April is National Lawncare Month

Promote the benefits of natural grass during April. National Lawncare Month offers the ideal opportunity for sports field managers to highlight the benefits of natural grass in their communities.

• Volunteer to speak at local service clubs, such as Kiwanis, garden clubs, philanthropic organizations, etc., giving tips on how to best maintain a natural grass lawn and be a good environmental steward
• Organize a neighborhood cleanup day focusing on open areas and parks and use this opportunity to explain good management practices
• Post a notice at your facility promoting national lawncare month
• Do a lunch and learn session for those outside of your department about maintenance tips for a healthy lawn (and field)
• Remind patrons at your sporting events about the benefits of natural grass by providing handouts or using the scoreboard to promote good management
• Write an article for your facility about the importance of a well-managed natural grass surface.

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