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Sports field management is a business, and like other businesses its managers have challenges with staffing and human resources, leadership, career development, crew training, budget and contract management, etc. STMA has provided links to several resources that you may find helpful in managing your non-turf related operations.


Event Fact Sheet
STMA has developed an Event Fact Sheet template that is easy to fill out and use. All media outlets have the names of their sports editors online. You can find their email addresses and send a personalized email with the Event Fact Sheet attached. Take a few minutes now to fill it out for your next event and garner the respect and recognition that you deserve.

To access the template, click here. First, right click, open the document and save it as a Word Document on your computer so you can use it multiple times. This will save the blank template so you can use it over and over. 

1. Click within each gray box in the template (it will get slightly darker) and enter the requested information. The box will disappear leaving your information perfectly placed.
2. The instructional copy is in red. Be sure to carefully delete all red copy.
3. Delete any questions/fill-in-the-blank areas that do not apply to your field.
4. Then review the fact sheet for spelling errors and spacing.
5. Save it again as either a word document or a pdf on your computer with the specific event name, and you are ready to distribute it. 

Contact STMA, or ph. 800-323-3875, if you need help in filling out the template or with finding your local media contacts.

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Resume/Cover Letter:
5 Tips to Readying Your Resume  

Avoid the Top Three Cover Letter Mistakes!
How to Write Like a Pro

Beware of the Top 5 Interview Mistakes
How to Answer Any Interview Question
Are You "Interview-Ready"?

Communication - Can You Hear Me Now
The Sports Turf Manager as a Crisis Communicator
Effective Email Communication - Taming the Savage Email Beast
How to Write Like a Pro
The Different Ways You Learn to be a More Effective Speaker
Top Ten Steps to Networking
Use the Easiest Non-Verbal Communication Strategy to Enhance Your Professionalism

Impacting an Industry Through Professionalism
Leadership in the Knowledge Economy
Image Alignment
Pride - A Leader's Greatest Problem

In the Workplace:
Employee Engagement: Fostering Employee Engagement with New Employees
Employee Engagement: Fostering Employee Engagement with Long-Term Employees
10 Tips to Better Crew Training
Create a Collaborative Work Environment
Top 10 Strategies to Engage Your Staff
An Easy Strategy To Gain Recognition for Your Work
Promote your Credentials in Your Facility's Sports Program
Developing a Quality Internship Program
Internal Conflict Resolution Guidebook
Looking for Success?  Look No Further Than Your Staff
Making Peace with the Rules: A Guide to Getting Along with Human Resources

Ethics and Product Endorsement
Top 5 Red Flags to Budget Approval
How to Convince Your Employer to Send You to an STMA Conference

Professional Development Sessions Featured at STMA National Conferences:
2013 - STMA 109 - Keeping Your Home Life Growing Speaker: Elizabeth T. Fasbender
2013 - STMA 113 - Hiring the Right Person  Speaker: Patrick McGuiness
2013 - STMA 203 - Managing Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Staff Speaker: Sarah K. Martin, CSFM
2013 - STMA 208 - New Challenges, Take Risks, and Achieve Goals Speakers: Tim VanLoo, CSFM, Mike Andresen, CSFM
2013 - STMA 212 - Communication and the Art of Conflict Resolution Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC
2013 - STMA 218 - Being a NFL Sports Field Manager Speaker: Darian Daily
2013 - STMA 219 – The Uncertain Path to Becoming an MLB Groundskeeper Speakers: Luke Yoder, John Turnour
2013 - STMA 302 - Living with Integrity Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC
2012 - The “Real” Story of Being an NFL Sports Field Manager Speaker: Darian Daily, Paul Brown Stadium
2012 - What it Takes to be a MLB Field Maintenance Manager Speaker: Larry DiVito, Minnesota Twins, Target Field
2012 - Internships: Attracting Great Interns and Landing the Internship of Your Dreams Speaker: Dr. Douglas Linde, Delaware Valley College
2012 - Managing the Problem Employee Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC, New River Valley Community Services (also available as a recorded session here)
2012 - The Certification Process and Why You Should Become Certified Speakers: Mike Andresen, CSFM, Iowa State University, Tim VanLoo, CSFM, Iowa State University (also available as a recorded session here)
2012 - How to Create a Zero Based Operating Budget Speaker: Don Savard, CSFM, CGM, Salesianum School
2011 - Market Yourself and Your Facility Speaker - Eric Fasbender, CSFM (also available as a recorded session here)
2011 - So You Want to be an NFL Sports Field Manager? Speaker - Darian Daily (also available as a recorded session here)
2011 - Field Maintenance is Only a Third of your Job Speaker: Amy Fouty, CSFM (also available as a recorded session here)
2011 - 25 Years as a Sports Turf Manager - What I Wish I Had Known Speaker: Bob Campbell, CSFM (also available as a recorded session here)
2011 - Maximizing Employee Relations Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC


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