Founders Winners 2016

Every year STMA awards its "Founders Awards", the highest honors in the industry. The four awards, named after STMA's founders, were presented during the STMA annual awards banquet on Jan. 22. Members nominate worthy candidates and the STMA Board independently votes on those who were submitted. Winners names are kept confidential until announced.

One of STMA's two living founders, Dick Ericson, attended the conference and helped to present the award named after him. STMA's other living founder, George Toma, was unable to attend; he was working his 50th Superbowl.

Recipients include:

• Dick Ericson Award: Michael Buras, CSFM, Longwood Cricket Club
• George Toma Golden Rake Award: Ben Polimer, Town of Weston
• William H. Daniel Award: Mary Owen, University of Massachusetts Amherst
• Harry C. Gill Award: Michael Goatley, Ph.D., Virginia Tech University

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