STMA Technical Bulletins:
Sprigging Bermudagrass
Sod Installation

University Resources

Establishing Seeded Bermudagrass on Lawns, Golf Courses, or Athletic Fields - University of Arkansas
Seeding a Turf Area in the Spring - Purdue University
Bermudagrass for Athletic Fields in Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois - Purdue University and University of Illinois
Athletic Field Seeding and Irrigation Tips - Iowa State University
Overseeding Bermudagrass Sports Fields - University of Kentucky
Seeded Bermudagrass - University of Kentucky
Seeding - University of Tennessee
Sodding and Plugging - University of Tennessee
Sprigging - University of Tennessee
Turfgrass Seed - University of Tennessee
Seeding Rate Considerations - University of Massachusetts
Endophye Enhanced Grasses - University of Massachusetts
Understanding a Turfgrass Seed Label - University of Massachusetts
Overseeding - Cornell University
Turfgrass Seed and Seed Mixtures - Penn State University
Calculating the Price of Pure Live Seed - Penn State University

Seeding/Sprigging/Sodding Sessions featured at STMA Conferences
2015 - Cultural Practices & Guidelines for Low Budget Athletic Fields - Brad S. Fresenburg, Ph.D.
2014 - Making the Impossible Possible: Seed to Playing in 35 Days – Julie Adamski, Ryan Bjorn

2011 - Growing Sod in a Parking Lot Brad Jakubowski  

International Resources