Schools K- 12 Rep

John Watt, CSFM 

Athletic Field Manager for the North Kansas City Schools. 

He has been an STMA member since 1999 and has served on the Student Challenge, Membership, and Awards Committees.  John obtained his CSFM and Field of the Year winner in 2010. He serves on the Board of Directors for the MOKAN STMA Chapter.  John participates in field upgrades and renovation projects throughout his local community. He has held seminars at his facilities for community groups and enjoys putting in the extra effort for the safety of the athletes.

John received a BS in Plant Science at the University of Missouri in 1999.  While attending the university he worked on the crew for Faurot Field.  Once graduating college, John was assistant groundskeeper for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL for 1999-2006. John and his wife, Shanna resides in Kansas City, MO and have two children, AJ and Kayden.

Vision:  I would like to see the value of the Sports Field Manager increased within organizations.  This can be accomplished through the importance of continued education that STMA has to offer.  There are many local chapters that hold great events and educational seminars.  I am a firm believer that each experience has a learning opportunity to it.  Staying active in your chapters will increase your networking and build some character.  

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