Commercial Companies - Apply for an Innovative Award

All commercial companies that are exhibiting at the 2014 STMA Annual Conference & Exhibition are invited to submit an entry to be recognized as an Innovative Award Winner. The criteria to apply includes:

• Display the innovation in its booth and have introduced it for sale between the close of the 2013 STMA show and the close of the 2014 show.
• One submittal per company
• The innovation must substantially enhance the effectiveness of the sports turf manager and/or make the surfaces safer and more playable for athletes.
When determining the product, equipment, service or technology to submit, consider the following explanation of "innovative""
• is cutting edge
• has never been seen


Innovative products can also help make the task easier or more productive, improve quality and efficiency, protect the environment and save time and resources.

Fill out the application here. The deadline to submit is Oct. 15. Winner(s) will be kept confidential until announced during the first day of the trade show, Jan. 23, 2014. Winner(s) can use the special logo seen here in their promotion of the winning innovation and will receive recognition in the trade show hall, during the Awards banquet and post conference in STMA's media releases.

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