Gill Award

2015 Harry C. Gill Founders Award

Dr. Michael Goatley, Virgina Tech University was awarded the 2015 Harry C. Gill Founders Award!

The Gill Award recognizes, among other noteworthy values, the recipient’s commitment to nurturing, encouraging, and empowering the very best ideals our association strives to embody. Harry “Pops” Gill, as one of our four original founders, exemplified this commitment by ensuring a still-young STMA would grow successfully as an organization for the betterment of all sports turf managers. Michael one of the most influential professionals in our business. He is approachable, genuine and humble, with a great sense of humor and a quick wit. He is also a sought-after speaker and an author of a book that is considered a must-have resource for sports turf managers. Friend to all, Michael also is very serious about educating our next generation to make the profession better. That next generation also holds Michael in high esteem.  It was noted in the nomination form that he bleeds STMA green and also some Kentucky blue. The Gill award recognizes dedication. Michael's dedication was very visible when he served as a two- term president of STMA, without complaint, yet we know he had to sacrifice personal and family time to do so. There is not a more deserving individual in our association to receive the Gill Award.

Andrew McNitt, Ph.D. (left) awarding Dr. Michael Goatley (right) with the Harry C. Gill Founders Award for 2015.


Previous Harry C. Gill Founders Award Recipients

2014 - Andrew McNitt, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (PA)

2013 - Bucky Trotter, Sports Facilities Insights (KY)

2012 - Richard Moffitt, Moffitt & Associates (MO)

2011 - Mike Andresen, CSFM, Iowa State University (IA)

2010 - Leo Goertz, Texas A&M University (TX) (deceased)

2009 - Tom Burns, Diamond Pro/TXI (TX) 

2008 - Bob Campbell, CSFM, University of Tennessee (TN) 

2007 - Bob Curry, Covermaster, Inc. (Ontario, Canada) 

2006 - Boyd R. Montgomery, CSFM, The Toro Company (MN) 

2005 - Bob Christofferson, Seattle Mariners, (WA) 

2004 - Lynda Wightman, Hunter Industries (CT) 

2003 - Ken Mrock, Chicago Bears Football Club (IL) 

2002 - Ross Kurcab, CSFM, Invesco Field at Mile High (CO) 

2001 - Dan Douglas, Reading Phillies (PA) 

2000 - Mary Owen, University of Massachusetts - Extension (MA) 

1999 - *Dale Getz, University of Notre Dame (IN) 

1998 - John Souter, Turfgrass Consultant, Perthshire, Scotland 

1997 - *Eugene Mayer, The Scotts Company 

1996 - Greg Petry, Waukegan Park District (IL) 

1995 - Gil Landry, Ph.D., University of Georgia (GA) 

1994 - Henry Indyk, Ph.D., (deceased), Turfcon (NJ) 

1993 - *Mike Schiller, Schaumburg Park District (IL) 

1992 - George Toma, Kansas City Royals & NFL (MO) 

1991 - James Watson, Ph.D., The Toro Company (CO) 

1990 - *David Frey, Cleveland Stadium (OH) 

1989 - *David Frey, Cleveland Stadium (OH) 

1988 - Dale Sandin, Orange Bowl (FL) 

1987 - *Mark Hodnick, Cal Poly Pomona (CA) 

1986 - Kent W. Kurtz, Ph.D., (deceased) Cal Poly Pomona (CA) 

1985 - Anthony Burnett, RFK Stadium (DC) 

1984 - *Steve Wightman, Mile High Stadium (CO) 

1983 - William H. Daniel Ph.D., (deceased) Purdue University (IN) 

1982 - Harry C. Gill, (deceased), Milwaukee County Stadium (WI) 

Facility listed is where employed at time of award. Check Roster for current listing

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