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STMA members’ goal is to manage sports field playing surfaces to the safest level possible. Educated and experienced, our sports turf managers care of the playing surfaces helps to protect athletes from injury at all levels of play -- from pee wee to professional.

They also work to provide beautiful fields for the fans for a great game day experience.

Overuse of sports fields can cause unsafe playing conditions. It is very important to follow the guidelines of your sports turf manager for rotating and resting fields and respect the closure of fields due to weather or wear.

STMA recommends that athletic fields be managed by a professional sports turf manager. Their knowledge, skills and abilities can help protect young athletes from injury caused by unsafe playing surfaces. If you need to hire a sports turf manager, click here to see a job description. STMA offers free postings of job openings. Send your open position to

STMA understands that parent groups, coaches and volunteers may be responsible for helping to maintain fields. We have developed several resources that may be of interest to you.

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