Finish 2016 with 4 FREE Webinars

The 2017 Conference Education Program is packed full of exciting and informative presentations, and we have condensed many of them to free Webinars!
Speakers have volunteered to present short 15-30 minute webinars prior to the conference as an introduction to their education session. Don't miss this great opportunity to prepare for conference education sessions! Only 50 people can take part in the live webinar, so make sure to register early. Webinars will be recorded and available for On-Demand access in STMA's Webinar Library.
Webinars will continue through January. You can register now for the following webinars in December (and there are two available in January!)
Polymer Coated Fertilizer: Takes a Beating and Keeps on Feeding with Dr. Eric Miltner on December 8 at 10 am EST – Register Here

#WeedWatch2017 - Things to Watch for in Weed Management This Year with Dr. Jim Brosnan on December 14 at 1 pm EST – Register Here

Warm-Season Sports Turf Weed Management with Dr. Jay McCurdy on December 15 at 12 pm EST – Register Here

Sports Turf Management, Past, Present, Future with Bob Campbell, CSFM on December 20 at 11 am EST – Register Here

A Spring and Summer Renovation Plan with Pamela Sherratt on January 4 at 1 pm EST – Register Here

Don't Let Water Restrictions Strike You Out with Dr. Bryan Hopkins and Dr. Kelly Kopp on January 12 at 12 pm EST – Register Here

Access recorded webinars On-Demand in the Webinar Library
What About the Micronutrients? - Dr. Nick Christians
A Break Through Approach to Human Growth and Leadership Development - Phil Eason
Why Every Turf Manager Should Consider Using PGRs - Ben Polimer

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