STMA Adopts Environmental Policy Statement

At the Fall Board Meeting, the STMA Board of Directors adopted an Environmental Policy Statement that includes an environmental mission, vision, principles and goals. This policy lays the groundwork for STMA’s efforts in developing environmental programs for members and in creating partnerships with other organizations.

The statement was developed by the Environmental Committee during the previous eight months under the leadership of Chairman Kevin Trotta. Members of the committee include Pam Driver, Beth Guertal, Ph.D., Mark Lucas, Scott MacVicar, David Minner, Ph.D., Kevin Mercer, Paul Patterson, Jim Sluiter, John Sorochan, Ph.D., Gwen Stahnke, Ph.D., Mike Tarantino, CSFM, Waldo Terrell, Vickie Wallace, Clint Waltz, Ph.D., and Rich Watson. The Committee’s next steps are to develop action plans that will provide a roadmap to achieving the set goals.

ENVIRONMENTAL VISION STATEMENT: An environmentally sustainable sports field industry for present and future generations.

ENVIRONMENTAL MISSION STATEMENT: To practice and promote environmental stewardship and education in the management of sports fields and facilities.


Education is a key to continued improvements in environmental performance
Leadership means performance beyond compliance
Sustainability is not an established set of practices. It’s a goal.
Natural resource stewardship benefits current and future generations
We can reduce, reuse and recycle
Prosperity and pollution can be disconnected
Sports turf provides communities with social and economic benefits
Appropriately managed turfgrass enhances air and water quality
Best Management Practices are tools for reduced environmental impact
IPM affords a sensible approach to managing turfgrass pests
Trends in equipment and vehicle development promise continued reduction in environmental impact


Sustainability - Ecologically compatible, socially desirable and economically viable sports turf
To advance environmental awareness and provide educational opportunities for sports field managers
Pursue alliances and collaborations that foster the STMA’s Environmental Mission
Encourage participation in stewardship and certification programs
Openly communicate our actions and intentions
Encourage research that integrates environmental stewardship and sports field management
Continual improvement in STMA’s environmental performance and leadership

STMA members are invited to use these principles as appropriate and promote their stewardship within their facilities and their communities.

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