Natural Grass Resources

Natural Grass Resources

Eight Benefits of Natural Grass
Five Ways to Successfully Manage Natural Grass Fields Year-After-Year
Sports Turf Managers Association - Resources that Help to Achieve Goals for Natural Grass Sports Fields

Benefits of Natural Grass Athletic Fields
PowerPoint Presentation - Benefits of Natural Grass Athletic Fields
      - Customize for presenting to PTAs, parent groups, school boards, park boards, etc.

A Guide to Synthetic and Natural Turfgrass for Sports Fields - Selection, Construction and Maintenance Considerations

How to Measure and Manage Surface Hardness on Natural Turf Athletic Fields - Penn State's Center for Sports Surface Research

STMA teamed up with Athletic Management to produce a three-edition, interactive, Guide to Grass Field Maintenance. This Guide contains an annual plan and valuable tips to help you develop and maintain high-quality, safe grass playing fields for your athletic teams.

Vol. 1 - The importance of a year-round management plan.


Vol. 2 - Grass selection—part 1, pest control and water issues

Vol. 3 - Fall/winter prep, grass selection—part 2, heavily used fields, snow removal


Field Management Bulletins:

Maintaining Athletic Fields on a Limited Budget
Field Scheduling
Management Schedules

Seasonal Maintenance Calendars (you must be an STMA member to view these resources - Member Log In):
     - Cool-Season Annual Maintenance Calendar
     - Transition Zone Annual Maintenance Calendar
     - Warm-Season Annual Maintenance Calendar

Environmental Benefits of Turfgrass - Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation

The Benefits of Turf - Ohio State University

Live on Turfgrass - Learn the facts about turf's benefits - BASF

Promoting the Value of Green Space - Project Evergreen

STMA & Buffalo Communications Telling the Association's Natural Grass Story
     3 part article series on Benefits of Natural Grass

Peer Organizations
     Turfgrass Producers International

    The Lawn Insitute
    Project Evergreen

Allen Johnson, CSFM and his crew with a behind the scenes video of Lambeau Field

International Resources