Minnesota Chapter

Minnesota Chapter Events

The Minnesota Chapter has a new name, they are now the Minnesota Park and Sports Turf Managers Association!

For information on the Minnesota Chapter, or upcoming events, visit the Chapter website at www.mpstma.org or contact Ben Wallin at (763) 258-4995 or by email at bwallin@nscsports.org. 

Minnesota Chapter helps the Community.

Community Service Project


Does your baseball/softball field need to be renovated? 
Who do you call? 
What do you need to do?

MSTMA has the answer... 
We will select a field from entries submited and provide the labor for the renovation project. 
Materials will be donated or provided at a reduced cost.

Volunteers from your organization will be needed to complete the renovation project 
as well as to care for field after renovations are complete.

Possible Renovation Ideas: 
Mounds, Homeplate, Skinned Areas, Grass Edges, 
Grass Areas, Dug Outs, Base Anchors, Layout/Dimensions

250-500 word essay answering the question, 
"Why do you think the MSTMA should renovate your baseball/softball field?" 
Name of Organization 
User Group (Girls/Boys and Softball/Baseball/T-Ball/etc.) 
Description of Field 
Contact Name 
Contact Address 
Contact Phone 
Contact Email Address

Email or mail an entry to the MSTMA Chapter Office 
Entry Deadline: TBA 
MSTMA Chapter Office, 3900 Bethel Drive, St. Paul, MN 55112

Contact Mike McDonald at 612-625-6097 or mcdon015@umn.edu 

Minnesota Chapter Contact

Chapter President and Contact: 
Tracy Closson
Northfield Schools
E-mail: tclosson@northfieldschools.org

Minnesota Chapter Membership Dues: 

General Membership

Employed by a city, state of educational sports facility - $50/year
Each additional membership from same facility - $25/year (non-voting)
Commercial Membership
Representative of a business providing services or products to the sporting industry - $60/year 
Each additional membership from same company $35/year (non-voting)


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