Featured Speakers of the Month

Each month speakers presenting at the 2015 National STMA Conference and Exhibition in Denver, Colorado will be featured. Don't miss the educational opportunities offered at the conference!

On Friday, January 16, four short Innovative Sessions will be presented on the Trade Show Floor.

The first speaker, Shane Conroy from Spectrum Technologies, will be presenting "Using Soil Moisture Meters to Make More Informed Irrigation Decisions." This presentation will outline how water affects turf health, how to effectively monitor soil moisture levels using different methods, and how to use this information to make better irrigation decisions. The presentation will help groundskeepers and turfgrass managers make more informed irrigation decisions based on real-time soil moisture measurements.


Next, Mike Hebrard from Athletic Field Design will present "2 Hour Infield Renovation." This presentation will cover the basic procedures involved to renovate baseball infields. Topics of discussion will include acquiring equipment, application strategies to suit timing and region, working around game schedules, managing a labor force, and methods for achieving quality results.

The third Innovative Session will feature Alexander Duffy from Aquatrols speaking about "Surfactant Effects on a Municipal Sports Field." This presentation will cover the results of a multi-year, multi-product field trial performed on three soccer fields and one softball field in New Jersey. The field trial focused on surfactant use and how they relate to water savings.

The final Innovative Session features Bruce Jump and Aaron Johnsen from WinField. They will be presenting "Using Insight Tools to Drive Decision Making Technology." New technology including the GEO TECH and TURF TECH 5.0 Insight tools that can be used to measure turfgrass quality will be introduced to sports turf managers. A demonstration on how fact based decision making can support professionals in the field will be included.

Troy M. Kimmel, Jr. is a Senior Lecturer, Studies in Weather and Climate in the Department of Geography and the Environment – University of Texas at Austin. On Wednesday, January 14, he will be presenting "Lightning – What We Do (and Don't) Know". This session will address the basics of lightning including the atmospheric environments that produce it and how it develops. Focusing on people that work outside and/or people that have outdoor operations, we will talk about how to be proactive and to remain safe when thunderstorms and lightning threaten.

After attending this session, attendees will understand that:

1 – While we have a pretty good knowledge of lightning and its dangers, it is still quite mysterious and there are things we don't know (like where it is going to strike exactly!!).
2 – One of those things we do know...lightning does NOT kill everyone it strikes. While thousands of people in the USA directly or indirectly feel the effects of lightning, every year, the death toll, on average, is less than 75.
3 – Lightning preparedness, awareness and safety is especially important for people that work outside or have operations that might be affected.

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