Featured Speakers of the Month

Each month speakers presenting at the 2016 National STMA Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, California will be featured. Don't miss the educational opportunities offered at the conference!

Ryan Adams
is Lecturer and Turfgrass Extension Associate at Iowa State University. On Wednesday, January 20, he will be presenting "Managing "The Field" Within the Field." This presentation will address site-specific management strategies in high traffic and worn areas. Attendees will learn the theory behind "don't be bare" (seed-banking techniques and grow-in) as well as, the importance of field rotations, fertility (primarily N, K), and topdressing/aerification requirements. Information will also be presented on the importance of communication between the field manager, administrator, coach, and band director.

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CWaltzDr. Clint Waltz is a Professor-Turfgrass Specialist at University of Georgia and Mark Holder is Parks Coordinator for Roswell Recreation and Parks Department. On Tuesday, January 19, they will be presenting "Developing and Implementing Best Management Practices for Sports Field Water Conservation." This workshop will highlight the importance of water conservation as it pertains to sports field maintenance practices. This is a critical issue that must succeed through ongoing education and development of best management practices (BMPs) specific to turfgrass water conservation. The advantages of the BMPs approach with their direct impact on irrigation, cultivation, fertility practices, and pest management will be presented. Other topics which will be discussed are turfgrass selection, irrigation audits, alternative water sources, case studies, application and implementation, and financial impact on the facilities and players. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have initiated the process of drafting a water conservation program specific to their sports field facilities and will have the resources to complete the BMPs for sports field water conservation.

The Water track at the conference is sponsored by Rainbird.

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