STMA Conference & Exhibition  /  January 13-16, 2015  /  Denver, Colorado
Lakewood Memorial Stadium  /  Lakewood, CO  /  Ezra Paddock, Manager of Stadium Operations
Learn How Buffalo Communications is Helping STMA Tell the Public About the Benefits of Natural Grass



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Denver 2015 Conference Registration Now Open!

All conference registration is now open. Hard copy brochures were mailed out recently and a digital version of our brochure is available here.

To help expedite the registration process, STMA is asking that all attendees register online here (login is required for registration option to appear - for non-members, please see instructions in our digital brochure to properly register). Those who require a hard copy registration form for their own internal approval or payment processing purposes may still download one here.

To learn about all the conference has to offer - including info for exhbitors - please visit this page

Again, to register for STMA's Denver 2015 conference, login into your membership account and purchase your registration online. You will automatically receive a receipt after your purchase.

If you are a non-member, please take a look at the recommended steps in our digital brochure to sign up. 

Important hotel information: Please book all reservations directly with the Denver Hyatt Regency, STMA's host hotel for the 2015 conference. There are companies already contacting individuals, claiming to be STMA’s booking agent. It is a scam. The Hyatt will not have any record of your reservation. Simply visit their web page here and select "ATTENDEE" to make your reservation. 




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Answering Questions about Synthetic & Crumb Rubber

For more information on how Buffalo Communications has been - and will continue to be - communiating STMA's "Natural Grass Story" to the media (and, by extension, the public at large), please visit this page.


NBC News recently aired a segment on the issue of crumb rubber and synthetic fields. Please visit our synthetic/natural grass field educational resources page here for more information. If you are contacted directly by the media for comment, feel free to pass along the request to STMA's public relations agency, Buffalo Communications, to review further on your behalf. These requests can be directed to Glenn Gray If STMA can be of assistance to you personally, please contact our headquarters staff at 800-323-3875 or 

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