Green Source, Inc. Receives 2013 STMA Award for Commercial Innovation

On Jan. 17, 2013, during the opening day of the trade show hall at STMA's 24th Annual Conference and Exhibition, STMA Commercial Director James Graff (Graff's Turf Farms) and Commercial Vice President Rene Asprion (Diamond Pro/TXI) presented the 2013 STMA Award for Commercial Innovation to Green Source, Inc. The award was for their product SideKick, an innovation judged by the STMA Awards Committee to substantially enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the sports turf manager, and make playing surfaces safer and more playable for athletes. Green Source received an award on the trade show floor, signage to be placed in their booth, and will have use of the 2013 Innovative Award logo for use with the SideKick.

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