Field of the Year Awards

Note: When Oct. 15th falls on a weekend, the official deadline to submit is the following Monday or 1st business day of the next week.

The 2017 STMA Field of the Year Application is now ready! The deadline for submitting an entry is Oct. 15, 2017.

Please read the instructions and then download the Field of the Year Application here. Additionally, the STMA PCI is required for the Field of the Year program; however, only the scores need to be transferred to the application – the full PCIs do not need to be attached. Click here for the PCI assessment form. 

Download 10 Tips on How to Prepare a Winning Entry for some ideas on how to get started.

Read the instructions for submitting carefully, as the process is entirely electronic again this year.  While not a true “online process,” applicants are required to fill out the forms and submit their materials (forms and photos) via email, the internet or a flash drive or CD.  It is the intent of the Awards Committee that this process allow for remote judging of applications, provide a level playing field (pun not intended) for all applicants regardless of budget spent on “the presentation” of the facts regarding the field, and really help the “story” of the field and crew shine through.

STMA Field of the Year Awards may be presented in baseball, softball, football, soccer, or sporting grounds and all entry materials must be submitted in accordance with the procedures outlined for each award. All award recipients will be selected by the STMA Awards Committee made up of highly-regarded STMA professionals. Award winners will be notified in November via phone and email. Those not selected will be notified via email in November as well.

If you have any questions about the program, please call STMA Headquarters at 800-323-3875.

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Suggestions from the Awards Committee

Start taking pictures and documenting your progress now! The STMA Awards Committee encourages sports turf managers to be creative in their applications and pictures, while still working within the framework of the program. The committee encourages creative photos, photos that show the versatility of the field, display unique characteristics of the field, and photos that show the unique talents of the crew. Focus on issues specific to your field which tell the story; issues such as drainage, traffic, weather, etc. Provide before and after shots. Do not simply provide ‘beauty shots’ of your field, as they do not reflect the true struggles and triumphs of you and your crew.

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