf paints, field quality evaluation, and weather preparedness. The book also includes new coverage of environmental stewardship and resource conservation, natural and organic field maintenance, and artificial turf care and maintenance. 

STMA co-published the book with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., one of the top book publishers in specialized professional and trade markets. To order your copy, click on the book's front cover. 

On Your Desk This Month

The STMA conference brochure was mailed at the end of August and should be hitting your inbox this week. It is packed with educational opportunities. To help you plan your time, it also includes a Schedule Builder, and each session is designated with an icon to quickly let you know the session's focus. Attendees also will have access to Best Management Practices (BMPs) and will learn about:

• the latest information on pest control and fertilizer technology for 2011.
• how to implement successful IPM strategies at their facility. 
• current pesticide restrictions and regulations and how to develop a management plan to meet organic standards.
• issues with warm season, cool season, transition zone and synthetic turfgrasses through panels of industry experts answering specific questions.
• construction and renovation techniques to improve athletic fields in a cost effective manner.
• how to positively influence the process of planning, designing and constructing a sports complex so the complex can be properly maintained and managed without excessive use of labor, equipment and materials.
• the anatomy and management of baseball and softball infield skins and how to choose the correct product and manage it effectively.
• specific steps, tools, resources, documentation and communication needed to effectively diagnose and deal with turfgrass related issues and problems.
• the benefits of turfgrass to the environment and human health, and specific best management practices that will enhance the ability of turfgrasses to contribute to sustainable systems.
• maintenance and safety issues associated with synthetic fields and how to overcome them.
• professional skills necessary for success as a sports turf manager including effective employee relations, communication, people management, and various other duties required in the workplace to help cultivate a more productive team and work environment.
• how to implement multifaceted environmental stewardship programs and sustainable practices at sports facilities.
• best management practices for correcting field issues relating to traffic damage, pest problems, nutrient deficiencies, shade problems, and compaction.
• how to use irrigation more efficiently and potential alternative irrigation sources.
• ideas to complement his/her strategy to potentially reduce costs and improve efficiency, safety and playability of sports fields.

On-line registration opens Thurs., September 2nd, but you can register now by printing the registration form, filling it out and faxing it. There is also a Word version of the registration form available here
To view a PDF of the brochure, 
click here.
To book a hotel room, 
click here or call 1-800-HILTONS (445-8667).

Think of A Peer that You Really Respect.

Now, nominate that person for a Founders' Award. STMA gives its highest honors to four individuals who emulate the spirit and dedication of its founders. Dr. William H. Daniel initiated educator and researcher involvement in STMA; Dick Ericson set the bar for professionalism in the industry; George Toma embodies a can-do attitude for the entire grounds crew; and Harry Gill's legendary commitment to the profession and to the success of STMA is renowned. To honor them, STMA has created an award in each of their names. The award is independently judged by the STMA Board of Directors. Because the selection is done by secret ballot, only the STMA CEO knows who has been selected, and the winners are surprised during the STMA Annual Awards banquet.

Help STMA to recognize our strong contributors to the association and to the profession. Nominate someone today using the electronic form or the Word document. For information about each award's criteria, click here.


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