The ‘Cheer’ that all professionals need to know

We all cheer on our favorite sports teams. Those who work in sports field management have a responsibility to do a different kind of a cheer.

This is a cheer to promote the profession to potential students. You are in the best position to speak to high school students and to share the sports turf management profession.

Career counselors and students may not know that this profession exists. Contact your local high school today and find out when they are holding career days and get involved. If they do not have one, contact the science teacher and offer to teach a lesson on turfgrass science. If formalized teaching is not for you, influence younger kids – sports teams you coach, scouting troops you lead, or offer your sports facility to be the site of a field trip for your local grade school – wherever you intersect.

Take a proactive role to help grow interest in this profession so that it has a healthy amount of young people pursuing it as their career of choice.

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