July 2009


Troubleshooting Your Irrigation System 

Irrigation is critical to maintaining healthy athletic fields. Find out how to determine if your irrigation system is functioning at an optimal level for your athletes' safety and performance.

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

5 Ways to Gain Respect by Managing Stress 
Rick H. Carter 

The easiest way to come to management's attention is to melt down during a crisis. Or to say the wrong thing to the wrong person, just because you are having stress at home and you carry it over into the workplace. All of your good accomplishments, goals attained, co-worker respect - all gone in one fleeting moment. All because you didn't know what to do to relieve stress. 

Here are 5 ways to gain respect at work by being able to handle stress, specifically by managing your time better. 

1. Have clear and defendable priorities. By being able to set your priorities, you are much more likely to achieve the most important items first. Also, being able to defend working on a priority, instead of working on a distraction, will allow you to accomplish more, in less time, and with less stress. 

2. Have definite and defined short term, medium term, and long term goals. By being able to set specific deadlines for your goals, you can more easily decide the order in which your work needs to be done. 

3. Have time in your schedule to handle stress. A good time management system will have gaps between appointments, and time allotted to pondering and thinking. 

4. Have a tracking system for items you have delegated. Delegating work allows it to be done in parallel with what you are working on. So your efforts are doubled or tripled. You become more valuable by being able to get more accomplished. 

5. Have time to rejuvenate. All your good intentions and skill aren't worth beans if you don't have the energy to accomplish them, Your time management system should have time built in to focus on yourself. 

Most stress management articles and books aim to answer the question of how does stress affect health. And with good reason. Stress not handled properly can kill or cripple you. But stress unhandled can also kill your career. 

One of the most respected qualities that management is looking for in choosing who to promote or who to give responsibility to, is the ability to remain calm under pressure. The ability to handle the day-to-day stress of the workplace, and to handle the sudden unexpected crises that always pop up. By having a quality time management system, you can more easily handle stress. By handling stress at work, you are much more likely to receive more promotions, more recognition for your skills, and the respect of your co-workers and management. 

News You Can Use

Christmas in July? 

Not quite, but the STMA Membership Directory and Sourcebook will be delivered to you this month (unless you opted to use the real time, on-line version instead of receiving a printed copy)! Again this year, the directory is printed on FSC certified paper (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council), which means that by selecting this paper, STMA supports the highest social and environmental standards for the management of forests. Also, in previous years the directory has been sent to you in a poly bag. However, to further our commitment to the environment, the STMA Directory will come via the US Mail, unwrapped, ‘magazine style’, with the address label affixed on the cover of the directory. 

Help to Guide STMA’s Future 

Consider serving on the STMA Board of Directors. The STMA Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the STMA 2010 Board of Directors. Directors representing the Higher Education, Parks and Recreation, and Academic membership segments, and one At-Large position are up for election. Because the At-Large Director is not membership segment-specific, STMA is seeking nominations from all voting categories of membership. All Director positions serve two year terms, except the At-Large positions, which serve 1 year. 

STMA’s 13-member Board of Directors also includes a second At-Large position; however, this position is not elected, but appointed by the President. Four additional director positions will begin the second year of their terms in 2010 and are not up for election. 

The Nominating Committee also slates five Officer positions. These are the President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Vice-President Commercial and Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer position must have a minimum of two candidates slated, and the winner of that election is on an automatic ascension to President Elect, then President and finally, Immediate Past President. 

To indicate your interest, 
please fill out this form by August 31

New Online Feature for CSFMs! 

Certified Sports Field Managers are now able to update their Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Industry Service Points (ISPs) with a few mouse clicks! CSFMs can go on-line and provide information about the CEUs and ISPs that they have attained by logging into the STMA web site. On each certified members’ home page, the link: Report/Review recertification points appears. Click on the link and from there you can easily report any new activities. These will stay in a pending file until reviewed by STMA headquarters, and you may be asked for supplemental documentation. You can even print a report to review your points and document your progress. You will also be able to pay your certification renewal fees on-line. A reminder of when the fee is due will appear on each CSFM’s home page. 

The STMA certification program was founded in 2000. To date 100 members have attained certification. To become certified, a combination of formal education and experience is required (
click here for the requirements) and to maintain certification, three CEUs and 9 ISPs must be earned in a three-year period. No more than one half of the CEUs can be earned in any one year. For any questions about the new online reporting or the Certification program in general, please contact Leah Craig at 800-323-3875 or by email at LCraig@STMA.org

Regional Conference and Exhibition a ‘Great Event’ 

The STMA Midwest Regional Conference and Exhibition held at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, June 24-25 was a resounding success for nearly 150 individuals who attended in the event. Attendees came from as far away as California and South Carolina, but the event was specifically supported by the Minnesota, Iowa, MO-KAN, Illinois, Gateway, Nebraska, Ozarks, and Wisconsin chapters. Former STMA President Mike Andresen, CSFM, whose facility at ISU hosted the event, said “This is a great event for STMA members and other sports turf managers who are limited in their ability to get to the national (conference).” 

On Wednesday, June 24th, more than 50 exhibitors displayed their products and services in the outdoor exhibition. In outdoor educational areas adjacent to the Exhibition, tours of the Iowa State Athletic Facilities, ISU sports turf research plots, and hands-on demonstrations provided attendees with education and the opportunity to get answers from leading sports turf experts. That evening was capped off with a Bar-B-Que and some fun, but very competitive, softball games. The Iowa and Minnesota chapters continued their long-standing Chapter Clash; with Minnesota prevailing 19-16 after the game was tied entering the ninth inning. 

The Thursday, June 25th events were held indoors at the Scheman Center and dedicated to sports field specific education presented by some of the world’s foremost authorities on sports turf practices and sports field research. Environmental Practices, Weather Fundamentals, Practical Recordkeeping and more were presented and discussed, as well as Question and Answer Panels on Synthetic and Natural Turf. An optional golf outing took place that afternoon with more than 30 golfers taking on Veenker Memorial Golf Course. 

If you were unable to attend the recent Midwest Regional Conference in person, you can still have the value of the speaker’s presentations. 
Click here to review or print a copy. 

The STMA Chapter Relations Committee is developing an “Interest Form” for chapters to submit if they are interested in STMA hosting a regional event in their area next year. The form will be available in August. 

The STMA Midwest Regional Conference was generously supported by sponsorships from Rain Bird Corp.; World Class Athletic Surfaces; Bush Sports Turf; Hunter Industries; JRK Seed & Turf Supply; Kromer, Co. LLC; Newstripe, Inc.; The Toro Company; and Commercial Turf & Tractor. 

Low Fares from smaller cities to Orlando! 

Flying from Knoxville or Spartanburg to the conference in Orlando in January 2010? Pay as low as $44 each way!. Allegiant Airlines offers non-stop flights with low fares from second tier cities to the Orlando-Sanford International Airport. The airport is 44 miles from the Disney Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Center, and the Orlando International Airport is 21 miles away from the resort. Many shuttles, taxis and car rental services serve the Orlando-Sanford Airport. 

Check out 
Allegiant Airlines website to see if your city has great flight deals! 

Get Involved in STMA’s Awards Programs 

Nominate a peer for a STMA Founders Awards and submit a Field of the Year entry for your facility. The deadline to submit an entry to these Awards programs is Oct. 16. 

STMA’s highest honors, the four Founders Awards, recognize those members who have made significant contributions to STMA and to the profession. Think about those who have made a difference in your career and the careers of your peers and 
nominate one or more for a Founders AwardClick here for a Word document. 

• The 
Dick Ericson Award is presented to someone who is actively involved in sports turf management, effectively leads their team to accomplish their goals, and who positively impacts the sports turf industry. 

• The 
William H Daniel Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the sports turf industry through his or her research, teaching or extension outreach. 

• The 
George Toma Golden Rake Award acknowledges the superior performance of a sports turf manager in “on the job” activities and in community service. 

• The 
Harry C. Gill Memorial Award was established to honor an individual for their hard work in the sports turf industry and to acknowledge their dedication to STMA. 

Be recognized by the industry for your outstanding work on your sports fields by submitting a Field of the Year entry. Recipients of this honor receive complimentary registration to the STMA conference, three days of lodging at the conference host hotel, signature clothing, an awards plaque for display at their facility, and a feature article inSportsTurf magazine. 

Field of the Year entry form has been streamlined for entrants to easily submit a comprehensive awards entry. Fields for baseball, softball, soccer, football, and sporting grounds (natural turf fields that host field hockey, rugby, lacrosse, tennis, or other "unique" field sports) are eligible. Awards may be given in the Schools/Parks Recreation, Professional, and College facilities categories. Click here for a Word document.

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