July 2010


Irrigating Turfgrass and Landscape Plants with Municipal Recycled Water

As fresh water shortages increase in arid and semi-arid regions and highly populated metropolitan areas of the United States, the use of recycled water is increasing. Parks, golf courses, cemeteries, sports fields and other non-food applications can effectively utilize recycled water to help cope with fresh water shortages. 
Click here to read about the human health considerations, seasonal and annual variations in water quality, soil conditions, dissolved salts, nutrient content, and water conservation associated with reclaimed water.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

Lessons from the Life of a Trustworthy CoachEwEdServices_logo web.jpg

On June 4th, the nation mourned the death of legendary UCLA Bruins coach John Wooden, a man revered as much for his off-court character as his on-court genius.

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News You Can Use

STMA Reduces price for 2nd + Conference Attendee

STMA has reduced the 2011 Conference registration fee by $50 for each additional attendee from the same facility. Prices for the early bird registration, which must be received by Dec. 15, are unchanged from previous years at $375, so each additional person can attend for $325. Prices after Dec. 15 increase by $75. Look for on-line registration to open in September.

2011 STMA Conference Education Program is set!

The conference education program has been set for the 2011 STMA Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas from January 11-15, 2011. Join us for 3 full days of learning about cutting edge research, money saving techniques, sustainability, new technology, and best sports field management practices. The conference this year will feature 58 different education sessions and 60 different speakers that are leaders in the industry. To help you enhance your education and conference experience, each session will provide you with specific learning outcomes that you can take home and use to benefit your facility. Presentations will also qualify for continuing education units (CEUs) to help attendees' professional development. Participating organizations include STMA, Texas Turfgrass Association (TTA), American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA), National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Pesticide recertification credits will also be available through the state of Texas. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to continue your education, network with professionals and increase the success of your facility!

Featured Speakers of the Month

Each month we will be featuring speakers that are scheduled to present at the STMA National Conference in Austin, Texas. This month highlights Shawn Mahonski and Tom Serensits who will be speaking on synthetic turf issues.

Shawn Mahonski is the Sports Turf Technician for Towson University - Athletics. On Thursday, January 13 he will be presenting "Infill Maintenance from the Beginning." This talk will discuss the maintenance required for new infill synthetic fields. Issues arise over the life of the field and range from daily to long term maintenance needs. This presentation aims to suggest solutions to the most common infill maintenance issues.

Tom Serensits is currently working on his Ph.D. at Penn State University and is the Manager at the Center for Sports Surface Research at Penn State University. On Friday, January 14 he will be presenting, "Sports Turf Injury Research." This presentation will discuss the numerous studies conducted to compare injury rates and types occurring on synthetic turf and natural turfgrass. Attendees will learn how the type of playing surface influences injuries, what injuries are more common on synthetic surfaces versus natural surfaces, and maintenance techniques to minimize the potential for injuries.

10 Tips to Funding Your Conference Trip

1. Draw on the value received from previous STMA Conferences. Bring to your employer's attention the ideas that you brought back and implemented from previous STMA conferences. Focus on the time, money and resource savings you brought to your facility because of your attendance. You may find the 
ROI on Conference Attendance helpful.

2. Book air travel early. Contact WorldTek Travel, our conference travel partner toll free at 800-233-5989, to have them research the lowest cost of air travel and book it now! Air fares may increase the closer to the conference that you make your travel reservations.

3. Share a hotel room. Splitting the cost of a room with a peer reduces your room night to $97 per night including tax.

4. Decline the per diem for food. Show your employer that you are willing to forgo the food per diem since STMA provides nearly all of the meals.

5. Offer to share in the costs to send you to the Conference. Show that you have a true professional stake in attending the conference and that you are willing to shoulder some of the costs.

6. Offer to use vacation time to attend. Again, this shows that you are serious about the importance of this educational event to you personally and professionally.

7. Be knowledgeable of other conferences costs, especially the conferences that your employer attends. It may be an easier ‘sell' to your employer if you are conversant about industry educational events, their registration fees and what that includes.

8. Register by the advance registration date of Dec. 15, to take full advantage of the early registration discount.

9. Provide a complete breakdown of the costs. For under $1,000 you can attend the three-day conference, including airfare. Show your employer the economical bottom line of your attendance.

Estimated Investment to Attend*
Complete Conference Package $375
         (Includes meals and preconference workshops)
Shared Ground Transportation $25
Shared Hotel 3 nights @ $291 (including tax) 
Air Transportation $300


Total: $991

10. Let your employer know that STMA can set up a payment plan for the registration fee to lessen the immediate costs. For more information, contact STMA at 800-323-3875.

Don't forget to register for the Regional Conference!

We are only 3 weeks away from the 2010 STMA Regional Conference and Trade Show taking place in Seattle, Washington from July 21-22. Both days are filled with exciting activities including tours, field demonstrations, educations sessions, trade show and a Mariners baseball game.

On Wednesday, the tours feature Safeco Baseball Field and Starfire Soccer Complex. Three hands-on education demonstrations will take place after the trade show. These demonstrations will provide attendees with an interactive look at painting logos on fields, removing paint from synthetic surfaces, and repairing high traffic areas. The day will wrap up with a baseball game back at Safeco Field between the Mariners and White Sox.

On Thursday, the day kicks off with 2 panel discussions on Synthetic Turf and Natural Grass. Academics and practitioners will offer their advice for common and uncommon problems attendees bring up for discussion. The day continues with valuable education from Dr. Ali Harivandi, Dr. Gwen Stahnke, Jason Kingrey and Dr. Rob Golembiewski. The afternoon wraps up when practitioners John Wright and Sean Vanos pair with academics Dr. Andy McNitt and Dr. David Minner to provide a point-counterpoint discourse during the ‘Take-a-walk' Field Reviews at Qwest Football Field and Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

STMA Board is Seeking Volunteers!

STMA invites its voting members to submit interest in serving on its Board of Directors. The Nominating committee is responsible for developing a Slate of Candidates that it presents to the membership in early December.

For 2011, Directors representing Facilities used by Professional Athletes, Schools K-12, and the Commercial membership segments and one At-Large position is up for election. Because the At-Large Director is not membership segment-specific, STMA is seeking nominations from all voting categories of membership. These Directors will be elected to a two-year term, except for the Director At-Large, which is a one-year term.

The STMA Board of Directors sets policy and strategic direction for the programs and services STMA provides and is accountable to the membership. Individual Board Member responsibilities are to:

• Attend and actively participate in quarterly board meetings (4 per year): January, March, July, October.
• Chair one or more committees.
• Attend special events, as needed.
• Attend and actively participate in the annual conference.

Please take a moment to consider serving on the STMA Board of Directors, or urging a qualified colleague to consider service. The benefits are many. By serving on the board, you'll:

• Contribute to your professional association.
• Be a part of a decision-making body.
• Hone your listening, collaborative and other personal development skills.
• Strengthen your leadership abilities.
• Make a difference in the strategic direction of the profession.
• Garner respect from your employer, your peers and your staff.

For more information on board member duties, please contact headquarters for a copy of the Board Handbook. To have your name considered by the Nominating Committee, please fill out the Nominations Form by August 31.

Thousands of friends coming to you this month!

The 2010-2011 STMA Membership Directory will be delivered to you this month unless you are one of the 375 members who have gone paperless.

The Directory sorts the membership information in several different ways to make it easy to find what you are seeking. You can find members by name, by state, by country and by facility. It also lists student members separately and has a complete section of commercial members by name and company name.

STMA strives to reduce its impacts on the environment. We were able to reduce the number of pages in the directory by putting some of its related content on-line, reviewing all proofs electronically rather than a make-ready copy, and mailing it without an envelope or in a polybag.

Thank you to our sponsors of the Directory: John Deere, Hunter Industries and WorldClass Athletic Surfaces.

STMA to Recognize Commercial Companies

STMA's Innovative Awards Task Group has developed a new awards program to recognize companies that improve the sports turf management profession.

The Innovative Awards Program will recognize those commercial company members that have developed a product, service, equipment or technology that substantially enhances the effectiveness of the Sports Turf Manager. The innovation could also make playing surfaces safer and more playable for athletes.

Any STMA Commercial member who is exhibiting at the upcoming STMA Annual Conference and Exhibition is eligible to submit one entry annually. The company must display the innovation in its booth and have introduced it for sale between the close of the current year's STMA show and the close of the following year's show. The only criteria that the innovation must meet is that is should substantially enhance the effectiveness of the sports turf manager and/or make the surfaces safer and more playable for athletes.

A panel of non-commercial STMA members representing all segments of membership will judge the entries and may give the award to multiple companies that meet the criteria.

Winner(s) will be kept confidential until announced during the first day of the STMA Trade Show. Winner(s) will be able to use the special logo, seen here, in their promotion of the winning product, service, technology or equipment. STMA will publicize the winners through its communication vehicles, STMA press releases, signage at the conference and with special recognition during the Annual Awards Banquet.

For more information about the program contact STMA at STMAinfo@STMA.org or complete the simple entry form. Submittals must be sent electronically by Oct. 1.

Summer Transition Zone Maintenance Calendar Available

STMA has added the summer transition zone calendar to its maintenance series. These outline specific practices necessary for June, July and August. The calendars make recommendations for the maintenance necessary each month and why it is necessary. They also advise timing, amounts and frequencies to keep your athletic fields in top playing condition. Click below to view the calendar that is applicable to your region.

Transition Zone Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar
Cool Season Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar
Warm Season Athletic Field Maintenance Calendar

Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant to be Presented by SAFE

Again this year, the SAFE Foundation, STMA's philanthropic arm, will award the Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant, sponsored by Turface Athletics. This $1,000 grant is intended to fund a portion of the winner's attendance at the STMA Conference in January. All members of an STMA affiliated chapter are eligible to win, and must be nominated through a letter of recommendation by a National STMA Member.

The deadline to apply for the Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant will be November 15. STMA will provide a complimentary conference registration to the winner, and the winner will be recognized at the Association's annual Awards Banquet held at the conference on Jan. 14, 2011.

Last year's winner, Eddie Atherton of the City of Owensboro, Ky., was selected from a highly qualified and very active pool of applicants for his "outstanding dedication, efficiency and attitude." Atherton was also featured in an article in the February 2010 issue of SportsTurf Magazine.

The STMA Scholarship Committee, who judges the SAFE Scholarship winners each year, will be involved in the selection of this grant's winner. 
Click here to download the nomination form. This form includes the criteria for eligibility and guidance for writing your nomination.

Take Pride in Your Profession: Apply for STMA Field of the Year

Now is the perfect time to begin preparing your STMA Field of the Year Application. The deadline for materials to be received at STMA headquarters is October 15, 2010. STMA's prestigious Field of the Year program is in its 20th year and is getting stronger every year. STMA may present awards in baseball, softball, football, soccer and sporting grounds categories at the High School/Parks and Rec, College and University, and Professional levels.

Each year, applicants are upping the quality of their application; from high resolution photos, to custom designed presentations, to unique narratives explaining the challenges that field and crew have faced, competition is stiff! But with hard work and diligence, each and every STMA member has a field that could become Field of the Year. By just applying for the STMA Field of the Year Awards, members gain recognition from their employers and community. Community athletic facilities are a point of local pride, and by applying for this program, and showcasing your expertise in the process, you can draw media attention and gain respect throughout the community for the hard work you, your crew and volunteers undertake making your field look and play its best.

In order to keep increasing the level of professionalism, the STMA Awards Committee has introduced a new step to the application process: completing the STMA Playing Conditions Index (PCI). This easy-to-use field evaluation instrument will provide the committee with yet another tool, one that has been vetted by hundreds of Sports Turf Managers, to appraise fields and provide a "standard" by which they can be assessed. The point of including the PCI in the application process is not so that the judges can simply award to the fields with the best score. Rather, it is to have a tool whereby they can see the evolution of the playing surface from the off-season, challenging weather conditions, extreme wear, and other issues that greatly affect the playability and aesthetics of the field itself.

While it is a self-administered instrument, and thus subject to the bias of the person filling it out, the PCI also provides you the chance to take an honest look at your field management practices and potentially reevaluate where you allot time and resources, allowing you to showcase your value to your employer by making changes or championing the effectiveness of your current practices.

Each Field of the Year Award winner is presented with a special plaque at the STMA Awards Banquet, held each year at the STMA Conference and Exhibition. This year, the Awards Banquet will be the evening of Friday, Jan. 14, 2010 in Austin, Texas. In addition to the plaque, each STMA Field of the Year winner will receive free conference registration, three nights of lodging at the conference hotel, STMA signature apparel, and a feature article in the official publication of STMA, SportsTurf Magazine. These awards are generously supported by STMA's official awards sponsors Carolina Green Corp., Covermaster, Inc., Hunter Industries and World Class Athletic Surfaces.

Take pride in your profession and submit your application for STMA Field of the Year and get recognition for your field and respect from your peers. To download an application click here. Please log on to www.stma.org or call 800-323-3875 for more information.Remember the deadline for materials to be received is Oct. 15, 2010


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