Stay Current with Sports Turf Research!

Learn about the latest research taking place across the country by visiting STMA's website. Under "Latest Research" in the Knowledge Center, you can find a list of the agronomic research pertaining to sports field management being conducted at colleges and universities.

The 2016 STMA Conference will feature a University Research Panel on Friday, January 22 from 8-10 am. Thirteen academic experts will take part in the panel to discuss the current sports turf research they are conducting. Following the presentation, the panelists will break out for roundtable discussions with attendees.

Each month we will feature a panelist and the research he/she is conducting to benefit the sports turf industry. Dr. Brad Fresenburg will be participating on the panel and presenting information on fraze mowing and its impact on spring dead spot. Click here to read more about the research.

The panel and the website serve to keep you up to date on how sports field management is progressing so you can apply the latest research to your fields and facility.

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