Promote the Value of Hosting Events

Sports turf managers are in the event business. Whether you are preparing your field for the city's rival football game, or a weekend baseball tournament for dozens of out-of-town teams, hosting events provides tremendous value to your facility and to your community. Consider the media attention that professional sports receive. Your event deserves similar recognition. Local newspapers, radio and television stations are interested, but you need to reach out and supply information to them or to the person in your organization that is responsible for communicating with the media.

STMA has developed an Event Fact Sheet template that is easy to fill out and use. All media outlets have the names of their sports editors online. You can find their email addresses and send a personalized email with the Event Fact Sheet attached. Take a few minutes now to fill it out for your next event and garner the respect and recognition that you deserve.

To access the template, click here. First, right click, open the document and save it as a Word Document on your computer so you can use it multiple times. This will save the blank template so you can use it over and over.

1. Click within each gray box in the template (it will get slightly darker) and enter the requested information. The box will disappear leaving your information perfectly placed.
2. The instructional copy is in red. Be sure to carefully delete all red copy.
3. Delete any questions/fill-in-the-blank areas that do not apply to your field.
4. Then review the fact sheet for spelling errors and spacing.
5. Save it again as either a word document or a pdf on your computer with the specific event name, and you are ready to distribute it.

Contact STMA, or ph. 800-323-3875, if you need help in filling out the template or with finding your local media contacts.

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