Jody Gill, CSFM

Blue Valley School District, Overland Park, KS 

Jody has been building and maintaining sports fields for over 30 years. For the last 21 years, he has been the Grounds Coordinator for the Blue Valley School District in Overland Park, Kansas where he is responsible for 38 schools on 1,300 acres spread over 91 square miles including 105 athletic fields on 200 acres. He was a co-founder of the Mo-Kan Chapter of the STMA and has served in every executive cabinet position. He has served as a Board member for the Missouri Valley Turfgrass Association, Advisory Board Member for the Longview Community College Turf Management Program, numerous STMA committees and task forces, STMA Board member and SAFE Foundation Trustee. His crew earned the STMA Football Field of the Year award in 2004. He became a CSFM in 2009. He has written numerous articles and presented at regional and national conferences. He travels 4-5 weeks each year to paint large grass logos for several professional auto racing series events. Family time includes coaching several sports, camping, fishing and watersports. He lives on Raintree Lake in Lees Summit, Missouri with his wife Tammy. They have 3 children, Erin, Caroline and Curtis.

Vision for STMA:

The STMA is truly an awesome organization. Just think about the impact that the members of this organization have had on sports all over the world. Our skills, abilities and efforts help teams and individuals win State, National and even World Championships. I have been fortunate to have served STMA in many capacities over the years. I would be honored to serve as Secretary/Treasurer and as the first STMA President from the K12 Schools membership category.

Although each of our membership categories are unique and different, we share the common goal of being experts on the field and partners in the game. As an association of professionals, we must strive to be the first place people go to get information on sports field management, environmental responsibility and safer fields. In just a few short years, the tools of our industry have dramatically changed. From transit level and tape measure surveying to rotating laser and now to GPS grading. We are using drones to gather data for 3D mapping and modeling. We are even evaluating crop, tree and turf health using NIR equipped high resolution cameras mounted on GPS controlled drones. Soon we will find amazing new uses for GPS drones at all levels within our industry. We must embrace the new technology and be among the leaders who develop new uses for it and continue to find ways to be more efficient and effective.

The business world is rapidly changing as well. As more sales occur through various outlets provided by social media, will business pull back on trade show budgets? How will this impact STMA revenues? In order to maintain our relevance, fiscal health and continue to be the leader in sports field management, we must have serious conversations about the STMA business and conference model of the future. At the same time, we must continue to adapt and strengthen our collaborative relationships with other professional associations and increase our social media presence to enhance our professionalism and spread our message about playing field quality, sustainability and safety.

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