Health & Safety

Sports Turf Managers are consistently challenged to provide safe, playable athletic fields for their athletes.  In addition, maintaining a safe work environment and safe sports facility is equally important for employees and the public.  Use the following resources to learn how you can take safety precautions at your facility.

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The STMA Collection of ASTM Standards for Athletic Fields
Lightning Safety at Your Sports Facility

Field Hardness Testing
Sports Field Management Practices - Athletic Field Management in the Spring
Sports Field Management Practices - Preparing a Field for Winter
Field Management During a Drought
8 Steps to an Easy Field Facelift
Football Practice Techniques that Help Minimize Field Wear
Strategies for Managing Heavily-Used Fields
Thatch Management

Additional resources:

Athlete Safety
Sports Field Safety Football/Soccer Safety and Maintenance Checklist 
Baseball/Softball Safety and Maintenance Checklist 
Concussion Awareness
Health and Safety Resource Center
NFL Health and Safety Resource Center
NFL Health and Safety Medical Research
NFL Safety for Your Kids
PBS Documentary - Football High

Workplace Safety
Back Injury Prevention
Chemical Safety
Hazardous Waste: EPA; OSHA
Office Ergonomics
Shop Safety
Power Tool Safety
Eye/Hearing/Respiratory Protection
Pesticide Worker Protection
Electrical Safety
Hot Weather Hazards
Cold Weather Hazards
Motor Vehicle Safety
Farm Machinery Safety
Ladder Safety
Landscape and Horticultural Safety

Synthetic Field Safety
Synthetic Turf Injury Studies - Penn State University
Synthetic Turf Health and Environmental Impacts - Penn State University
Synthetic Turf Surface Temperature - Penn State University

Review of the Impacts of Crumb Rubber in Artificial Turf Applications
The Use of Recycled Tire Materials on Playgrounds & Artificial Turf Fields - Exposure Research from the EPA
Survival of Staphylococcus aureus on Synthetic Turf - Penn State Univeristy
Evaluation of Playing Surface Characteristics of Various Infilled Systems - Penn State University 
Limited EPA Study Finds Low Level of Concern in Samples of Recycled Tires from Ballfield and Playground Surfaces  
Surface Temperature of Synthetic Turf - Penn State University
Understanding Gmax - Penn State University
Sports Turf Injury Research - Penn State University
Synthetic Turf and Staph Infections - Cause for Concern?
- Penn State University

Health and Safety Presentations featured at STMA National Conferences:

2014 - Liability and Your Facility – Patrick D. McGuiness
2014 - Sustainability - Player Safety - Performance Testing Are Critical and Integrated Issues for Sport Fields – Gerald Henry, Ph.D., Chase Straw
2013 - STMA 314 - Performance Testing of Sport Fields: Current and Future Robert Carrow, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 103 - The Importance of Safety and Potential Liabilities for the Sports Turf Manager David Schlotthauer 
2013 - STMA 209 - Shoe-Turf Interaction, Injury Risk, and Performance of Elite Athletes  - Richard Kent, Ph.D. 
2012 - Basic Principles of Sports Injuries - Coupled Biomechanical-Epidemiological studies for the Assessment of ACL Injury Risk Part 1 ; Dynamic Neuromuscular Analysis Training: Techniques to Target the Athlete at High ACL Injury Risk Part 2 ; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes Part 1 ; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes Part 2 - Dr. Tim Hewett
2012 - The Importance of Safety and Potential Liabilities for the Sports Turf ManagerPresentation Outline ; Website Information ; Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance ; Soccer Goal Deaths and Injuries 1979-2011 ; Hazard Assessment Checklist ; Supervisor's Incident Investigation Report - David Schlotthauer
2011 - Sports Turf Injury Research - PowerPoint Presentation - Tom Serensits

USA Football Health & Safety Resource Center

International Resources