January 2009


The Cold Facts About Ice Melt Products 

Find out just how safe are 
ice melt products used on or near turfgrass? 

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

6 Steps to a Crisis Communication Strategy 

Because a crisis by nature catches people unprepared, every organization must have a crisis communication strategy firmly in place to guide those involved through the rough, uncharted waters. The way a company communicates a crisis to the world does affect public opinion of the organization and its industry. By developing the 
A-C-T N-O-W strategy for your facility, you will have a roadmap to help you through the crisis. 

News You Can Use

Counting On You 

STMA needs you to serve on a 2009 Committee! 

Committees are the lifeblood of STMA. Each year, nearly two hundred members volunteer to serve on the more than 
20 STMA Committees and Task Groups. These volunteers help guide the development of programs and provide member insight and feedback on new initiatives and current services. Committee work helps to advance the mission and strategic plan of STMA. 

Committee service is for one year beginning in March and ending in February. Most committees meet via conference calls several times a year. Please sign up using 
this form, even if you are currentlly serving on a committee. The deadline to volunteer for a committee is Feb. 6. President Abby McNeal will be making committee appointments by March 1, and in early March you will be notified of your committee assignment. 

3 Important News Items for Conference Attendees 

1. Next week, STMA will be sending you a special link to the hand-outs for the STMA Conference sessions. This will be a quick and easy way for you to review them prior to the conference, prepare questions for the speaker, print out for note-taking or to share with your staff. The handouts will be on-line, after conference, for you and all members to access throughout the year in the members only area of the website. 

2. While you are in San José, you won't want to miss the 
special Winery Tour. You'll spend a relaxing 5 hours visiting three wineries. The Tour includes lunch, transportation and all winery tasting fees. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enjoy this Northern California tradition! To sign up, click here

3. Your badge is in the mail! If you registered by December 18 your credentials were mailed to you. If you have not received your credentials by Jan. 5, 2009, please contact STMA headquarters at 1-800-323-3875. Be sure to bring your credentials to the conference to avoid paying reprinting fees. You will not need to check in at the registration area -- just pick up a badge holder from one of the bins and you are all set. For those who did not register by the deadline, you will need to come to the registration area to pick up your credentials. 

STMA Launches 2nd Edition of Guide 

A Task Group of the 2008 Information Outreach Committee completed its work to update the STMA publication, A Guide to Synthetic and Natural Turfgrass for Sports Fields. The 2nd edition has new content and updated costs for construction and maintenance of synthetic and natural turfgrass athletic fields. The Guide is also available on the home page of the STMA website, 
www.STMA.org, or in hard copy by calling STMA headquarters at 800-323-3875. 

The STMA PCI is Ready to be Used on Your Field! 

The first edition of the STMA PCI will be unveiled at the upcoming conference in San José. A comprehensive booklet with the assessment instrument will be provided to each attendee. The booklet describes the PCI, why you should use it, and offers tips on communicating with the media and other constituent groups. 

For those who are unable to attend the conference, the STMA PCI booklet will be available online at 
www.STMA.org later this month, or you can request a printed booklet by emailing PCI@STMA.org. The assessment tool will also be available online as a separate download for your routine use. 

There will also be a session conducted, in the Ewing Career Center at the Conference, about how to use the PCI on Thurs., Jan. 15, 7:30 - 7:50 am. 

New Infield Maintenance DVD Available 

STMA, its charitable foundation SAFE, and the National Interscholastic Association of Athletic Administrators (NIAAA) have again teamed up to bring you a valuable educational tool for your library. Maintaining a Baseball or Softball Skinned Infield focuses on the basics of infield maintenance. 

STMA Board Members Larry DiVito, Head Groundskeeper for the Washington Nationals and Jody Gill, Grounds Coordinator for Blue Valley School District, lead you around the infield, dealing with lips, lines, water and much more. Larry provides some amazing insight and information used at the professional level, while Jody asks the right questions and helps the schools and parks and recreation sports turf manager get the most bang for their buck. Pick this valuable information today by downloading the 
order form here, or you will be able to purchase a copy at the conference. Also, check out the combo pack: Two STMA instructional DVDs for $25. See the order form for details.

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