STMA Members to Vote on Bylaws

Included with the election ballot will be a Bylaws change presented to the membership. All changes to the Bylaws must be voted on by the STMA voting membership. To pass, an amendment must have the approval of a majority of members casting ballots.

The Bylaws changes are twofold: adding an honorary classification of membership to the voting and non voting classifications and the renumbering of the Bylaws due to this change. STMA has always had honorary and lifetime categories of membership. But, these were under the voting classification and allowed its members to vote and hold office. There are situations where this can be problematic. For example, a past president is always made an honorary member at the conclusion of his/her presidential service. The Bylaws language allowed the past president to hold office again and to vote. This is in direct conflict with a past president who obtains employment in the commercial sector. Thus, the addition of an Honorary Classification of Membership allows the employment status of a member to determine if he/she can vote and hold office. Click here to view the Bylaws changes.

The Bylaws Committee made this final recommendation to the STMA Board of Directors at its recent fall meeting to present these changes to the membership. The Board unanimously approved them. The Bylaws Committee is chaired by Mike Trigg, CSFM; its members include Jesse Driver, CSFM, Mary Owen, Scott Pippen, David Reiss, and Troy Smith, CSFM.

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