Past President

mikegJames Michael Goatley, Jr., Ph.D.
Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA 

Dr. Goatley is a Professor of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences and Extension Turfgrass Specialist at Virginia Tech University, a position he has held for eight years. Prior to that he was a Professor in the department of Plant and Soil Sciences (Golf and Sports Turf Management curriculum) at Mississippi State University for 16 years. He received the MSU College of Agricultural and Life Sciences "Excellence in Teaching Award" in 2002, and the MSU Undergraduate Advising Award in 2001, and the National Academic Advising Association Advising Award in 2002. He received STMA's William H. Daniels Founders Award in 2008.

Mike was elected to the STMA Presidency in 2012. He held the President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer positions prior to that and served two years as the Academic Director.  He chaired the Conference Education Committee for two years, and served on STMA's Certification Committee. As President he leads the Board of Directors in guiding STMA. He is a technical advisor to the Virginia STMA chapter, for which he is a presenter at its annual field days. He also organizes and leads the sports turf educational sessions at the Virginia Turfgrass Conference.


Vision for STMA:
I envision continued, sustained growth for STMA with an increasing emphasis on international growth in our membership. The current size and stability of our association provides us wonderful opportunities to establish and expand linkages with international sports turf managers in the near future. We share many of the same challenges and have much to learn from each other, irrespective of where we reside.

I also envision an increased focus from STMA on the recruitment of our next generation of sports turf managers. The development of both informational and educational outreach programs that specifically target young men and women in secondary schools will bring new faces and new ideas to our industry.

Finally, I expect STMA to continue the advancement of professionalism, visibility, and recognition of sports turf managers from all segments of our industry. Continuing urban growth results in an ever-increasing demand for safe, playable athletic facilities for a diverse population. STMA will serve as the leader in ensuring that highly trained sports turf managers capable of delivering a cost-effective, quality playing surface in an environmentally responsible manner are always available.

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