October 2010



Winter Management and Recovery Tips to Optimize Athletic Field Safety and Performance for Spring Sports

Taking proper care of your field in the fall is vital if your goal is to have a safe, playable field in the spring. Essential practices such as fertility, aeration, topdressing, seeding/sodding, pest control, and traffic control are discussed in detail to help you understand why each is necessary. Recommendations are provided for how to successfully implement each practice. 
Click here to learn how you can properly prepare your field for the winter ahead.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

The Problem with GoalsEwEdServices_logo web.jpg

here are problems with goals. Suggesting that is heresy to many.

Goal setting has been such an important concept in the vernacular of success that some have come to view it as sacred. Goals are good, but there are some often ignored downsides. Technology is good but can be used for bad. Food is good, but eat too much of even the best foods, and you'll experience problems. Once you know about the risks, you can deal with them. To read the rest of the article, click here.

News You Can Use

Misplaced your Membership Certificate?

STMA issues a membership certificate at the time a new member joins and does not resend a new one each year. However, if you have lost or misplaced your certificate, you can certainly request a new one. Call STMA Headquarters at 800-323-3875, and we will send out a replacement certificate. Many members frame their certificates and display them in their offices to call attention to their professionalism. 

Try It, Before You Buy it Kicks Off

STMA is officially kicking off a membership drive today, Oct. 1. Anyone who is interested and involved in the sports field management industry can sign up to try a membership, for free, now until Dec. 31. This membership has full benefits (except voting) with access to the members-only side of 
www.STMA.org. Full page ads in Athletic Management, Parks and Recreation, Interscholastic Athletic Administrator and SportsTurf magazines are promoting the program. Nearly 6,000 postcards about the program also have been mailed and more than 25,000 parks and recreation professionals and school field maintenance personnel are receiving a special electronic newsletter. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this trial membership, please direct them to the Try it Before You Buy itbutton on the STMA homepage.

Do You, or Someone You Know, Deserve an Award? Don't miss the Oct. 15 Deadline!

STMA has a rich awards program that offers opportunities for you to enter or to nominate someone. Don't miss out because you have missed the Oct. 15 deadline. Take a few minutes today to nominate a peer, or finalize your Field of the Year entry.

Founders Awards: Nominate a peer who has impacted the sports turf profession. Each of the four Founders awards recognize someone who has made a difference in the industry. To see the criteria for the four awards, and to easily nominate someone on-line, 
click here. The Winners are announced at the STMA annual awards banquet, which is Jan. 14, 2011 in Austin.

Field of the Year: Enter your field to be recognized as a 2010 Field of the Year. STMA Field of the Year Awards may be presented in baseball, softball, football, soccer, or sporting grounds. For information on the awards' criteria, and to fill out the form in a Word document 
click here. Recipients will be selected by the STMA Awards Committee and recognized at the STMA annual awards banquet. Winners will also receive complimentary conference registration, three nights hotel, signature clothing, awards plaque, and promotion through SportsTurf magazine and press releases.

Terry Mellor Grant: This continuing education grant, sponsored by Turface through the SAFE Foundation, is for the winner to use to attend the STMA National Conference. Nominate someone through a brief letter of recommendation and by submitting 
this form. In addition to the $1,000 grant money, the winner will receive a complimentary registration to the STMA conference.

Student Scholarship Applications are due Oct. 15

Students in two year and four year collegiate turfgrass programs are encouraged to apply for an STMA scholarship. More than $12,000 is given annually to students who are planning a career in the sports turf industry. For a list of the materials that make up the Scholarship Application, 
click here. All materials must be submitted together and STMA does not accept faxed applications. The STMA Scholarship Committee independently scores the applications and the winners will be notified in mid-November. In addition to the financial award, each winner receives a complimentary registration to the STMA conference, three nights hotel accommodations and recognition at the STMA Awards Banquet.

Commercial Companies - Show us Your Innovations!

STMA's Innovative Awards Program recognizes companies that improve the sports turf management profession. If you are an STMA Commercial Member and exhibiting at the upcoming 2011 Conference and Exhibition, any product, service, equipment or technology you have introduced since the 2010 show is eligible for an Innovative Award. Your entry should enhance the effectiveness of the sports turf manager or make a playing surface safer and more playable for athletes, or both!

A panel of non-commercial STMA members representing all segments of membership will judge the entries and may give the award to multiple companies that meet the criteria.

Winner(s) will be kept confidential until announced during the first day of the STMA Trade Show. Winner(s) will be able to use a special logo in their promotion of the winning innovation. STMA will publicize the winners through its communication vehicles, STMA press releases, signage at the conference and with special recognition during the Annual Awards Banquet.

Click here to complete the simple entry form. Submittals must be sent electronically to STMA by Oct. 15.

Featured Speakers of the Month

MunozHS.JPGMarcela Munoz is an Agronomy Engineer and Graduate Student at The Ohio State University. On Thursday, January 13, she will be presenting "Topdressing with Compost, A More Sustainable and Affordable Alternative." This presentation will focus on how compost can be used as topdressing for athletic fields. Using research results from Ohio State University, attendees will learn how compost contributes to sustainability and playability of a sports field by providing compaction relief, overall turf quality improvement, improved soil-plant environment, and soil health improvement.

Richardson.JPGMichael Richardson, Ph.D. is a Professor at the University of Arkansas. On Wednesday, January 12, he will be presenting, "New Technology: Gadgets and Gizmos" with Dr. Doug Karcher. This presentation will cover several technologies that may be used by field managers to more accurately monitor issues such as soil moisture, salinity, light levels, and nutrient levels.

On Friday, January 14, Dr. Richardson will be presenting "Integrating Seeded Bermudagrasses into a Sports Turf Program." This presentation will cover over a decade of seeded bermudagrass research, including improved cultivars that are available, methods to convert existing fields to seeded bermudagrass, and methods to improve the conditions of existing fields with seeded bermudagrass. Attendees will learn how to improve playability and save money at their facility by integrating improved seeded bermudagrasses into their management program.

Be sure to check out the Speaker Presentations and Biographies on the 2011 Conference page. As we get closer to the conference, speaker presentations will be available for you to view prior to, during, and after the conference. To check out the speaker biographies,click here.

NEW STMA Educational Bulletin - Compost Applications to Sports Fields

Compost can improve physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils or growing media. This bulletin discusses the many benefits associated with compost, testing procedures and acceptable ranges to assist in helping you choose a compost material, types of composting that may be effective for your sports facility, and how to successfully use compost in turf applications. 
Click here to learn how compost can benefit your field management program.

STMA Podcast - Fall Field Renovation

Jeff Fowler, Cooperative Extension Director with Penn State University, recorded STMA's first podcast on Fall Field Renovation. Jeff highlights important fall maintenance practices including fertilization, aerification, topdressing, overseeding, sodding, and mowing. He discusses the benefits of including each practice into your fall field maintenance program, as well as recommendations for timing and amounts. 
Click here to learn how to keep your field in top playing condition during the fall.

SAFE Seeks Donations for Live, Silent Auctions

After a resoundingly successful series of auctions at the last several STMA Conferences, the Foundation for Safer Athletic Field Environments (SAFE) is running out of donations to put in the live and silent auctions in Austin. Some years ago, STMA members made significant donations of memorabilia for use until the auctions gained traction... and boy have they ever! Headed up by SAFE Chairman Boyd Montgomery, CSFM, CSE and Auction Chairman Tom Curran, the events at the Conference each year have helped raise more than $50,000 so far for SAFE. Last year, the SAFE and STMA Board instituted an exciting new way to help SAFE raise money- by selling lottery style pull-tab tickets which generated more than $1,900 in sales. They will be selling tickets again down in Austin, so be ready... there were some $500 winners last year!

As the 501(c)3 arm of STMA, SAFE's current mission is to provide research, educational programs, and scholarships geared to sports field specific endeavors. Since its inception in the year 2000, SAFE has awarded more than $150,000 in scholarships and travel, funded several research studies and provided funds for the two year and four year teams winning the STMA Student Challenge.

Now, we need you and/or your company to donate memorabilia, product, team gear, equipment, services, travel, wine, gift certificates, golf outings or anything else that can help SAFE surpass its fundraising goals. Items previously donated have included tickets to NASCAR races, expensive equipment and palates of product, Garmin GPS units, Nintendo Wii's, autographed memorabilia, and much more. Donations may be tax deductible, but each donor should consult their tax advisor regarding the deductibility of a given donation.

To make a donation, simply contact STMA Manager of Sales and Marketing, Patrick Allen at 800-323-3875 or pallen@stma.org. Thank you in advance for your generous support of this wonderful foundation and we look forward to seeing you in Austin!


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