3 Professional Development Tips for Career Advancement

Source: http://www.localjobnetwork.com/a/t-professional-development-tips-for-career-advancement-au-white,-mary-g.-articles-a4806.html 

Here are a few professional development ideas that can help you prepare for the career advancement and success that you want to achieve:

• Master Technology - Make a point of becoming an expert user of technology that is relevant to your career field. You'll position yourself as forward thinking while developing skills that can make you an invaluable employee.

• Improve Communication Skills - If you want to prepare to step up to management, take advantage of every opportunity to become a more effective communicator. Remember: Your technical skills might help you stand out as a management candidate, but it's your communication skills that will put you over the top and enable you to become successful.
• Seek Leadership Roles - What better way to show your company that you are someone who is ready to move up that by actively seeking out leadership roles on workplace committees and task forces.

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