March 2010


Exploring the Ecology Behind Springtime Turfgrass Transition 

Many sports fields in the transition zone are overseeded with cool season grasses so they can remain open and accessible during the winter months. Improved cultivars of perennial and annual ryegrass are more drought, heat and traffic tolerant, which allow them to persist into the summer months. This creates competition with warm season grasses that need to green up in the spring and survive the summer to provide a healthy, playable surface. 
Click here to read research on cool season grass species and mixtures, their performances during spring transition, and their effect on warm season grasses.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

How to Make Your Network Work for You 
by Ariana Green 

Many people turn to networking when they're looking for a job, but the best time to build your network is before you need something; and the best time to keep that network strong is always. But what is the best way to do that? Simply collecting business cards and attending events may expand your number of contacts, but does not increase the likelihood that those contacts will benefit you in the future. To reap the benefits of networking when you need them, you must know how to make your network work for you, and how you can work for your network. Click here to read the article. 

News You Can Use

The Influence of One 

Sports turf managers work within many different networks to accomplish their daily management. These networks can include the crew, sports teams, facility operators, equipment and product sales people, other sports turf managers, fans, interns, athletic directors, health and safety professionals … the list goes on and on. Please think about the people within these networks who would benefit from becoming a new member of STMA. Influence just ONE qualifying person from your vast network of professionals during our Member-Get-A-Member campaign and receive a special STMA hat. Recruit three new members and receive an STMA shirt (in addition to the hat.) There is a prize for the person who recruits the most new members, and each time you recruit five members you will be entered into a drawing to win a travel voucher for $1,000. 

Hurry, the campaign ends on April 15 . For a complete description of the program, 
click here

March: Think Spring, Think Renewal 

Renew your STMA 
membership on-line before March 31 to avoid an interruption in your subscription to SportsTurf magazine, or your access to STMA’s members-only website. If you need another copy of the invoice, please contact STMA at 1-800-323-3875. Click here to review the benefits of membership. 

Flawed Research 

On January 19, 2010 the University of California (Irvine) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) sent out a joint press release based on a research study conducted by Amy Townsend-Small and Claudi Czimczik titled "Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Urban Turf". 

The peer reviewed study suggests that turfgrass has a negative impact on the environment and has received extensive press coverage worldwide. 

Unfortunately the research contained serious miscalculations which have since been acknowledged by the authors. We have now learned that even the methodology used in conducting the research is in itself currently under review and being questioned by leading turfgrass extension specialists and turfgrass research scientists nationwide who are challenging the results. 

The Turfgrass Producers International has issued a 
press release detailing the challenges to our industry as a result of this flawed research. 

Seeking Speakers 

Share your expertise with STMA conference attendees in Austin. 
Follow this link to the STMA 2011 Call for Presentations and answer a few easy questions about the educational program you would like to present. It is that easy! The deadline to submit your presentation idea is March 31

The STMA Conference Education Subcommittee will be reviewing the submittals and making the selections for the Conference Program. The Subcommittee strives to use as many submittals as possible, and if there is not enough time to fit your presentation into the program, your idea will be shared with our SportsTurf editor Eric Schroder. Schroder may contact you for the future development of your presentation idea into an article. 

Volunteers — Engaged! 

Those who volunteered for an STMA committee are being notified during the next two weeks. If you signed up for a committee, but have not heard about your service by March 12, please email headquarters at or call 1-800-323-3875. 

The Winner is … 

The winner of the drawing for the STMA Complimentary 2011 Conference Registration is Adam Manwarren. The name was randomly drawn by STMA Education Manager Kristen Althouse from those who filled out the STMA Post Conference Survey. The registration will provide access to all of the conference education, networking, meals, receptions and the annual awards banquet. The conference and exhibition will be held January 11-15 in Austin, Texas. 

Purchasing for Spring? 

As you plan to make purchases of products, equipment and services for your spring field preparation, conduct your research online with 
STMA’s Industry Sourcebook, the world’s largest sports turf specific buyer’s guide. Since its inception in 2008, the Sourcebook has received more than a million hits! 

STMA members are designated with an STMA logo, and the listings provide a wealth of information to help you compare features and benefits. Every STMA commercial member is represented with a listing and sponsors and exhibitors are also noted as well. Please buy from STMA commercial members. Their support of STMA allows us to enhance the programs and services we provide to you. 

It’s time for a Contact Check-Up 

If you have not recently reviewed your contact information in the STMA membership database, log in at . You will be taken to your personal home page where you can update your information. Accurate contact information will help STMA provide the most timely and direct services to you and will help us to prepare an accurate Membership Directory. The Directory will be mailed to you in July. 

STMA Headed to Pacific Northwest for Regional Conference 

STMA will be hosting the 2010 Regional Conference July 21-22 in Seattle, Wash. The Intermountain, Northern California, Oregon, and Pacific Northwest chapters are participating in this highly anticipated event. More than 10 hours of top-flight education and an outdoor exhibition will bring attendees from all over the northwest. The educational program and exhibition schedule are still being finalized, but the event will include all meals and a night at Safeco Field enjoying the Mariners take on the White Sox. Costs to attend and exhibit are still being finalized as well. 
More information will be available in April’s STMA Electronic Newsletter, but if you have questions or are interested in exhibiting, 
send us an email.


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