November 2010


Seedling Emergence of Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass as Affected by Two Seed Coating Techniques

Seed coating technologies have been used in the agricultural and horticultural industries to deter insects and fungi, incorporate beneficial microbes, enhance seed handling characteristics, and improve germination and seedling establishment. Click here to read how seed coating technologies on tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass were evaluated for germination time and total germination percentage.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

How to Overcome InhibitionEwEdServices_logo web.jpg
Jeremie Kubicek

Friends, I have a confession to make. At times I am inhibited to act on the dreams and visions that I have for a greater future.

Inhibition is a dangerous concept. To be inhibited is to be limited and limited is never a way to live or lead.

Inhibition is different than prohibition. Being prohibited is to not be allowed to do something. Inhibition is to not allow yourself to do something. Prohibition is from an outside force. Inhibition is limitation from the inside.

To find out how to overcome your inhibition, click here.

News You Can Use

Conference Is Right Around the Corner... Start Planning Now!

The way the upcoming STMA Conference falls on the calendar, it is getting closer to the hectic days right around the beginning of the year. Gatherings with family and friends, shopping, and everything else that makes the holidays so delightful... and stressful! Relieve some of that stress by registering for STMA's Conference and Exhibition before December 15.

If you register by then, you will even save some money that can be used for gifts, because early registrants save $75! You and another person from your facility can save even more by both registering at the same time. Everyone, yes everyone, after the first person from a facility gets an additional $50 discount per person! See the Registration Form or go to for more details.

Some of the new things taking place at conference this year include:

   • A new Schedule Builder and Trip Report. Use these tools to help you plan and accurately report your learning and expenses for the entire conference. They could be very useful to help justify to your employer why this is a must attend event for you and your staff. 
Click here to download these handy worksheets.  Also, click here for a Word version of the Trip Report.
   • A new Hole-in-One promotion at the SAFE Golf Tournament sponsored by Jacobsen. Prizes for an ace will be a set of golf clubs, a $1,000 Greg Norman shopping spree, a Bose Radio, and $10,000 cash, depending on the hole you... yes, YOU... hit it in the jar on.
   • The STMA Innovative Awards will be announced on the Trade Show floor at 5:00 pm on Thursday. These new Awards will be presented to STMA Commercial Member Companies who submitted a product, service or piece of equipment that was deemed to "enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sports Turf Manager in the interest of making playing surfaces safer and more playable for athletes." 
    New interactive Roundtable sessions on Friday afternoon. These nine sessions, covering industry hot button issues, will provide additional networking opportunities to ask your burning questions, meet presenters from the Conference and the 2010 and 2011 STMA Board of Directors.

As you can see, there are a lot of new things happening at the Conference in Austin. But these are just some of the fun, and highly valuable, educational and networking events. For more information, go to or call 800-323-3875.

Try It Before You Buy It Going Strong

But STMA needs your help to keep it that way! Send anyone and everyone you think could benefit by joining STMA to and have them click the Try It Before You Buy It button on the right hand side of the page. This is a great opportunity for them to take a "test drive" of the website and see what an amazing resource STMA can be for them in their day-to-day work. There is absolutely no obligation to them for this trial membership which expires on Jan. 1, 2011.

Want to make it really easy on yourself? Simply cut and paste the link and copy below into an email and hit send. It's that easy.


Hello! I think that STMA has some really great benefits and information that you can take advantage of for free for the rest of 2010! Just go to and sign-up for their Try It Before You Buy It membership list.

2011 Board Slate Set - Cast Your Vote

The Nominating Committee is presenting the 
2011 Slate of Candidates to the Membership. The ballot for the STMA 2010 Board of Directors election will be mailed mid-November. All STMA voting members will receive one via US Mail. However, you can cast your vote via e-mail, fax or US mail - just follow the instructions on the ballot.

Once you receive your ballot, please take a few minutes to access the candidate's biographies on the website. By participating in the election process, you will help to strengthen the governance of STMA. Please vote for the leadership of your association!

Renew Your Membership On Line

STMA members can renew their 2011 membership on-line. Log on to the Members-Only page, at, and the link to renew your membership will pop up. Click on the link and easily renew your STMA national and chapter memberships for 2011. A receipt will be sent automatically to your inbox so that you can submit it to your employer for reimbursement. If you have training or miscellaneous dollars left in your 2010 budget, apply those dollars now to next year's membership and continue to receive uninterrupted benefits.

Defending Your Turf

If you have ever had an adverse situation at your sports facility that could result in media attention, you must read this bulletin. Authored by Dr. Max Utsler, a journalism professor at the University of Kansas and a former TV journalist, this 
short tutorial provides practical information about how to respond in a crisis to the media.

Featured Speakers of the Month

Hurley.jpgJanet Hurley, MPA is an Extension Program Specialist - School IPM for the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. On Wednesday, January 12, she will be part of "Sports Turf Pest Control Update for 2011" with Dr. James Brosnan, Dr. David Shetlar, and Dr. David Han. Her portion of the presentation will focus on school IPM laws and administrative requirements, as well as current state requirements, federal legislation and other initiatives. Attendees will be able to determine how to put an IPM program in place depending on school IPM rules.

Hoiberg.jpgAndrew Hoiberg is a Ph.D. student and Research Associate at Iowa State University. On Friday, January 14, he will be presenting "Research You Can Use: Seedbanking, Seeding Rates, and Increased Nitrogen Fertility." This presentation will focus on research at Iowa State University exploring increased seeding rates, increased fertility rates, and potentiality of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass to form transient seedbanks in athletic field situations. Seeding once versus seeding multiple times through the season and how these schedules affect turf cover will also be discussed.

Andrew and Dr. David Minner will be presenting a Roundtable Discussion on Friday, January 14. "Seed Banks, Seed Rates, and Nitrogen Fertility" will cover seeding research being conducted at Iowa State University. The discussion will explore increased seeding rates, increased fertility rates, and seedbanks in athletic field situations.



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