Past President

allenjAllen Johnson, CSFM
Green Bay Packers, Green Bay, WI

Allen has been with the Green Bay Packers for 19 seasons. He is a graduate of Penn State's Turfgrass Management Certificate program and holds a Bachelors degree in public administration. He was raised on a dairy farm in upper Michigan and is a veteran of the first Gulf War.

His responsibilities for the Packers include managing Lambeau Field, the team's practice fields, and the associated landscaping. He has been a member of STMA since 2004, and has served on numerous committees and The SAFE Board of Trustees.

Vision for STMA
Having entered the turf management industry with no turf specific work experience or education, I have reaped the benefits of the values that the STMA stands for. The sharing of information, support and advice assisted my efforts in becoming a confident, proven field manager. My vision for the STMA is for it to continue its efforts in being the one-stop-shop for networking and information sharing in our industry.

I would like to see the organization expand the awareness of its existence and make further strides in helping its members enhance their professional image. Our success depends upon being avid learners, building relationships within our organizations, and being able to communicate and influence these decision-makers. STMA can help us by providing the continuing education and resources to gain respect and succeed in our careers. I would also try to assist the STMA in convincing many of my NFL peers to pursue certification. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and offer insight and the perspective of an NFL field manager.




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