Access 2016 Conference Education

STMA partnered with IntelliQuest Media again to record educational sessions at the 2016 conference. Recorded sessions are available through an On-Line Library where users can have access to education at any time throughout the year. The Library features recorded presentations, speaker biographies, and presentation slides and handouts. The Library is accessible on portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, and other tablet devices.

Full conference attendees have free, unlimited, lifetime access to the Online Library. Look for an email with a link and instructions to access the recordings. Conference attendees also have the option of upgrading to a thumb drive hard copy for $50.

Conference recordings are also available to benefit those unable to attend the conference. Price for an all access subscription to the On-Line Library is $159 for all non-qualified registrants and non-attendees. Thumb drives are also available for $199 to those interested in a hard copy backup to the online content.

These recordings benefit conference attendees unable to make it to concurrent sessions and sports turf managers unable to make it to the conference. The recordings are also valuable as a refresher throughout the year for sports turf managers to stay current and educated in the industry. Make sure to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to enhance your education and stay current with industry trends and research!

Access the On-Line Library

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